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Electronic clock production VST more and more gaining popularity in the electronics market. They are made in China. Watch VST has a modern design and have several variants. Table-top model, with the tilting foot on the housing, can be placed anywhere: on a table, shelf, nightstand, etc. are Also available VST digital clock that hung on the wall.

electronic clock vst

Brief description

Watch VST, performed in a strict and laconic design, looks very cozy and at the same time quite modern. All models have a 24-hour time format and alarm clock. In addition, some wall-table options there is a voice message time. Watch all VST have backup power. In case of emergency power outage time are stored in memory is preserved. When you turn on lights, set the clock and alarm again is not necessary. Also, every model has a different color scheme.

Overall, the watch VST handling is quite simple and quite consistent with its price. They will look excellent not only on the nightstand in the bedroom, but in the office on the desktop. Made in a beautiful design, with sleek angles, the watch is easy to fit in interior of any home or office space.

The Casing is made of high strength plastic. The kit includes a manual in Russian.

watch vst

Alarm clock

One of the main functions of hours VST is a built-in alarm clock. Selecting from the range of signals one of the most liked, your morning rise you can make as pleasant and comfortable. For those who like to take a NAP, has a separate snooze the call. Snooze certainly not allow sleep to work.


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Watch VST working voltage of 220 V. In the event of a power outage provided a self-powered, powered from two batteries. It should be remembered that in case of breakage prevent any shock to open the device and attempt to repair the product impossible.

watch vst manual

Clock VST: manual

All models feature the following buttons:

  • Volume control.
  • Manage tuning.
  • The band Switch to AM/FM.
  • Alarm.
  • Adjust the time.
  • Settings of a minute.

To set the time, press and hold [Time]. To set the clock, press the button [Clock], min - button [Minutes] and keep until the right time. Then release the button [Time].

The alarm Time is configured as follows:

1. Press the [function Selection].

2. To set the alarm time:

  • Press and hold [Alarm].
  • Press the [Clock] to setup hours.
  • Press the [Minute] button to adjust minute.
  • Release the button [Alarm].
  • To check alarm time, you must restore the settings as indicated above.

In order to set the alarm clock (standard signal), you must:

  • Configure, as shown above, the alarm time.
  • Switch to the [Select features] is set to [AUTO].
  • Rotate [Volume] until you hear a click.
  • Press [Sleep] to turn off the alarm.

Snooze Function call

When the alarm goes off, you press the button of [repeat]. After 9 minutes the alarm will ring again.

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How do i delete the alarm??????


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not too clear. HOW DOES ONE TURN the alarm OFF??

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