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If you trust the latest data from the statistics of the top browsers, then it's safe to say that “Yandex” - the browser that is gaining high popularity among its customers. And in fact this is not surprising, since the search engine on a daily basis a large number of users who need to search for necessary information. Let's talk today about how to clean browsing history in “Yandex”, because I'm sure many of you have often asked a similar question.

Automatic saving

clear browsing history in YandexThe system permanently stores the queries that you entered previously at least once. In fact, if you look on the one hand, it is possible to identify that the history of “Yandex” is a useful thing, because if you need to find the same information, you don't have a long time in search engine to enter key words that will be sufficient only to enter just a few letters. Some users do not want others to know they were interested in and what sites were visited, and it is quite logical. In this case, and need to know about how to clean browsing history in «Yandex». Actually there is nothing difficult, but for some users, especially beginners, this question develops into a real problem.

Start clean

history in YandexLet's break from how to remove individual pages that you would not want to see. It should be noted that this removes certain search queries that you previously entered. Clear browsing history in “Yandex” is very simple, first you need to launch a browser «Yandex». Now you should pay attention to right the top row of buttons, there will be a few, but your task is to find a small icon, which is made in the form of gears, it symbolizes the setting. Click on this icon and go to the menu. Your task is to sink almost to the bottom until you see the section “History”. Click on the tab “History” and find ourselves in a new window.

In this section and will see the entire browsing history in “Yandex”, and thus you will be able to see recent visited sites and also resources that you have visited previously. To clean certain parts of history, you need to click once on the selected resource, then you will see the button “Remove”, it is you and press. If you need to remove several items at once, then you have to select those sites that you wish to remove a tick, and, of course, after that press the button “Remove”. All selected sites will be excluded from the history.


how to clean browsing history in YandexLet us now consider how to clean browsing history in “Yandex” completely. It's even easier than to remove a portion of the selected sites, the process will not continue for a long time. At the top of this tab you need to find the button “Clear history”, after you will need to confirm the process and wait some time. As you can see for yourself, clear your browsing history in “Yandex” is not so difficult if to understand all is correct to perform.

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