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The beagle is very energetic and active. He will be a great companion for a young and cheerful person. The dog will follow the owner, not knowing fatigue. The beagle is the smallest dog from the family of hounds, which in terms of performance characteristics does not differ from its larger counterparts.

These little dogs were famous in ancient Rome and Greece. From there they were transported to England, where the animals were crossed with local individuals. Today, the English Beagle is one of the oldest hunting breeds.

At the end of the XIX century, these animals became very popular not only in Europe, but also in America. The English beagle came to the Soviet Union only in the seventies of the last century.

Appearance features

This small, perky dog has a muscular torso, a regular, slightly elongated head. The skull is convex, of medium width. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle is well expressed. Jaws with a regular scissor bite, strong. The ears are long and thin, set low, with rounded tips.

The forelimbs are straight, with a massive bone. Hind legs with muscular thighs, strong joints.

The height at the withers does not exceed 40 cm. Weight - maximum 14 kg.

Coat, color

The adult beagle has a thick, smooth, tight-fitting short coat that is resistant to bad weather and does not require special care.

The tricolor color is considered classic: the back is black, the head and body are red, the chest, muzzle and tip of the tail are white. Other colors are also possible. The standard does not allow only "liver".


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In our opinion, a very cute beagle dog. The owners' reviews confirm that she is very harmoniously built and always has a very neat and well-groomed appearance.

Beagle - the nature of the breed

These dogs are very sociable and friendly. They are able to make friends with all family members, regardless of their age. The beagle also finds a common language with other pets. The nature of these animals is energetic, emotional, fearless. In order to direct this irrepressibility in the right direction, it is necessary to be very consistently engaged in his upbringing from the very first days and even the hours of his appearance in the house.

Almost all owners testify that the beagle does not tolerate loneliness well. He is very sad and becomes irritable and nervous. If you are away from home for a long time, get a second dog to keep your pet company.

Don't spoil your pet

The beagle is a very intelligent creature who has mastered the art of manipulation perfectly. If your pet feels your insecurity or weakness in parenting, he will immediately take control of the situation. This should not be allowed in any case. From the first days, let him understand that all the tricks and manipulations will not achieve the desired goal.

There is another, somewhat unusual feature of this breed - a tendency to vagrancy. This explains the highly developed hunting instinct and excellent nose. Following the scent that interests him, the beagle can go very far from home, so it will be safer to let him off the leash only in a fenced area.

All the difficulties encountered in communicating with this dog compensates for the incredible charm of these cute. A languid look, funny ears, love and devotion, a stable psyche will make this dog a full member of a friendly family. However, it is necessary to know that sometimes in the heat of the game a beagle can "go crazy" a little. Reviews of the owners confirm that this is typical of little mischievous people. But his pranks are not from harmfulness or evil. This is his whole temperament, explosive character, which requires energetic entertainment - competitions, jumps, running. The eternal puppy is a beagle, which seems to be woven from entertainment, pranks and smiles.

Choosing a pet

If, after reading all of the above, you are firmly convinced that you only need a beagle, photos (puppies and adult animals) you can see it in dog magazines in the ads section or on the website of famous breeders. But first you need to decide for yourself what you need a dog for.

The options can be different: search for a cheerful and kind friend for the child, in order to spend more time outdoors in the company of a charming companion, for hunting to win all possible "dog" prizes. Perhaps you need a dog to find peace. Or finally lose it.

In addition, it is important to properly assess your financial capabilities – as you understand, raising a champion cannot be cheap.

Getting to know the breeder

If you choose a beagle dog, a photo (the puppies on them are all charming) will not give you a complete picture of the animal. To do this, you need to go to the nursery and talk with the breeder. You should tell him about your wishes. He sees his wards every day, and can tell a lot about their characters, temperaments and their future prospects.

First, look at all the kids. Believe me, this is a fascinating sight. You can watch the games of these babies for hours. Then the breeder should show you the "biglik" you like on the table. This is done so that you can see the physique, color, size, bite, etc. in a standard exhibition stand (kids are taught to it very early). D.

The beagle puppy you have chosen, the price of which is quite high, will require increased attention in the first months. Therefore, even before meeting with a pet, you should look through the special literature about this breed, get to know the breeder, ask him all the questions that arise.

Important details

When purchasing a puppy, you should pay special attention to the following indicators:

  • Pedigree. As you know, good heredity has never harmed anyone. If you know what qualities you will have to face, the probability of raising a good dog increases significantly.
  • Conditions of detention. Puppies kept in unsanitary conditions, hungry or intimidated will never become good working dogs.
  • Mother's condition. She should be healthy, moderately well-fed, balanced, have healthy instincts – to feed and lick her cubs, not to show aggression to them.
  • General view of the puppy. A healthy baby should be cheerful, well-fed, but not overfed. While awake, he should be keenly interested in everything that is happening around him. It is necessary to find out how the vaccination was carried out.

A beagle puppy, whose average price in Moscow is 20 thousand rubles, can be bought for less money. For example, at the bird market, you can buy a dog from strangers for 2 thousand rubles, but in this case no one will give you guarantees that you will get a healthy and purebred animal.

Show class puppies cost more than 30 thousand rubles. Try not to save money by purchasing a beagle dog. Reviews of owners say that people who purchase an animal from random people risk a lot. This is both wasted money, and the appearance of an unmanageable and unbalanced animal in the house. As a result - a complete disappointment in your pet.

Beagle training

All owners of these dogs who want to raise an animal with good manners should prepare for the fact that certain difficulties may await them along the way. The fact is that very often beagles are disobedient and stubborn.

The owner should be patient when going for a walk with a puppy. He is so curious that he can easily get lost after noticing something interesting for himself. Therefore, from an early age it should be walked on a leash. It is necessary to know that these animals will definitely try to take the lead in the house. If you feel that you cannot resist his pranks on your own, seek help from an experienced trainer.

Training or playing?

A beagle is a dog in need of love, affection and communication with a person. Nothing can be achieved by force and punishments from this animal. But in a game with a beloved owner, a beagle can learn a lot.

This is a very smart dog. It is necessary to start training it with a clear arrangement of the hierarchy. You (the owner) are the main one in the pack. All completed commands should be supported by encouragement and praise. You should not dwell on failures, so as not to fix them in behavior. The trainer (owner) must be as confident and firm as possible. If you have given a command, make sure that it is executed, otherwise your authority as the "leader of the pack" will be irretrievably lost. The dog will think about whether to obey you in the future.

A freedom-loving and independent beagle (the owners' reviews confirm this) will obey a strong but loving owner. Often from some people who have not coped with the upbringing of this animal, you can hear that the dog is uncontrollable. And, worst of all, such would-be owners tend to get rid of their pet by giving it into "good hands". Don't believe these statements. Most beagle owners are sure that they are smart, well-trained and loyal animals.

Interesting facts

To confirm that these dogs are smart and well-trained, we suggest you get acquainted with some little-known facts.

The locals of Australia use these adorable dogs to search for termite colonies.

In America, they are in the "service" of the Department that controls the quality of medicines and products. In addition, in the United States, beagles are used in airport and train station security services during baggage screening. Dogs are trained to detect prohibited substances.

The behavior of your dog, the comfort of the people and animals around it depends entirely on proper upbringing. Everything is in your hands. Practice with your pet from a very young age, and you will grow a faithful companion and a devoted friend.

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