Table "the Age of a cat by human standards". How to determine the age of a cat?


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Often the owners of cats are thinking, how many years would be their pet, if she was a man. Is it possible to translate the cat's age in human? Table “the Age of a cat by human standards,” will let you know at what stage of maturation is an animal, and will help you better understand it.

table cats age in human terms

How to determine age of cats

Not always cat owners know her exact age. Often the animal goes to the new owners from a shelter or off the street. If you got a kid or teenager, you can determine the approximate age can even a layman. But most often these issues arise when the house gets fully Mature animal.

The Age of an adult male with up to a year, will be able to determine an experienced breeder or veterinarian. You need to study the teeth of the animal. Have month old kitten teeth are just emerging from a six-month old dairy are replaced by the indigenous. Then look at erasing incisors upper and lower jaw, fangs. The more worn the teeth, the older the animal.

How to draw analogies

How to determine the age correspondence between a cat and a person? The intelligence of a human and an animal can not be compared, on the physiological development, they are also very different. Therefore, when comparing ages first take into consideration the emotional and social characteristics.

For Example, cat, and human baby – this helpless creature that is entirely dependent on the mother. The teenager is active, but has little experience. And the old man gradually loses interest in life, becomes passive, loses senses.


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According to this principle, scientists have compiled a comparative table the ‘Age of a cat by human standards". There are several different transfer systems age. The most simple – the multiplication the age of the animal 7. The futility of such a method is easy to make. How can you compare one year old, already a Mature and independent cat with seven-year-old child?

Therefore, the table “the Age of a cat by human standards,” has been improved. In her one-year-old cat is compared with the fifteen-year teenager, and the animal of two years 24-year-old man. In the future for every cat year is given 4 human

On another system until the cat is five years of age every year is seven human, twelve-four, and after – three. Most accurate system uses a number of complex factors. To better understand the development of the animal and compare it with a person, consider the stages of maturation of the cat.

the age of a cat by human standards table


The Cat develops and Matures much faster than people. Infancy the kitten lasts only a few weeks when this baby takes a big step in its development. Cat baby is born completely helpless, blind and deaf.

Within a week after birth disappears film protecting the delicate ears of the baby. Eyes open on the 5-10th day after birth, but the vision is built up gradually and normally to see the world a kitten will begin in just a few weeks.

The two-week kittens start teething. For comparison, the human children, this stage occurs at the age of 6-8 months. Already monthly kittens running around, actively exploring the environment. Children behave in 1-1. 5 years. Table “the Age of a cat by human standards,” indicates that the one-month kitten developed as a six-month-old cat two months is equal to ten human and three-month animal can be compared to a two-year toddler.


The Young cats developing so rapidly that in this period to compare their ages with the age of the children most difficult. After three months of age the kitten is actively communicating with their brothers and sisters, establishes contact with the owners. Recognize their own and others. It can care for themselves, brush hair, to learn certain rules of conduct, focusing on the mother. Baby self-feeds, knows where the bowls, bed, tray. He already has an idea what to play and what items not to be touched.

The Age of a cat by human standards (table by month is presented in the article) shows that over the first year of its life the animal is the stages that a person will be held for 18 years.

In comparison with people cats for a short period of two to three months maturing for several years. If a three-month kitten is compared to the baby 2-3 years, then six months, similar to the fourteen-year-old teenager. Therefore, it is important not to miss this short period of time and actively educate pet. Now he learns the rules of behavior that will be used for a lifetime.

table age of a cat by human standards


Inexperienced owners can treat the kittens like little three-year olds. They forgive their pranks, aggression, puddles, damage things and expect that with age, bad habits will disappear by themselves.

A table of ‘Age of a cat by human standards,” shows that in fact five - six-month-old kitten is comparable to a developed teenager. The nature of the animal there are serious changes. He is active, playful and sometimes really reminds me of a teenager in transition to adulthood.

Fluffy kitten looks cute, and his bad behaviour is often excused. However, a young animal during adolescence tests the boundaries of what is permitted. The owner must be firm and suppress the rebellion.

In this age in cats, puberty begins. Cats begin to "flirt" at the age of 5-7 months, they begin the first heat. Cats are also able to mate. Can occur pregnancy. However, these young animals are not yet ready for parenthood, so mating should not be allowed.

So, the age of a cat by human standards (table before the year is given below) would look as follows.

table cats age in human years


A table of ‘Age of a cat by human standards,” shows that one-year-old animal can be compared to 18-year-old man. Such age has psychological and physical development. The cat seems to have an adult and serious, but often behaves like a child and plays a lot, hiding, etc.

The Cat had grown to adult size, lost children's fluffy fur, her movements no longer seem funny and awkward, there is grace, rapacity.

The Speed of maturation depends on the breed of cat. For example, East rocks previously formed and fully developed already in the year. But large breeds can reach maturity only in 1.5-2 years.

the age of a cat by human standards table to-year


How to calculate the age of a cat by human standards? The table indicates that the cat is 18 months (1.5 years) corresponds to the 20-year-old man. There comes a youth, the height of the cat's life. It lasts up to 5 years, which corresponds to 36-40 years in human terms.

During this period, the cat is never as strong, agile and tireless. That animals of this age often become the winners of the exhibitions, they are ideally suited for breeding. In 7 years of pedigreed Pets are already withdrawn from breeding, as the risks to mother and offspring increases.

age of a cat by human standards table by month


When it comes to a Mature age cat in human years? The table claims that the period of maturity accounts for 6-10 years, which corresponds to the age 40-56 years in humans. An adult animal can also play and fool around, but most of the time behaves solidly and gradually.

The Activity and playfulness of a cat depend on its origin. There are breeds that behave like cats, to old age. But regardless of activity in adulthood, begin to manifest the flaws in the content, there are the first signs of chronic diseases. Start malfunctions of the kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract. Animals that were not sterilized, are suffering from hormonal imbalance.

the age of a cat by human standards photo

Old Age

Veterinarians believe the older the animal at the age of 10-12 years. However, advanced age does not mean the approach of death. A lot depends on the conditions and heredity. Cats living on the street usually don't even reach 10 years. But Pets often step over the 16-year mark. Many cats live to be 20 years, which corresponds to the 100-year anniversary in humans.

So do not be afraid of old age, equating the age of a cat by human standards. Photos show that even twenty Pets look and feel great. Cats-old women require special care. It is not necessary to expose the animal to unnecessary stress, alter the position of the bowls, litter tray. Secure the pet when it becomes clumsy.

Will Help to determine the age of a cat by human standards table for years. Photos of fluffy handsome will prove to you that they look charming at any age.

the age of a cat by human standards table for years photo
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