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The appearance of a kitten in the house is always a happy event. A small playful ball gives us a lot of positive emotions. It makes us kinder, more attentive, and more caring. And how much joy a four-legged person brings to small children or single people! For them, the animal becomes not only a friend, but also a member of the family.

Cat or cat

According to statistics, people are more likely to take seals. They are more calm and attached to the person. And freedom-loving cats give all their tenderness and affection to their offspring. In addition, some owners sometimes do not know where to attach the offspring, and others do not have the time or desire for it. To sterilize a cat, that is, to deprive it of its maternal instinct, some simply can not because of pity. The feeling of paternity is not inherent in male individuals. And in time, the neutered cat will not even understand what happened. He will not feel inferior. On the contrary, having lost the constant sexual need, he will be more compliant.

What does the cat's name depend on

What do you call a kitten? This question torments all owners who have a pet in the house. Names for male cats are not easy to choose. In a huge number of nicknames, you can easily get lost. To avoid this, take a closer look at your animal and think carefully about the nickname.

First of all, cat names for boys are chosen based on the breed. If a kid with a metric, and his ancestors are famous, then your choice is limited. The club that the pet belongs to will dictate its own terms. And you can't change the name written in the kitten's card. But this does not mean that you are obliged to call the tiny purr a long and incomprehensible nickname. Shorten the nickname and make it more convenient for both yourself and the animal. For example, the cat Cherri Creek Buzz can be called simply Shrek, Cherie or Booz.


The area you live in also affects your nickname. In the village, they mostly breed mongrel animals that catch mice and walk freely on the street. They choose names for cats-boys simple, easy to pronounce: Vasya, Kuzya, Misha, Petya, Tima, Sema. In the city, on the contrary, the owners are trying to come up with a more original nickname: Shah, Neptune, Agate, Ruby.

Color also affects the name. Many, without hesitation, call the animal in accordance with the color of the coat. The most common names for red cats are Ginger, Peach, and for black cats - Blackie, Sooty. Few people know that the color of the coat determines the character and temper of the animal, which must be taken into account when choosing a nickname.

What names do cats like

< p>Animals hear and perceive only the first few letters of their nickname. Therefore, names for male cats should be clear and concise. There is no point in calling a pet with double words. All the same, he will only respond to the first part of the nickname.

Cat names for boys should preferably come up with hissing consonants: "sh", "sh","h". A good nickname should not only be easy to pronounce, but also to remember. On the names Chuck, Chip, Chook, Sorrel, Shock, Shurik, animals immediately begin to react. Cats really like nicknames with the letters "z", "b", "c", "g". That is why they respond so well to the familiar "kitty-kitty". With the letters "k" and "c" , you can find a huge number of names: Ice, Max, Dustin, Cosmos, Casper, Cupcake, Whiskas, Kiwis, Sim, Sam, Sema, Skat, etc.

When you give a nickname to a kitten, do not forget that many of them, like human ones, have their own interpretation:

  • Agate - "good, kind".
  • Agap – "favorite".
  • Cleon – "to glorify".
  • Kuzma – "gift, peace".
  • Hassan – "beautiful".
  • Hayat – "life".
  • Felix – "happy".
  • Leopold – "the bold lion".

Take seriously the meaning of the word, because it can leave an imprint on the fate and behavior of the animal.

Funny names

Recently, cool names for cats have become fashionable. Some call the pet, like in an ad or cartoon: Woody, Goofy, Tom, Boris, Fixie, Chip, Dale, Olvis. These nicknames sound good and many people like them.

Sometimes a kitten is given a name from the sphere of human activity: A Driver, a Turner, a Miner or a Cashier. Such nicknames are vague, the animals do not understand them, and the visiting guests are surprised by the crazy imagination of the owner.

Cool cat names for boys-Baton, Raisin, Bearded Man, Belyash, Hood, Zyuzya-are more suitable for mongrel animals. For pets with a pedigree, they are humiliating.

It is not necessary for the sake of laughter to call the baby by the human name of your friend: Viktor, Dmitry, Andrey, Anatoly, Eugene. From the point of view of morality, this is indecent. Although many abbreviated names have long been in common use and are the norm.

How to name a red cat

Red cats are incredibly curious, energetic, quick-witted and wayward.
Of all their relatives, perhaps they are the most arrogant. Owners of red animals try to highlight their fiery color. Do you remember from the cartoons of the nimble Garfield and the good Leopold, from the advertising of the well-fed Maurice, the cheerful Ginger from the computer game? Many people named their pets after these heroes. Having fantasized, you can come up with nicknames no worse.

A red kitten can be called by any name associated with fire, the sun and a bright orange color: Sunny means "sunny", Gold - "gold", And Gold – "fire".

The biblical hero Adam, sculpted by God from red clay, the red-haired handsome Achilles, who fought bravely during the Trojan War - what is not a reason to call the cat by their names.

