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Mom is the closest and dearest person to us. This woman gave us life, taught us a lot, saved us from a lot. A school holiday dedicated to mothers should be very beautiful and fun. Children should show how much they love and appreciate the care of these seemingly weak, but in fact strong and courageous women. The concert program usually includes such numbers as dances, songs, and poems. Guests are also sure to enjoy a fun scene for Mother's Day. In short, the holiday should be organized in such a way that it is fun, joyful and pleasant for all those present in the hall.

The design of the hall should be beautiful

First of all, it is necessary not only to think through a variety of scenes for Mother's Day. You also need to think about decorating the hall. The atmosphere should be interesting, solemn, but at the same time quite calm. The hall can be decorated with colorful garlands, flags, balloons, special lighting lamps hung on the walls. Flowers and beautiful posters will also not be superfluous. For guests sitting in the hall waiting for the upcoming holiday, you can also turn on gentle music.

How to start a concert program?

The scenario, of course, must be very well thought out. You can start the holiday, for example, with a beautiful song about your mother. After that, the hosts ' greetings and their opening speech are usually heard. They should definitely say that mom is the most important person, this is our guardian angel, wet nurse, adviser and faithful friend.

Mother's Day scenes should be fun

After that, you can start the main part of the concert program. It can be continued, for example, by the following short but fun scene for Mother's Day. The children can play a conversation between a mother and a young son. The essence of the dialogue is that the kid asks him to buy something. The mother is interested in what exactly the son wants. In response, she hears the word "candy". Mom is against it, because the child will spoil the appetite. She, of course, offers something else, to which her son replies: "another candy."


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And here is another funny short scene for Mother's Day. Here, the audience is already shown the conversation of the father and son. The father asks the child how the mother could find out that the baby did not go to wash in the morning. To this the child gives a concise and funny answer: "I forgot about getting the soap wet."

Mother's Day skits are funny and funny concert numbers that raise the mood of all the guests of the holiday, causing smiles and good joyful laughter. After the completed miniatures, do not forget about the friendly loud congratulations – "Mothers, we love you very much!"

Without interesting contests – nowhere!

Children's scenes for Mother's Day are best accompanied by fun games. For example, you can hold a fun contest called "Find your mother". To do this, each child participant is blindfolded. The mothers of the little ones rise to the stage. They stand in a row. Every child needs to find his mother to the touch.

The next contest is a song contest. The presenter reminds the children of how at a very early age they enjoyed singing their mothers lullabies. However, many years have passed, and now it's time for the guys to sing songs for the most important women in their lives. Let the children compete, remembering the words of famous musical masterpieces dedicated to mothers.

Once the competitions are over, you can move on to the next stage of the concert program. Children's scenes for Mother's Day will continue the festive evening again. So what else is there to show to make those present in the hall light up their eyes and raise their spirits even more?

Fairy tales come to visit and to mothers!

Scenes for Mother's Day can be not just fun, but also very unusual, original. You can use fairy-tale characters in them. This will bring a noticeable bit of happiness and warmth to the festive atmosphere, immersing all the guests of the hall in the magical world of childhood.

So, the Mother's Day scene might be something like this. Carlson runs onto the stage to the cheerful loud music. The hero greets the guests and says congratulations on the holiday. After that, Carlson invites the guys to dance. Children perform "Boogie-Woogie".

Carlson has many more interesting games to offer. For example, children together with their mothers can try to guess some thematic riddles.

For example: Balls on a string-for all tastes. What is in my mother's jewelry? This is... (beads).

Or Mama is cooking dinner for us. We're all here at once. My mother made us a delicious and healthy... (soup).

Such riddles are not difficult to come up with. With a little imagination, Carlson will cheer up both the participants and the guests.

Poems are required

Mother's Day skits - funny concert numbers. But in the intervals between them, it is necessary to insert a variety of beautiful poems.

