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The people's Love for cats was large enough to make a holiday for them, that is why every year on the first of March, the day of cats, uniting all their owners. It should be noted that currently this event is not official, but all lovers of these animals happily spoil their Pets in this day.

The Tradition of celebrating the day of cats appeared spontaneously. Its popularity is due to the fact that these animals for many centuries, are the most popular Pets in the world. So, more than 80% of the population have Pets, half of whom – cats.

I Should say that in different countries this holiday is celebrated in different ways. However, in Europe and the UK it is celebrated in a special way, since there is one animal rescues each year about ten tons of grain, as well as relics in museums from rodents. So cats here encourage a variety of delicacies, constructing them at home and sew special clothes.

In Austria on the day of cats has established a prize to each animal guarding the warehouses from rodents for several years. So, they are granted a pension in the form of milk, meat and broth until the end of life.

It is Interesting that in China, before eaten these animals. However, in honor of March 1, the Chinese government has issued a law according to which it is forbidden to do, and those who violate it, you can go to jail for fifteen days. Also on this day for Pets creates all sorts of benefits.

On the international day of cats in various States of opening special shops, cafes, hotels and squares and parks for walking of these animals, to create a collection of clothes (and the designers of the world take part in it), made toys and accessories for training.


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In Russia in 2004, the cat Museum was approved as a professional holiday of cotovelo-breeders. It should be noted that felinology, as the science about cats, stresses that these animals are quite smart, they need to do with respect, encouraging their good behavior.

History shows that man had domesticated this animal more than five thousand years ago. If the wild cat ate only meat, today this animal is omnivorous and are grown everywhere. In Russia “keepers of the hearth" appeared in the seventh century and acted as a mascot at a housewarming party that brings good luck. However, only in the eighties of the last century there began to breed cats. Today, there are a huge number of species of these mammals. According to numerous estimates worldwide, there are about six hundred million cats, most of them in the United States.

March 1 (cat day) was declared a day of appreciation to these mammals, in special honor. But you must remember that cats need to behave respectfully and to encourage their behavior not only on this day because they deserved a good attitude over a long period of time.

Thus, man today has withdrawn a large number of new breeds of cats, annually hosts a variety of exhibitions where these graceful animals are given different titles. People do not cease to admire and to enjoy the affection and ability of baleen Pets to heal various human ailments. Cat day once again reminds about the importance of these animals and urges that cats had its own house, because for many centuries they followed the man, gave him his warm and thereby deserve a good relationship. In any case, regardless of the holiday it's day or not, you need to take care of their Pets, give them your attention and care.

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