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The famous Swiss watches combine excellent quality and great style. The main characteristics of the devices made by the masters of this country are the fusion of the latest fashion trends, the use of only the latest technologies, ineradicable traditions of style, unsurpassed quality of mechanical elements.

By purchasing such a work of art - watches of Swiss brands, you get not only an unsurpassed clockwork, but also an amazing piece of jewelry.

An accessory that creates an image

For many years and even centuries, the leading position in the world of the watch industry has been held by Swiss watch brands. The list of models is quite large. At the mention of good mechanisms, all kinds of models of these accessories, which were created by various Swiss companies, are immediately presented. All the qualities of branded products produced in this country can be listed for a very long time, but the main ones are absolute accuracy, unsurpassed design, high reliability, good durability. This watch is a symbol of excellent taste and luxury, and also combines the ancient traditions of masters in the manufacture of this important attribute of a modern person.

If for the layman such devices are only mechanisms that show the time, then for the expert, watches of Swiss brands are the ideal of wealth and luxury. It's no secret that this item on the wrist shows what the position of their owner is in society. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a former governor of one of the US states, is the owner of the elite AudemarsPiguet model. Swiss watches made of gold were owned by Winston Churchill and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has become the owner of one of the most expensive models - PatekPhilippe, the proceeds from the sale of which in the late 90s were listed in the" Guinness Book of Records", since they amounted to eleven million dollars.


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Such a love of wealthy people for representatives of the Swiss watch brand is explained by the fact that these accessories are a necessary attribute of self-expression. This item gives the image an inimitable chic, even if the costume is very conservative at the same time. In addition, watches of world brands not only show the social status of their owner, but also are a symbol of a stable and reliable life.

World recognition of Swiss watches

Such an object as a watch combines the experience of its predecessors and the latest manufacturing techniques. The quality here is protected by the laws in force within the country, as well as by certain agreements concluded between different countries. Switzerland is often called the country of watch cities. The third place in the country's exports is occupied by this industry, second only to chemical and machine-building. The concepts of "clock" and "Switzerland" are inseparable.

Now it is possible to buy this product almost anywhere in the world. Stores in almost every country offer both men's and women's well-known brands of Swiss watches. In them, you can buy products of various models and price categories – these are both budget quartz and mechanical, made of gold. Watches produced in this country, for their long history, have earned respect and constant demand in all countries of the world.

Representatives of the world of Swiss watches

People with average income also want to become owners of the product of the work of Swiss craftsmen - watches of excellent quality.

It is believed that only people with a solid income can afford these works of art, but a person with an average income is quite accessible to Swiss watch brands, we have placed a list of companies below. So, let's get acquainted with them.


Appella tops the list of Swiss watch brands, first of all, for its originality, because not only gold watches are produced under this brand, but also outstanding mechanical copies. It is worth adding that the production of such incomparable models does not prevent the brand from producing budget collections designed for the middle class. These models are characterized by a combination of modern design and classic forms.


The leading position in the market is occupied by Tissot. It produces its products in huge quantities, but even with such volumes, the quality remains at a high level. Such brands of Swiss watches are an excellent option for those who want to buy affordable quartz or mechanical accessories made in a classic form. The cost of these products varies in the average price range, even though this brand has excellent quality and an extensive history.


The advantages of this brand of watches can be listed for a long time, but I would like to note that this company has been producing these mechanisms for more than 100 years and has proven itself from the best side. The products of the Citizen brand are in demand among both men and women. The Citizen company produces watches for climbers and skydiving enthusiasts, these accessories are additionally equipped with a barometer.


This brand produces brands of Swiss watches of various price categories. The main merit of Candino is the improvement of the ETA mechanism, thanks to which the models turned out to be unique and modern. Having achieved the best quality and uniqueness of the products, the company left the price still affordable. Candino Tradition, Chronograph Classic, Sport Lines are representatives of budget models. At the moment, the company produces watches for people belonging to the business class.


This company, which produces watches, was established in 1888 and since then has been the most popular in youth circles, as the company is focused on modern fashion trends that perfectly combine with the main traditions of watchmaking. In addition, Roamer is at the forefront among brands in the affordable price category. The brand produces mechanical accessories of the best quality, and since the mid-90s the company has also been manufacturing quartz watches.


Watches of this company are suitable for active people engaged in sports, for example, mountaineering, diving, that is, those who do not want to fear for the safety of their wrist attributes and spare them. Wenger is very practical and waterproof, able to withstand high pressure. Some brands of Swiss watches of this brand work perfectly at a depth of one hundred and two hundred meters. This company represents one hundred and fifty models on the market, so everyone can find what is right for him.


This company offers brands of high-quality Swiss watches produced since 1997 in Italy. Therefore, these models have an Italian name and reflect the main philosophical principles of the brand itself. Anonimo emphasizes the individuality of its owner and the character of the manufacturer itself. Such watches are made of stainless steel with the use of the best Swiss mechanisms.

Quality – above all

The list of brands of Swiss watches shows that the companies that produce these attributes of a modern person have a good reputation in the market, primarily due to high-quality products.

Therefore, it is worth understanding that the expression "affordable watches", referring specifically to the products of the work of Swiss craftsmen, is quite relative, since they will have a much higher cost than their Chinese "counterparts".

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