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As soon as a baby reaches the age of three, it changes in many ways. Often, children at this age already know well what they want and how to achieve what they want. A three-year-old is already a real person with her own tastes and preferences. But the child is still young enough to be completely independent of his parents. He still has a lot to learn. And adults can help with this.

How and where to organize classes with your child?

Most children in 2-3 years already begin to attend kindergarten. Here Qualified caregivers are engaged with the baby according to a special program. In the company of their classmates, the baby is interesting and fun to learn. In kindergarten, children tend to learn information quickly. But unfortunately, not all parents can send their child to preschool. Excellent educational activities for children 3 years old can also be conducted at home.

If the child does not attend kindergarten, his mother or grandmother is engaged in his development. In rare cases, a qualified nanny is hired. In any case, there is always an adult next to the baby, who not only makes sure that the child is healthy and full, but also often conducts classes with him.

Plan educational activities for children 3-4 years old at home, preferably in the morning. At this time, the child is most receptive to new information. Lessons should arouse the interest of the child. If he is distracted and does not make contact, it is better to postpone classes.

Together is not boring at all

It is advisable to perform simple tasks together with the child. Regardless of whether the kid draws or collects puzzles, you need to do it together with him. Even the most boring activity can turn into a fun game if an adult does everything on the same level as a child.

The child should be constantly praised. Even if something doesn't work out, he needs to know that he is on the right track. You can show the finished work of the baby to your family and friends. Additional praise will not make the baby arrogant at all. But positive emotions and the desire to conquer new peaks are provided.

Imagination is the foundation of all abilities

The extraordinary character of any person depends to a great extent on his creative abilities. And the basis of any creativity is imagination. So if More attentive and diligent.

Start classes with the baby should be with the study of the hand. The child should know how many fingers are on it, what is the name of each individual finger. To do this, parents can draw a small poster that will depict a palm. Each finger can be painted in its own color. So the child will be able to remember the names much faster.

Special simulators that can be made independently perfectly develop the motor skills of children's hands. It can be a small cardboard box, covered with a cloth. It should be placed on the laces and several types of fasteners. Buttoning buttons and buttons, tying knots, the baby will develop his fingers.

From the age of three, you can start preparing your child for writing. For this purpose, there are special prescriptions for the youngest on sale. Classes should start with the simplest tasks. Let the child circle the circles and put the sticks. Such lessons will help him quickly learn how to hold a pen correctly.

Fantasize and draw

Drawing promotes the development of imagination in kids and is also great Develop the motor skills of the fingers. After all, to get a beautiful picture, you need to properly hold a brush and pencils in your hands. Educational classes for children of three years old must include drawing lessons.

You need to start with the simplest. The child must learn to draw objects of the correct shape – a circle, a square, a line. Together with the baby, you can draw a clearing, a sun, a house. It is better to create the first drawings together so that the child can remember the technique.

Educational classes for children of 3 years with the use of finger paints are very popular. For the lesson, it is better to use a large watman. On a huge sheet, the kid will be able to fully express his imagination. Finger paints are absolutely safe for children's health. They can be used from an early age. It does not matter if the child wants to taste the color he likes.

Learning the letters

You can teach your child to read at the age of three. Reading encourages Mental development, and also contributes to the expansion of horizons. But before the kid learns to read, he must master the alphabet. The first educational classes for children 3 years old at home should start with a simple reading aloud. To do this, choose a large colorful book with fairy tales. The child should not only perceive the information by ear, but also see the pages.

The kid should face the letters every day. You can buy special puzzles with the image of the alphabet. You should also not hide books from the child, fearing that he will spoil them. Some of the literature, of course, will suffer. But daily seeing the text, the child will be able to learn to read much faster.

A large bright poster with a picture of letters will help you learn the alphabet faster. It should be hung in the most prominent place in the children's room.

Learning English with a three-year-old

There is an opinion that at an early age, babies are most amenable to learning foreign languages. In any case, educational classes for children 3 years old, involving the study of English, will not be superfluous. In this case, the child will be able to perceive other foreign languages much better already at school age.

Classes for children 2-3 years old should not be intrusive. You can start the process by watching cartoons in a foreign language. Moreover, at an early age, the baby is not interested in what language the characters speak. Reading bright books in English will also benefit.

You can also learn a foreign language on a walk. The mother can tell the child in a foreign language what she sees around her. It is better to start with the simplest words.

Today, there are many special cartoons that are designed specifically for learning a foreign language with a small child. The animated series "Dasha the Traveler" is very popular. A little girl in a fairly simple form teaches kids simple words.

Physical activities with the baby

The physical development of a preschool child is of great importance. Parents should gradually prepare the baby for more serious loads in the future. The first thing that relatives should organize for the child is morning exercise. Just a few minutes in the morning can be devoted to simple exercises. Classes for children 3-4 years old should be held before breakfast.

Do not neglect the daily walk in the fresh air. You can take a ball or a kite with you. Educational classes for children 3 years old can be held in the park or in their own yard. Outside, you can also enjoy reading, learning English, or exploring the surrounding nature. The main thing is that the walk does not tire the child and arouses his great interest.

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