Titanium eyeglass frame the types, advantages and disadvantages


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According to statistics, a titanium frame for glasses used in the manufacture of optics for vision correction, which is only 25% of the market. However, despite this, the material is one of the best solutions for the manufacture of such products. Let's look at what the advantages and disadvantages of different titanium spectacle frames.

titanium frame for glasses


Titan is one essential rule: the higher the percentage of pure metal in the structure of the product, so it is better and therefore more expensive. With this in mind, there are several varieties of products:

  1. Titanium eyeglass frame pure basics – contains about 90-100% of the metal. Products in this category are in high demand by consumers who appreciate the high quality and know a lot of reliable accessories. The advantages of this solution are: the almost imperceptible weight, hypoallergenic and special durability.
  2. Combination of titanium spectacle frames – pure metal content is 75 to 80%. The rest mass of material comprise other components. Most manufacturers resort to the use of such technology in the production of points.
  3. Frame made of beta titanium-a material includes a significant percentage of impurities in the form of aluminium and vanadium. The first adds a special lightness. Second – extra firmness. The main advantage of such rims – affordable price, as well as the opportunity surfaces.
  4. Socket “memory” – is 50% of titanium and Nickel, the remaining 50% - impurities. Products in this category quickly accept the initial form for small strain.

titanium eyeglass frame reviews


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How to verify the authenticity of titanium frames?

There are some simple methods that allow you to avoid buying fakes. The easiest way to determine whether the frame is made of titanium – to compare her weight with the product in stainless steel. The latter should weigh about 50% more.

To Assess the authenticity allows a thorough review of the product. On the metal surface and the joints must be free of traces of fading of the coating, corrosion.

When buying online, it is much harder to identify genuine titanium eyeglass frames for men. A photo of the products presented in this case must show the availability of washers in the joints of the elements of the product. The fasteners are necessarily placed under the bolts and nuts that keeps them from unwinding when in contact with the surface of Titan.

repair titanium eyeglass frames


Select the main advantages of the use of titanium as a material for the manufacture of frames:

  1. High strength – sunglasses, made of a metal, have almost unlimited service life.
  2. Easy – the material is characterized by low weight, which affects the usability of the rim.
  3. Elasticity-a property of the metal to bending prevents premature failure of points.
  4. Corrosion Resistance – with careful operation socket for a long time retains its original, attractive appearance.


What cons you'll be a titanium frame for glasses? User reviews indicate that such products are free of defects, with the exception of the high prices. On average, products in this category cost consumers 2-3 times more expensive points made from more common materials. Most likely, this explains the relatively low demand for such products.

Another disadvantage – repair of titanium eyeglass frames is only possible in special workshops, which have appropriate welding equipment. However, when buying products of reputable brands, made from really high quality material, the chances of a random failure of arcs or rims critically low.

titanium eyeglass frames for men photo

In conclusion

Sunglasses with titanium rims look the best solution for users who have certain inconveniences in the operation of products made of other materials. Products made from this metal, it becomes a godsend, especially for people who suffer from allergies to Nickel (a common material in the production of elements points). Benefit from wearing titanium users, which, due to the specific shape of the face need to be flexible, deformed rims.

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