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Even experienced housewives run their eyes at the counter with washing powders. There are expensive and cheaper powders. Are the first ones better? There are children's rooms. There are phosphate-free ones. What lies behind the shining whiteness promised in the advertisement? Even those washing powders, reviews of which are very positive, may not cope with stains from juices, wine, herbs. Properly selected modern laundry detergents can cope with stains on clothes without harming the health and ecology of the planet and without causing allergies.

Reviews of the most common powders

The undisputed leader, judging by the reviews, was and remains "Ariel". It is he who washes hard-to-remove stains, perfectly whitens and smells nice. The liquid laundry detergent "Ariel" has also proven itself perfectly. But these funds are among the most expensive on the market. The popular powder "TIDE" practically does not lag behind when it comes to colored things, but at the same time there are a lot of complaints about the large amount of optical bleach that makes white blue. In addition, when hand-washed, blue inclusions can leave small spots on white. Remedy "E" with all its positive qualities, many do not like it because of the specific smell. The real discovery for some was the powder "Sarma". It is one of the most inexpensive, but it copes with pollution perfectly.

The principle of operation of washing powder

All the salt is in the so-called surfactants, which are contained in good washing powders, such as Ariel. The molecule consists of a hydrophilic part that interacts with water, and a hydrophobic part that does not interact with it. But the latter perfectly reacts with the substance of which the stain consists. So, the hydrophobic part "catches" the dirt molecules, and with the help of the hydrophilic component, the contamination is washed out of the fabric.

The composition of the washing powder

Good washing powders should not contain chlorine-based bleach. It may not be safe for health. Oxygen-containing bleach shows itself perfectly. But the effect is achieved at high temperatures, at least 80 degrees, so bleaching activators for low temperatures were introduced into the composition. Optical bleach is also used in powders, then the fabric becomes not yellowish or gray, but snow-white. Expensive washing powders, reviews of which say that they are able to make linen dazzlingly white, really cope even with complex stains at a temperature of only 40 degrees. Judging by the reviews, expensive products such as Ariel or TIDE bleach in the best way. In addition, they include the same surfactants. And the more expensive the powder, the more of them. Each type of pollution has its own. Judging by the reviews, water softening substances significantly improve the washing result. If the water is already non-rigid, then, according to the housewives, there is no point in overpaying.


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Types of washing powders

Laundry detergents are divided into the following groups:

  • Universal washing powders that cope with most contaminants at temperatures from 40 to 60 degrees;
  • Powders for delicate washing of woolen things, clothes made of thin fabrics;
  • Powders for soaking in case of heavy pollution;
  • Fabric softeners, facilitating subsequent ironing.

Depending on the purpose, the composition of the washing powder also differs. So, for example, for washing children's clothes, you need a special tool.

Baby washing powders

For delicate baby skin, formulations containing surfactants in high concentrations may be unsafe. That is why special baby washing powders have been developed. The requirements for the means for washing children's clothes should be as follows:

  • The product should dissolve in water in a matter of seconds;
  • Easy to rinse with water;
  • Have as few perfumes as possible;
  • Do not contain bleach;
  • Be without enzymes.

When purchasing baby powder, it is advisable to pay attention to the labels on the packaging. There should be a note that the powder is intended for washing children's clothes from the first days of life. If there is a small child in the house, it is advisable to wash the clothes of adults with baby powder, since the baby's skin also contacts it. But many baby powders have extremely negative reviews. They wash poorly, especially juice stains. They cope well only with clothes for infants, where, in fact, there is nothing to wash yet, provided that the child is in a waterproof diaper.

Innovative product - phosphate-free powder

Many families have already come to the conclusion that the best washing powder is phosphate–free. Phosphate-free products are very popular all over the world. Taking care of your own health and the environment is in fashion today. In addition, such a powder perfectly copes with its direct task: it perfectly removes stains even in cool water and is well rinsed out. But these are by no means cheap washing powders. Reviews about them say that these products perfectly remove stains, do not cause irritation on delicate children's skin and do not have a pungent smell. Manufacturers claim that phosphate-free compounds completely decompose in the drain, which makes them absolutely harmless to the environment.

Phosphate-free powders do not cause allergies, perfectly disinfect underwear, are suitable for washing children's clothes, including for newborns.

Thus, it is possible to distinguish a number of advantages of phosphate-free powders:

  • Cope well with stains even at low temperatures;
  • Are completely rinsed out;
  • Have no expiration date limits;
  • Do not smell;
  • Do not injure the skin of the hands;
  • Soften hard water, thus preventing the formation of scale;
  • A couple of teaspoons of powder is enough per kilogram of laundry.

Liquid detergents

Gels or shampoos for washing are popularly called "liquid washing powder". The advantages of using such tools are as follows:

  • They do not enter the respiratory tract, so their use does not harm health;
  • They do not have a pungent odor and in most cases are hypoallergenic;
  • They are more economical, thanks to the exact dosage;
  • They are more convenient to store;
  • They are preferable for delicate washing.

Washing machine powder

The difference between powders for automatic washing machines and compositions for hand washing is in the ability to form foam. When hand washing, a large amount of foam makes the task easier, it "pushes out" dirt. In an automatic machine, abundant foam can, on the contrary, complicate the washing process, since the laundry is washed due to rather strong blows against the walls of the drum. In addition, foam can leak through the gaskets, which will cause damage to the washing machine. Washing powders, reviews of which in large quantities can be heard from housewives, it is especially important to carefully select for machines with front loading. Judging by the comments of women, they are the ones who most often fail when using hand-washing powder.

South Korean laundry detergents

Especially "advanced" housewives prefer to use Korean washing powders. The reviews speak of an extremely economical consumption of powder and a very moderate foam, but at the same time they write in the reviews that it shows itself well even with hand washing. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, washing powders produced in South Korea do not contain phosphates, phosphonates and zeolites. These substances are traditionally used in the production of washing powders, as thanks to them the product really copes better with pollution. And only recently began to talk about the toxicity of these chemical compounds and the harm they can cause to human health. Phosphates can cause allergies, reduce immunity, and can cause anemia. Harmful substances can enter the blood not only through the respiratory tract, but also through the skin. And phosphonates and zeolites are generally prohibited for use in many countries.

But one should not think that Korean powders, freed from toxic substances, do not cope well with pollution. They contain natural lipases, proteases, enzymes, thanks to which they perfectly cope with even the most difficult spots. The best reviews are about Drum, Oats, Tech powders. According to housewives, the only drawback of these products is that they are not suitable for wool and silk.

Korean powders are mostly more expensive than others. But these are concentrated products, which makes their use even more economical than the use of products of other brands.

The solution of Korean powders, getting into the wastewater, does not harm the ecosystem. Using eco-friendly means, it is possible to prevent the death of fish, phyto- and zooplankton and other animals. In addition, phosphates cause increased reproduction of algae, which interfere with the work of treatment facilities. Poorly purified water then enters our own water supply.

Thus, Korean powders perfectly perform their direct function - they remove even the most difficult stains, allow you to save the family budget, reducing energy costs, as they wash clothes in cool water, and allow you to maintain health. And all this for the same money as the usual brands of washing powders for us. Korean washing powders will allow us to leave our children a cleaner planet. Reviews about them in large numbers are left by satisfied housewives. They talk about the pleasant, but not chemical smell of laundry, gentle washing of even very capricious fabrics. In addition, according to reviews, after washing with Korean powder, clothes are not electrified at all.

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