Djungarian hamsters: description, care and maintenance at home


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The Man who never was kept in his house an animal, must realistically assess their capabilities. For those who have no experience with Pets, you should pay attention to Djungarian hamsters. These animals are quite undemanding, hardy, are small in size, do not last long.


Djungarian hamster

Standard color Djungarian hamster grey. It is supplemented with a dark stripe on the back. Eyes are black or red. But genetics is not in place, so you can find rodent other colors:

  • Smoky;
  • Tangerine;
  • White-beige;
  • Brown;
  • Black;
  • Chocolate;
  • Yellow-beige;
  • Spotted.

Adult pet does not grow in length more than five to seven centimeters. The coat is usually straight, but sometimes wavy style. Hair color may vary depending on the season. For the winter, it brightens.

Choosing a pet

Djungarian hamster, like any pet, you should choose carefully. Then the pet will long to please its mobility and charge with positive emotions.

Buying Jungaria, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

  • No matter what color or fur, it needs to Shine, not to have bald spots;
  • The eyes should be clean and clear, no suppuration;
  • The anus and the hair around it must be clean, otherwise it indicates the presence of an infection;
  • Nose healthy pet has a pinkish hue.

The selected pet, you should observe it for some time. The animal should not be apathetic. The reason may be illness or stress. It is not necessary to purchase Jungaria if he lived in a crowded stuffy cage. The animal very susceptible to disease.


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Djungarian hamsters

A Significant difference between boy and girl not if we are talking about one pet. Have a couple possible, but you should be prepared that the offspring they will give regularly and in large quantity. To keep same-sex hamsters together because they will constantly fight, proving his superiority. Pet's gender can be determined already in the fourth week of life. To do this, put Dzungaria on the back and examine the abdomen. In males, the distance from the anus to the male genital is five to ten millimeters. In females the distance is much less, moreover, it is possible to probe two rows of tiny nipples.

Transport of selected pet better-cage-carry. The bottom of the mound of sawdust and pieces of carrot. If the time of transportation need a lot, should ensure rodent water. Before the pet will be at home, you should decide what it will be a house for permanent residence.

The House

Djungarian hamster in a wheel

As the house Djungarian hamster can be a cage with fine mesh or aquarium. Alternatively, you can use a glass jar, but the accommodation for the pet will not be comfortable.

The size of the house can be thirty to forty centimeters, and more. Aquarium is better to cover the lid with air holes. Asylum should not chew, so pet didn't run away. To find Dzungaria even in a small apartment is difficult. Escaped female can do a lot of trouble getting to the closet.

In the home have to be a drinker of water and food. Other accessories depend on the willingness of the owners.

Cleaning house

Djungarian hamsters belong to the clean animals. They go to the toilet in the same place. There it is possible to enclose the tray and periodically to clean it. It is important to ensure that leftover food does not spoil. They should be promptly removed. The entire cage should be cleaned once a week. Dirty litter should be replaced clean. That rodent was comfortable, the dirty part of the filler can be left.

The rodent in any case, no need to wash. The animal takes care of himself independently by means of arms and language. Should not intervene in natural processes with soap and water. For the cleaning of wool good sand bath. But the bottom of his home, on the contrary, it should be cleaned with soapy water once a month.

The Perfect housing arrangement

Djungarian hamster eats larva

An Ideal home for dsungarica is a special plastic house. It includes pipes, manholes, nooks. Pet will be able to lead an active life without creating for their owners the inconvenience in the form of night noise and scattered the contents of their shelter. Such housing can be made of ordinary cells.

The Djungarian Hamster, care for which will not require much time, making an appearance in the cage of a small house. In it, he will be able to hide, to sleep. For pet's health it is better to purchase a wooden house, but from the point of view of durability – plastic wins option.

In the home you should place the following elements:

  • Feeder, consisting of two offices;
  • Drinking;
  • Wheel,
  • Filler in the cell;
  • Bathing with sand;
  • Walking the ball;
  • Chalk rock.

You Can please the pet twigs of trees. He will love to chew on them. In pet stores you can find a lot of toys for rodents, including the edible.

What to feed?

Djungarian hamster eating nuts

The health of the rodent is largely dependent on nutrition, so it is important to know what to feed Djungarian hamster. The meals should take place at the same time, for example at 7 am and 8 PM.

In the morning it is better to give juicy food, and in the evening dry food. The female, waiting the offspring should be fed every four hours.

The Products that you want to give Jungaria:

  • Specialized dry food;
  • Nuts and seeds;
  • Sprouted grains;
  • Fruits;
  • Grits;
  • Berries, fruits, vegetables (without stones);
  • Greens;
  • Homemade croutons;
  • The leaves and branches of fruit and hardwood trees.

In a small number allowed the use of boiled chicken, cottage cheese, boiled egg whites.

If the pet is constipated, it will help drop of vegetable oil. Diarrhea can be given sticky boiled rice. It is important that the food was fresh and clean.

We should say about the water. It should be clean, so it should be regularly changed. It is better to use the drinker.

What not to give Jungaria?

Although the content of Djungarian hamsters can not be called difficult, there are a number of products that should not be given to rodents. These include human treats and sweets, spices, sausage, mushrooms, citrus. The caution should be to feed Jungaria grapes. Do not give almond, mint and watermelon.

Dzungaria love rose petals, but as treats you cannot use flowers purchased in the store. They are treated with pesticides. Will only fit home roses grown without the use of chemicals.

Life expectancy of a pet

Djungarian hamster will lucket seeds

At home Djungarian hamsters live about three years. These are averages, which may significantly influence care and nutrition.

Rodents can be taken to fresh air, but under direct sunlight they can get heat stroke. Bad they carry and drafts. Regarding walks in the grass, this activity is more than risky. First, gungari could permanently escape, and secondly it can eat the other Pets. Also the animal will pick up in the grass of helminth eggs, which will significantly reduce its life cycle.

Owners should be cautious to show love to your pet. It is best to limit rodent stroking finger. Strong hugs and kisses can lead to rupture of the heart.

Overall, caring for a small rodent representative is not complicated. Watch as his life is very exciting. Especially funny look his attempts to push the cheeks as much as possible of the inventory, and run in the wheel.


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