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Often we wonder what to give to a person who can not imagine life without his faithful "iron horse." It would seem that he has long had everything necessary, but it is so desirable to surprise. Let's take a closer look at this topic.

What can be gifts to a motorist?

When buying a present, everyone is usually guided by the personal preferences and hobbies of the person to whom he is addressed, on the usefulness of the gizmo or its semantic load.

You can give some useful thing, which is necessary for every motorist. But here you can easily get into trouble, because if the thing is really so necessary, it is unlikely that the driver will wait for the holiday. Most likely, he will acquire it on his own.

Another option is to buy something that will be useful for all occasions. Gifts to the motorist of such a plan should be chosen based on his type of activity, preferences and hobbies. Think about what might come in handy on the road in your climate.

подарки автомобилисту

If there is no need to buy a large present, and just want to show attention or gratitude, then you should buy some nice and inexpensive little thing. But your colleagues at work can be presented as a gift for the day of the motorist some cool and original gizmo, perhaps implying a certain subtext.

From a series of useful gifts

When you need to buy a fairly expensive thing, for example, a gift to a motorist for his birthday, you should take a close look at the interior of the car of the recipient. If a person practically lives in the car, it makes sense to buy, for example, a massage mat on the driver's seat. This thing will help his master to get rid of constant fatigue at the wheel and pain in the lower back and neck-breast department, for which the birthday man will later be very grateful to you.


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A loved one who recently bought a car can be given a DVR or navigator, which will greatly facilitate his driving life. Also for the novice motorist a great present will be a wireless headset. Thanks to her hands will always be on the steering wheel, and the probability of getting a fine for talking on the phone while driving is significantly reduced.

Every owner of an "iron horse", even a beginner, should have its own set of tools to repair small breakdowns of the machine. Thus, it is a wonderful gift to a male motorist, and women, even a little versed in motor vehicles, will not remain indifferent. If the driver often has to stand in traffic jams or spend several hours on the road, then a great gift will be a coffee maker or a mini kettle, working from a lighter. Also useful may be a device that serves to heat or cool a cup with a drink.

подарок автомобилисту мужчине

Gizmos for all occasions

Depending on the hobbies of the person, you can pick up a gift for him, which is sure to be useful to him. For example, if a motorist has a pet (cat or dog) and often carries it in his car, you can present him with a special chair or protective cape for transporting animals.

Most modern people can no longer imagine their lives without a laptop or TV. If your friend is no exception and takes with him on the road multimedia devices, you should give him a special stand table, which is very easy to attach to the steering wheel. It will be convenient not only to work or watch movies, but also to have lunch on the road.

подарок на день автомобилиста

If a fellow motorist lives in a region with a cold climate, he just needs a car blanket to take care of his car in the cold season. It will reliably save the car's engine from frosts. Another good gift is a heated seat, for which you will be especially grateful.

Pleasant little things

Small gifts to the motorist usually have a low cost and are a manifestation of attention. In auto shops you can choose a lot of little things that will please your friends or colleagues at work. These can be key fobs, car polishing gloves, mesh-organizers in the trunk, mats on the dashboard.

Smoking driver can be given an ashtray, and a lover of hot drinks - an alcotester. Most girls love toys, so they can safely present a soft cat or puppy, which can be "seated" on the dashboard. Such toys can also be both air flavorings. For ladies who do not even part with heels behind the wheel, you can buy special nozzles on shoes that will save her from premature wear.

подарок автомобилисту на день рождения

Funny souvenirs

Favorite friends usually want to give something funny and sometimes completely useless. Funny gifts to the motorist can carry a certain meaning, understandable only to you and your friend, which makes the present especially pleasant. For example, you can give a wall watch in the form of a car wheel,that will look great in the garage.

For those who constantly complain about their navigator, you can present a map of the country, globe or compass. Girls love different pillows, so for them you can look for options with funny inscriptions such as: "Looking for a husband!", "Beauty queen," "Attention! I confuse the gas and brake!" etc. Continuing the theme of interesting inscriptions, you can look for the original cover on the driver's license.

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