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Any textile will make the room cozy. In a room whose windows are covered with curtains, and there are bedspreads on the furniture, a soft carpet on the floor, it will be much warmer and more comfortable. As a rule, windows should always be draped with fabric. Someone likes classic curtains, someone, on the contrary, prefers simplicity, practicality and modern design. In this case, roller blinds or curtains, Roman models are perfect. That is, there are many options today, but the main thing is that the windows should be covered with something, otherwise the room will not be so cozy, the sun's rays and cold will constantly penetrate. In addition, not many people will like that strangers from apartments in neighboring houses will stare at your windows, and there is nothing to say about the first floors.

When choosing curtains for windows, first make correct and accurate measurements of the window opening. The product should not be too short, but also should not lie on the floor. If you have chosen blinds, then their size should match the window frames.

As for the style of curtains, it can be very different. Of course, curtains are not suitable for many rooms, but some curtains of interesting cut and cheerful colors will look very stylish, original and fresh, regardless of the color of the furniture and walls. Designers recommend textiles made in a rustic style, or country. Many people will like it for its simplicity and originality at the same time, and the original decor elements will remind of childhood times when everyone loved to visit their grandmother in the village.

It is worth noting that the country style is definitely suitable as curtains for the kitchen. As a rule, a kitchen set made of solid wood or imitating it looks especially beautiful. For the rustic style, the facade of furniture has carvings of various shapes, the color of the product can be either light or dark. It is for such furniture that you can choose interesting curtains and curtains for windows in an unusual country style, which will look great in a city apartment.

Country-style textiles have drawings, usually farm-themed. As for the design, it is quite simple, reminiscent of rustic curtains that our grandmothers loved so much. Cafe curtains, both single-floor and double-floor models, are perfect for this style. They were the favorite option of many housewives. Such models, if desired, can be supplemented with awnings, flounces, lambrequins, etc. On the curtains themselves, such miniature accessories as butterflies, flowers, which are sold in any sewing stores, will look beautiful.

Curtains in a rustic style are sewn very easily. They can be ordered at the atelier, or made by yourself. Thanks to the simple design, they are sewn very quickly. The most suitable fabrics in this case will be Tulle, linen, lace, etc. As a rule, it is better to choose a light, soft material for the country style.

As for the pattern on rustic curtains, choose fabrics with a farm theme. The fabric, which depicts chickens, cockerels, kittens, dogs, will look very fun, besides, the kids will like it. A floral print material is also perfect for this style.

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