Baby underwear for girls: overview, selection rules, manufacturers


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One of the tasks for any conscious parent is instilling in the child the love of good underwear. It is underwear for girls has a fairly high requirements, though it is not visible to others.

Children's pants and shirts come into direct contact with the delicate skin of the baby, so they should not RUB, pull or be too loose. Their goal – ensuring absolute comfort. It is very important to choose cotton underwear in size, and when buying to pay attention to the fabric and elasticity.


High quality fabric is one of the most important criteria when choosing. Underwear must be manufactured exclusively from natural materials, preferably cotton. This is important because the most breathable material is the cotton. It is pervious to moisture and oxygen and prevents irritations or manifestations of allergic reactions. In addition, it is quite a nice body and will not cause the girl discomfort.

In Any case impossible to buy underwear for girls made from synthetic materials. They absolutely do not provide normal thermoregulation and often the cause of baby heat rash and later severe allergies.

How to choose underwear girl

The composition of the material from which linen is made, is not the only thing you should pay attention when choosing. You must make sure that the purchased child things were in size, anywhere did not press and did not press. Otherwise the child will constantly feel discomfort. In addition, the possible disruption of the blood supply, which further can lead to diseases of pelvic organs.


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lingerie girls

You Can search for children's underwear for girls with fun patterns or bright colors to please little fashionistas. But it is better to refrain from buying products with a variety of decorative elements. Because they can break off in the process of frequent use or by the child.

Don't forget after purchase be sure to stretch things out and iron their iron in order to fully ensure the safety and purity of the product.

Features that you should look for when choosing:

  • Soft seams should not cause irritation and restlessness;
  • Underwear should be made from safe and certified materials;
  • Colorful bright colors will bring the child in delight;
  • Sizes children's underwear, which are listed on the label, must fully comply with the stated parameters.


Perhaps the most sought after items of children's underwear are sets of panties and t-shirts. Of course, you can buy separate pants and shirt, but items that are made from the same fabric or decorated with the same print, will contribute to the development of the taste of the baby.

Children's underwear for girls

Children's pants for girls is an important piece in clothing. Reliable but not tight elastic, natural fabric, comfortable loose cut - these are the main requirements for this element sets.


Special mention should be baby clothes for sleep. Usually it's pajamas or a nightgown. They have bright cheerful prints and colors and are sewn from pleasant to the touch, natural fabrics.

For winter you can buy children pajamas with pants and long sleeves made of flannel or other warm fabrics, and for the summer – a set of shorts and t-shirts on the straps.

Do Not buy too big or tight pajamas, as sleepwear must be comfortable. Also a big role when choosing baby underwear for girls and sleepwear in particular is its color. Kids don't usually like plain clothes, and her dark tones, so you should pay attention to the bright sleeping clothes with patterns, embroidery or print. It is best to know in advance the favorite color of girls.

Well-Known manufacturers

For little fashionistas, you can choose beautiful and colorful underwear from well-known manufacturers of children's clothing, such as Chicco, Disney Baby, or Garden. With the products of these brands you will be assured of the quality and sustainability of materials and fabrics. But as for the workmanship, that at the height of it will be from the manufacturers of children's underwear, specializing only in this type of product is Lama, Cornette, Key. Teenage girls and their moms should pay attention to panties and t-shirts from brands Atlantik, Intimo, Anabel Arto.

Baby clothes for girls

T-shirts and panties Baby Art

The trademark Baby Art develops, produces and sells high-quality children's underwear and knitwear for children of early age.

Underwear for girls manufactured by high-tech equipment and imported quality raw materials.

In clothes from Baby Art your child will feel safe and comfortable, and the color scheme and stylish design will guarantee a positive, good mood as the children and parents.

Baby underwear for girls from Flavien

The brand Flavien produces several lines of the original child and adolescent underwear using only hypoallergenic and high quality materials for children of both sexes. All styles of underwear, t-shirts or panties extremely comfortable to wear and will enjoy for their owners.

Program for girls

Care instructions:

  • Do not bleach, you cannot use washing powders with bleaches and chlorinated cleaning agents;
  • Washable products the manufacturer recommends with neutral detergent at a maximum temperature of 30 °C cold water;
  • Do not dry-clean;
  • Do not iron;
  • Gentle wash in plenty of water, quick rinse, minimal mechanical processing.

Panties Chicco

Italian brand Chicco in the line of its products for children and their parents. Baby pants for girls, shirts and General underwear undergo rigorous control of safety and quality. Highly skilled professionals are engaged in testing, research and improvement of technologies, because when we are talking about baby clothes, parents usually pay special attention to the high quality and the correct size primarily by age.

Panties from Chicco

Tank-top Valeri-tex

Manufacturer of underwear, shorts and t-shirts for girls Valeri-tex works in the field of manufacture children's knitted garment since 1998 and offers a very wide range of products, made from high quality, natural and safe materials.

Kids briefs for girls

Modern and Experienced specialists – engineers, designers – follow the new trends in the world of children's fashion and embody the bright and bold creative ideas. In addition, guaranteed high quality of products as in the selection of first-class fabrics, and in manufacturing.

All lingerie collections undergo several stages of quality control and are manufactured in a factory, which is equipped with modern sewing equipment.

Brand Idexe

Italian brand Idexe children's knitwear is a powerful production with more than four decades of experience and a world leader in the fashion industry for kids of all ages.

The company's Products meet safety standards, most current European standards and designed to the smallest detail. Special attention the manufacturer pays to use the materials.

The Polish company Key

Since 1991, when the company began its operations, it exports its products to 12 countries in Europe and Asia and is one of the leading in the market of underwear in Poland.

Brand “KAY” focuses on the dynamic, active people who respect quality, modern fashion trends and comfort. All products only from hypoallergenic natural materials, very pleasant to the body and do not cause irritations.

Manufacturer and plans to continue to develop and produce quality products to meet the most demanding customers.

Panties and t-shirts for girls

TM Boboli

Spanish brand B&mónica;boli, established in 1984, is engaged in the design and manufacture of children's knitted clothes. Products B&mónica;boli is in great demand, and the brand is one of the most popular in Europe.

In the production of underwear manufacturer uses only natural...

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