Creating a corner of nature in a kindergarten with our own hands


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With the help of nature corners in kindergartens, children develop more harmoniously. Familiarity with them gives the child the opportunity to learn about various plants. According to sanitary rules, the presence of pricking and poisonous plants in groups is not allowed. They should be safe. It is desirable to indicate the names of flowers on pots with flowers. A nature corner in a group should be created taking into account the age of the kids. 

nature corner in kindergarten with your own hands

Constant components

The nature corner in the younger group usually includes 4-5 simple houseplants. Among them may be geranium, primrose, ficus, coleus, balsam. Plants should have bright flowers and leaves.

In the middle group, it is desirable to increase the number of plants to 6 units. To the above, you can add chlorophytum, asparagus or agave. Plants in the green corner of the middle group can be diverse in appearance. Children can be trusted to water them, but no more. The transplant should be carried out by caregivers, the kids are only allowed to watch.

In the green corner of nature in the senior group there can be up to eight specimens of plants. There may be both curly and non-curly flowers. They can be placed at different heights on stands. Children will be happy to pay attention to such a corner of nature in kindergarten. They will be able to take care of him with their own hands. Kids can be instructed to draw simple lines on pots. The flowers can be as follows: ivy, tradescantia, amaryllis and others.

nature corner in the group

In the preparatory group, children can be offered plants with various types of reproduction, for example, cyperus, saxifrage, bryophyllum.

Temporary elements

Seasonal pictures can be attributed to the temporary components of the corner. In autumn it is a landscape with yellow leaves, in summer it is a picture with the sun and grass. In winter – boxes with green onions, dill. In spring, a herbarium of early flowers.

In addition, you can put a dry aquarium in a nature corner in a kindergarten. It is very easy to equip it with your own hands. To do this, we take an aquarium. We fill it with pebbles and artificial algae. At the bottom we place a toy in the form of a crab, a turtle. Three-dimensional pictures with fish should be glued to the back wall. The aquarium is ready.

nature corner in the junior group

Weather calendar

In any kindergarten group, it is desirable to have a weather calendar. Children will be able to celebrate clear and cloudy days, which will contribute to the development of children's attention and ability to observe.

In the younger group, you need to hang the landscape of the current season. And in the middle group, a nature corner in kindergarten, created with your own hands, will serve as an excellent applied aid. For example, after a walk, children will mark the weather condition for each day with an arrow. The children of the senior and preparatory groups at the end of the month can count the number of cloudy, rainy and clear days. Thus, they will be able to analyze, for example, in which month there were more clear, cloudy or windy days.

A corner of nature in a kindergarten, created and equipped with your own hands, is a wonderful guide that promotes the education of children's attentiveness, thrift and responsibility.

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