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Stylish modern blinds are designed to decorate the interior apartments, and office space. You can find them under the texture window, under environment. Today excellent substitute for curtains and aluminum slats are bamboo. Highlights their ease of care, practicality, environmental friendliness, durability and, of course, a noble and aesthetic appearance. Read more about interior innovation we will discuss next.

Key benefits

Let's consider the main advantages of bamboo blinds:

  1. It is natural, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly material.
  2. Bamboo is quite resistant to external influences, fading, deformation, temperature extremes, high humidity.
  3. The Product is wear-resistant and durable, the manufacturers guarantee that it can last with proper care, up to 10-15 years.
  4. Versatile - they can be set in the nursery, and in the lobby of your office, you can apply for a loft, balcony, veranda.
  5. Another advantage of the bamboo blinds in affordable price.
  6. Excellent thermal insulation characteristics that allows to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors; it is always cool in summer and warm in winter.
  7. Blinds are distinguished by ease of lamellae.
  8. Can be used to design Windows of various sizes; also available as a coating on solid canvas.
  9. An impressive appearance even without decor.
  10. You Can choose colors for the slats.
  11. Harmony and light curtains, tulle, organza, and heavy curtains and with curtains.
  12. Very easy to care for - bamboo blinds enough from time to time wipe with a slightly moistened cloth or a special treat narrow nozzle of a vacuum cleaner.
bamboo window blinds

Amid all these advantages it is possible to identify only one significant drawback - the material is fire-safe. Therefore blinds must be mounted away from sources of fire.

Manufacturer of bamboo slats

Slats forms the bamboo strips. Depending on the width applied a special type of weave of material. Strips varnish, paint, decorate.

The color of the lamellae it is possible to determine the bamboo used in their manufacture

  1. Beige, whitish, have small inclusions. Raw materials from interior parts of the plant.
  2. Light brown, greenish, Golden tint. Used the trunk of the tree.

Choosing bamboo blinds, please note the following:


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  • Quality and reliability of the mechanism of opening/closing;
  • The frequency of weaving of the fibers is less than it is, the more light will pass the painting or separate lamellae;
  • The presence of fasteners suitable for your mounting on the ceiling window opening;
bamboo blinds photo

Variety of size

Bamboo window blinds according to size is divided into two main categories:

  1. Maxim. Here bamboo slat 50 mm. Width of the entire canvas at the same 400-1800 mm and height to 1700 mm.
  2. Standard. Lamella 25 mm. Width of the fabric louver - 330-800 mm and a height of 2100 mm.

Basic types

Bamboo blinds photo which you can see in the article fall into the following basic types:

  • Vertical;
  • Horizontal;
  • Curtains woven from bamboo raw materials.

Let's look at each category separately.

Vertical blinds

Bamboo Vertical blinds - a classic look. A bit similar to the normal curtains. To move / be moved apart can to the center, left and right. Design makes it easy to catch the right combination of darkness, illumination of the room.

vertical bamboo blinds

The Designers design vertical blinds of various lengths. Most of all they are suitable for small premises as visually expand the space, "raise" the ceilings.

Horizontal blinds

Horizontal bamboo blinds are the most easy to assemble. They are placed directly on the sash window that does not interfere with open / close last. For fencing from the view of prying the slats wrap to the glass narrow. This allows you to maintain good lighting. If you need to hide from sunlight, you deploy a bamboo plate with the wide side to the window.

This type of blinds adorn the premises of various type. They are ideal for small apartments and offices, small window openings.

bamboo blinds horizontal

Types of horizontal blinds

Also, there are the following types of horizontal blinds:

  1. Svobodnaia. Are easy to install, low installation cost. Option used for decoration of swing flaps, window openings, attics.
  2. The Model with the lower fixing. Ideal for "blind" Windows.

It Should tell you about another kind of design - bamboo blinds-shutters. This element completely covers the window opening. The slats here raises a special mechanism. Thus, the shutters all located on the window. The slats can be raised to let in sunlight, or lower part, preventing it.

bamboo blinds exterior

Bamboo blinds

Individual attention curtains whose fabric is formed by weaving bamboo fibers. Usually such products provide a lifting mechanism.

There are two kinds of curtains like:

  1. "the Roman Assembly." The canvas is fixed to the window using fishing line, then folds the folds, pleats (height in the range of 20-25 cm). Great for tilt and turn sashes. There is one feature - model takes up more space under the eaves.
  2. Roller bamboo blinds. Here, when lifting the leaf it rolls down mechanism in the roll, and justified this name. The resulting "loaf" - a compact, aesthetically-looking. Is one of the great options for plastic Windows. It is not only a beautiful decoration, but also heat retention, protection from direct sunlight.
bamboo blinds roll


I Must say that the bamboo blinds it is possible to set independently, even without the help of professionals. First of all this contributes to the ease of the slats. It is important at installation to pay attention to the following:

  1. Consider the location of the attachment structure. They can be external, internal part of the window opening or ceiling. In any position of the slats of the blinds should not interfere with the opening/closing of shutters of the window.
  2. If you plan to mount the design on the opening, the length of the bamboo blinds should be 10 cm larger than the window. But if the installation is made on the inside of the opening, the system length should be shorter leaf height 1 cm
  3. When Buying blinds, make sure the kit had all the necessary details of fastening systems. Replacement of original elements of the analogues is fraught with distortion, sagging structures, "waves". This work, alas, will have to redo it.
  4. Independently producing installation, proceed from the applied to the purchase of the user. The installation process, though simple, but the slightest discharge from the prescriptions can greatly affect the functionality and aesthetics of the whole structure.
  5. Remember that bamboo is a tree. Therefore, refrain from the establishment of such louvers near fire. Observe precautionary measures while working.

Bamboo blinds - a popular and practical solution for modern interiors. You can choose the most suitable option from the variety of their kinds - roller, vertical, horizontal and other types. Installation and care of the product you may well be able to cope on their own. This is a very stylish and original interior detail that will enliven a room in almost any style.


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