Sly can be given the nickname Fox or Fox (from the English. "fox"). A freedom-loving and independent pet can be called a Lion. It is better for a mongrel animal to come up with cat names for Russian boys: Citrus, Peach, Pepper, Sun, Radish, Chestnut. And the animal with the documents should be given the nickname Carmine or Agate (the names of red stones).

According to signs, red purrs bring wealth and happiness to the house. Such names for red cats as Buck, Dollar, Pound will be very appropriate. A pet with a symbolic nickname is sure to attract prosperity and good luck to your home.

Name for the black cat

The notion that black cats bring bad luck is unfair. They are the most cooperative, affectionate and obedient, quickly become attached to a person if they feel his love.

The most common nicknames were Blackie, Sooty and Leopard. Although you can find more interesting names for black cats: Black, Schwartz, Duggan, Douglas.

To spite superstitions, the baby can be given the nickname Lucky, Ray or Lucky, which translates to "happy".

Fans of riddles and mysteries will appreciate the names for black cats from mystical works: Woland, Behemoth, Wolf, Tartarus, Demon, Lucifer, Elvis, Imp. Or they'll call it Pluto, after the god of the underworld.

< p>Snappers are perfectly suited to nicknames with humor: Pirate, Raven, Chumaz, Mowgli, Spy, Fuel oil, Tar, Brown-haired, Negro, Mamba, Moor.

The names of the Marquis, Baron, Corby ("dark-haired"), Sander (from the French "ash"), Ashley (from the English "ash"), Broin ("raven") can be called a fluffy cat.

Before you make a final decision, say each nickname several times and watch the reaction of the kitten. Sometimes the animal immediately gives preference to some name and begins to respond, and this makes it easier for the owners to choose.

Nicknames for snow-white and gray pets

Gray kittens are the most harmful and quarrelsome of their relatives. They are closed and like to be alone. A gray pet will not run up without a reason to caress the owner.

< p>Mongrel animals are well suited to cat names for boys Russian: Smoke, Ash, Ghost, Gray, Granite, Chrome. And you can simply call Vaska. For some reason, this nickname is more often given to gray individuals.

Wayward people with a pedigree need to choose more sonorous and beautiful names: Asher, Gray, Tom, Mouse, Bert, Frey, Cloud, Smoke.

White cats are considered the most painful. They often have hearing problems. When you bring such a pet into the house, check if it is deaf? Perhaps the baby doesn't care what name you choose.

White cats have a heavy and bad temper. Their mood changes quickly. Animals are very capricious and take offense at the owner, even if he just looked wrong. However, these four-legged animals love the weasel and demand it from their owner.

Pet names are often associated with something light, soft, fluffy. The most traditional nicknames are Fluff and Snowball.

Many owners also prefer cool names for cats: Marshmallow, Kefir, Dumpling, Dumpling, Protein, Cotton, Tide, Ariel.

Fans of more elegant names will like such as Lotus, Ice, Rain, Iris, Albus, White, Winter, Lime, Yuki, Tetri, Angel. All of them are related to the color white.

Names for British cats

Today, very popular cats of the British breed. Following the fashion, many people pay money for a crumb with documents, having a plush fur and funny ears. Families with young children are advised by experts to start this particular breed. Unlike the others, they have practically no allergens on their fur.

Cat names for British boys are better to choose serious ones. Pusik, Zhorik, Pokemon, Luntik are not suitable. These animals are real aristocrats. They are smart, independent, and willful. Their names should always contain meaning and, preferably, be of foreign origin. For example, Michael, Harry, Johnny, James, Jackson, Kevin, Brooke, Charles, Steve, Wil.

You can choose nicknames that remind you of the historical homeland of these animals: Lord, King (king), Mister, Duke (Duke), Count (Count), Rich (rich). And the names Leo and Richard will be associated with the coat of arms of the country and its founder.

Names for Scots

British and Scottish cat breeds are very similar in appearance and many people confuse them. If you look at them more closely, you can see the difference. Some Scots have the tips of their ears turned down. They are smaller than the British cats, the coat is not so thick, have a different character and habits. Animals of the Scottish breed are very active, love to play and get along well even with dogs in the apartment. They have absolutely no sense of aggression.

Cat names for Scottish boys should also be chosen without irony. There should be no meaningless, stupid nicknames.

Think of, for example, a nickname derived from the name of their "native" country or its capital: Shotty, Land, Eddie. Remember the national symbols of Scotland. The kitten can be given the nickname Leva or Unique. Or call your pet by any name you like. Choose - Alan, Boyd, William, Jack, Donald, Gordon, Clyde, Cameron, Nevin, Roy, Ross, Evan.

Note that you will say the cat's name more than once during the day. So choose the one that is easy for you to pronounce. The main thing is that the name is liked by the baby, and he began to respond to it willingly.

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