A blood test in a child: decoding - is it possible to do it yourself?


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Even in the maternity hospital, the first blood test is taken from the child. Its decoding is carried out by a neonatologist, and if there are any deviations from the norm in the results, this is reported to the mother at discharge from the maternity hospital, and all data is transmitted to the district pediatrician. Blood from a finger and from a vein will now have to be donated quite often throughout life: during illnesses, after recovery, during medical examinations, before operations or for prevention purposes. In the first year of life, a general blood test from the crumbs will be taken monthly, paying special attention to the level of leukocytes and hemoglobin.

child's blood test decoding

Parents are often given a sheet with the result, which showed a blood test in a child. Decoding it will not be difficult if you know the boundaries of the norm for each parameter. However, before proceeding to the consideration of this topic, I would like to warn the reader - only a doctor should make final conclusions, diagnose and prescribe any treatment! Even if the transcript of the biochemical analysis of the child's blood, which you conducted yourself, did not show any abnormalities, be sure to provide it to the doctor - he can see what escaped your attention, but it will be important for the diagnosis of any disease.

What are blood tests?

  1. General is the most frequently assigned. It can be used to judge inflammatory processes, the presence of worms, anemia, disorders in the endocrine system and many others, especially infectious diseases.
  2. Biochemical analysis of the child's blood. Its interpretation is more detailed, according to the results of this study, it is possible to judge the state of internal organs.

If necessary, the doctor can also prescribe other types of blood tests: for allergens, hormones, etc. Newborns, if necessary, are examined for genetic diseases.

decoding the biochemical analysis of the child's bloodThere is another one

In the morning and on an empty stomach, it is recommended to take a clinical blood test from a child. The interpretation of samples taken from one child at different times of the day differs significantly - after eating, the concentration of white blood cells increases, after sleep - red blood cells.

If there is already a transcript on the form that was issued to you after you passed the clinical blood test of the child (that is, the norm range is indicated next to the received indicator), be careful. Many hospitals still print the results of children's studies on "adult" forms. In addition, many indicators can be evaluated only in comparison with other parameters, and only a specialist can do this. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Only a doctor will be able to assess the overall picture, taking into account various nuances that could affect the result: taking antibiotics, other drugs, post-infectious and postoperative condition.
  2. Only a specialist can prescribe the correct treatment for colds, calculating the cause of the disease by analyzing - a bacterium or virus.
  3. The doctor can distinguish whether the increase in lymphocytes is a consequence of an old SARS or a new infection.

clinical blood test of a child decodingTherefore, we strongly recommend that you do not use the numerous tables found on the Internet, but consult a doctor who will draw the right conclusions.

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