What it's like the pain of childbirth? The pain of childbirth what can compare?


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Probably the most severe pain you have to experience the person – the pain of childbirth. Every woman who became a mother, familiar with the pain that accompanies this process. And in many cases she is not ready to be a mother, because it constrains what the pain of childbirth. To compare these feelings? Yes nothing, because no other pain is not able to repeat it. You need to understand that the birth pain is individual and depends on the physiological characteristics of each woman.

Features different women have

As mentioned earlier, the pain at the onset of labor and delivery is different for each woman. However, it can depend on a number of factors. Consider some of them:

  • Physical and psychological preparation for childbirth. It is desirable that before this process, the woman with her husband had attended Lamaze class. Here, experts tell you how to breathe during childbirth, soothe the future mother. It is important that her husband also was with her, she felt his support.
  • Level of pain threshold. It is individual for each woman. If the mother is not able to endure the pain, put her injections of pain medication.
  • The complexity of the current delivery. Sometimes the birth process takes only a few minutes, sometimes-few hours. It depends on the degree of opening of the uterus and size of the fetus. You may need a cesarean section.
  • The Use of anesthesia. Many women choose this method of childbirth because the pain is almost not felt.

the pain of childbirth is equal to 20 bones fractures


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Which reminds the pain of childbirth?

Most of the women have to give birth to her first child, wondering about what to compare the pain of childbirth. In fact, it practically anything it is impossible to compare. The more that each woman this individual process.

The Unpleasant sensations that accompany a woman from the beginning of labor, at first episodic. The mother feels the peak at which the pain becomes unbearable strong, and decline when this feeling becomes less noticeable or disappears altogether. This phenomenon is called contraction. As a rule, contractions are coming at intervals of between 30 seconds to half an hour. Duration – around a few minutes. The explanation for this is that a woman's body has started preparing for the birth of the fetus.

what it's like the pain of childbirth

Birth process

What it's like the pain of childbirth? It is difficult to say. But she is a very strong and unbearable. The cervix, which in the normal state is closed, is starting to stretch, at the time of birth reaching nine or ten inches in diameter. This is necessary in order to skip the baby's head through the birth canal. As a rule, this phenomenon lasts from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the tissue state of a woman.

If the process takes too slow, the doctor may stimulate it. Every subsequent births are less painful compared to the previous. Usually the second child last less than the first (assuming that it was not more than three years). This is because a woman's body is still “remember” the previous labor. It is feeling of stretching of the cervix during battles and are the main source of pain in childbirth. When the fruit is fully released, the pain disappears.the pain of childbirth to compare

What says science?

Every woman is afraid that she will have an intense and unbearable pain in childbirth. To compare it? No pain can match the one that is experiencing the female body during labor. Although some scientific studies have shown that the pain of childbirth is equal to 20 bones fractured. However most women have the pain threshold is reduced due to the fact that the blood to release the hormone endorphin. So some mothers this process occurs with minimal pain or none at all.

Each woman may for itself determine what it's like the pain of childbirth. After all, every person observed purely individual sensations. To the pain was less severe, it is impossible to set yourself up for a bad end. In no case should not think about the bad outcome. In addition, it is not necessary to dwell on that, to compare with the pain of childbirth. Scientific facts prove that a certain category of women, even the tooth extraction is more painful.

How to ease the pain by yourself

To reduce pain during childbirth the necessary physical and psychological preparation. During pregnancy it is important to walk that will strengthen the muscles of the vagina and pelvis. As a result – pain in childbirth will be greatly reduced. In addition, pregnant women must adjust themselves to the fact that the process of giving birth will be painless.

Of Course, the pain – companion to any childbirth, even if they are artificially (during operations). It does not matter what can be compared to the pain of childbirth. The important thing is that it is not as terrible as it is accepted to speak about it. If the expectant mother will understand this, the delivery will be much easier.

what pain can be compared to childbirth

Artificial decrease in pain

Every woman shudders when he hears the phrase "birth pains". To compare this phenomenon, every woman defines for herself. In any case, even the thought gives you goose bumps. If the mother failed to cope with fears before birth, the feeling of panic experienced it, can lead to a weakening of labor. Therefore, physicians recommend the use of epidural anesthesia.

This type of anesthesia is considered the safest not only for women but also for the baby. However, this method of pain relief has and lack. It consists in the fact that the mother does not feel active during labor, so she can't start pushing at the right time. As a result, after childbirth the vaginal muscles can be slightly torn. Therefore, using an epidural, you must follow all the advice to take delivery of a doctor.

what can be compared to the pain of childbirth

Just breathe

The Pain of childbirth – the strongest, comparable with a fracture, so correct breathing is essential to facilitate active labor. Learn correct breathing must not during the birth, and in front of them. Although the majority of women who learned the technique of proper breathing during labor panic, forgetting everything we taught them. So they have to follow all the advice of a doctor, who will tell you how to breathe properly in order to birth went quickly and painlessly.
the pain of childbirth is the strongest comparable with the fracture

How to tell a man what is generic pain?

To Explain to the man what pain at the onset of the active phase of labor and with what pain can be compared to childbirth is quite a challenge. What can be compared to the pain of childbirth to men? Yes, with nothing. Even trying not worth it, they still do not understand. It is better to make sure that they have experienced this pain for yourself. Fortunately, at present there is a huge amount of special equipment that allows to do it. Of course, you cannot go against the will of the men. Although, if he's scared, he roughly understands what pain is in childbirth. To compare it, he does not know but that it hurts, he guesses.what can be compared to the pain of childbirth for men

Pain in vain attempts

Despite the fact that most women reported that the peak of the most severe pain comes on during labor, during attempts also marked a rather unpleasant experience. They are not as strong due to the fact that the baby's head passing through the birth canal compresses the nerves, which reduces their sensitivity.

What pain can be compared to childbirth, it is hard to say. Quite often in women giving birth for the first time, and in the case of a quick and rapid delivery, there are so-called gaps. It is a violation of the integrity of the tissues during the passage of the baby's head. Quite often the doctors, anticipating the appearance of tearing, episiotomy will. It is an artificial incision of the vaginal tissue to facilitate release of the baby's head, and to prevent gaps. The seam imposed on the incision, the medical way, heals much faster and gives less discomfort than a natural tear. Pain from a rupture or incision of the perineum is almost not felt, because it was at this point the baby's head pressing against the nerve endings, so the sensitivity of the tissue is minimal.


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