Dedicate sweet and kind words to your mothers. Do not forget about poems for your grandmothers. After all, they are the favorite mothers of your dear mothers.

Poems can be composed independently, or you can choose suitable ones in modern literature. For example:

Know your grandmother

I love you very much.

Mother of my mother,

You are the kindest of all people!

Here is another version of the poem for my grandmother:

Congratulations to mothers today on a wonderful holiday.

We all wish our grandmothers happiness in the same way!

Love your granddaughters more than anyone else in the world.

Well, we love you! We are your children!

And here are examples of poems for your mothers, expressing all your tenderness, care and love:

Go around the whole world!

There is no better mother in the world!

Hands – the most native,

Eyes – dear ones!

We love you, our mothers,

Even though we are stubborn,

We grieve you sometimes,

But we stand by you like a mountain.

Don't take offense at us,

And try to forgive us!


And strict, and affectionate –

This is our mother.

As soon as I grow up,

I'll be like that too!


Our best friend is always

My dear mother.

I will always be with you

Close by, dear!

In a word, choose beautiful words. In response, you will see the gentle, kind smiles of mothers, happy and cheerful eyes, and feel their gratitude.

High school students can show "adult" scenes

With the kids, everything seems to be clear. Well, what can future graduates come up with for Mother's Day, for example? Scenes for high school students are characterized by a specific humor. Here you can beat the theme of first love.

Let's say a mother and daughter appear on the stage. My mother tries to explain to her daughter that today it is impossible to do without higher education. A young girl does not understand this, because she only comes home to spend the night. During the day, she spends time with friends, and in the evening she relaxes at discos. Moreover, she is already an "adult", because she already has a boyfriend.

Mom, of course, is outraged. Why should she be the last to know about such an event? After all, mother and daughter should be best friends! Moreover, the girl is only 15 years old!

The daughter screams about great love, that she is no longer a child, that she does not need anyone's advice. As a result, she makes a decision: she does not need her mother! The girl goes to bed. The curtain closes.

The next act. The daughter wakes up and can't figure out where she is. The teacher of the orphanage appears on the scene, calling her for breakfast. The girl explains to the woman that she had a big fight with her mother and lost her, that she did not appreciate her, that she paid little attention to her. The heroine begins to pray to God that her own mother will find her as soon as possible.

To do this, she is given several tasks. Together with other "children of the orphanage", she performs beautiful dances, sings songs, and reads poems. You can also organize a special contest – pulling out cardboard letters from the "black box", the girl should call her mother an affectionate word, which begins with them. The curtain closes again.

And here is the third act. After the tests passed, the daughter is finally forgiven! She wakes up screaming, "Mommy, I'm sorry!" and jumps up on the couch and looks around. Her mother comes in and calms her down. The girl asks for forgiveness once again, confesses her love, says many warm words. In response, her mother wishes her happiness in the future with her young man and explains that she will always be able to understand and support her. At this point, the curtain closes again to a round of applause.

Any such scenes are fun. For Mother's Day, they are very suitable, reminding both mothers and the younger generation that mutual understanding can always be found! The main thing is to remember that we all love each other, the rest is nonsense!

The end of the holiday-the final song

Mini-scenes for Mother's Day are shown, poems are read, dances are performed… It remains only to give small presents, hug your mothers, kiss them and wish them great happiness, good health and eternal love.

And finally, the final! All participants need to go on stage to sing the last song at this concert. Choose the right words. Sing it with special inspiration! Your mothers and grandmothers will definitely appreciate it! You can not doubt it at all!

Take care of your moms!

Funny scenes for Mother's Day, good poems, songs and contests, costumed and acrobatic performances – all this will give your closest people in the world the greatest pleasure!

Do not forget that they need to be loved, appreciated, and respected. Our mothers are the ones who will never be able to replace anyone in our lives. To give them a beautiful holiday means to give them a great mood and a lot of pleasant emotions!

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