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The Harmony in the interior and a good atmosphere can be created in different ways. For example, to focus on the window, is important the correct choice of fabric for curtains. And choose it to be, depending on what space they need.

fabrics for curtains

Cuisine: the simpler the better

Choose the curtains in each room should be different. For example, in the kitchen right product and simple care and maintenance and therefore it is best to choose fabrics for curtains with a special coating that will protect the material from contamination. For example, the topical solution can become natural cotton, it has “breathable” structure, easily forms folds, do not crease and allows you to perform various design refinements. But cotton fabric can easily lose color. But because it is better that the curtains were more practical: nylon, nylon.

fabric for curtains price

Bedrooms and living rooms: a tightly and massively

Fabric for curtains in the living room or bedroom must meet several requirements, namely: protect from light and to absorb the noise from the street. Most expensive materials are cotton, flax, silk, which also require careful care, because they are made of natural fibers. To prevent them from damage due to bright light worth making curtains with lining, this will protect the main fabric from fading in the sun.

More practical would be a synthetic fabric for curtains, Turkey This plan offers a wide range of quality and reliable products at an affordable price. They will not shrink after washing and long time will delight in the brightness and color saturation. The living room is possible to realize various design solutions, and because you can choose other fabrics. For example, will look harmoniously velvet or tapestry, especially if you dilute them with yellow fringe, cords, tassels. Presentable and elegant look of the lace curtains, which crowns the lambrequin.


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fabrics for curtains Turkey

Harmony of color – the key to a healthy atmosphere

Fabric for curtains should be chosen not only on the material. Because a favorable atmosphere in the room depends on how well-matched color combinations. So, in the bedroom it is best to give preference to calm colours and soft colors, which have to rest. You can use the easy drape and a major figure. Tulle you can choose long that will create a Flirty interior. Sometimes curtains are selected to mask the flaws in the finish. In addition, if the room has low ceilings, the curtains have vertical stripes – this will allow you to visually make the ceiling higher. And if you need to expand the space, you can pay attention to the decor of bars.

fabric for curtains

Fabric for curtains: price of different types

It is Clear that ready-made curtains will cost more than just buying fabric and sewing yourself further. Curtain fabric from 100% polyester will cost about 500-700 rubles per square meter, while the jacquard material is cheaper than the curtain made of linen. Ready made curtains with tulle will cost from 5000 rubles for the product. But this is the approximate cost, as it affects both the brand and fabric and various decorative accessories.

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