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For men a good electric shaver is very important. Especially now that older models came new improved model. They work more gently, leave no irritation. The shaving process is much smoother and more enjoyable. To make the right choice of the razor, you need to find out what additional functions has one or the other model. By the way, did these function recently due to fierce competition in the market and the desire of manufacturers to make their own product better than similar models from other companies.

electric razor for menVirtually every modern shaver for men has a pivoting head. It stands for a snug fit of the device to the skin. Naturally, the quality of the shave is getting better. Very often the modern models of shavers are equipped with level indicators, battery charging, contamination, etc.

The Choice of model should depend largely on where you will use electric shaver for men. If you spend a lot of time on the road, the main criterion when choosing a model should be the battery. In addition, an important factor may be your overseas travel. The fact that in many countries the voltage is different from ours, therefore, to choose the model necessary to account for these features. Motorists need electric shaver for men with charger for the car. This will help to avoid problems with different voltage and availability of electricity.

The Winners of the beard and mustache will certainly need the electric razor for men with shaver 3D priceDifferent attachments. For example, you ideal comb. Such a purchase will cost less than purchasing the two devices separately.


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For daily use at home will suit you perfectly the device cost from $ 40 to 60 with three wet heads.

I would Like to introduce you to the original model. This razor is “Phillips 3D”, the price of which is quite high. Despite this, we are sure you will never regret the purchase.

Razor is Packed in a big colorful box. In the kit enters a base station with self-cleaning and a special solution (in the bottle 0,5 l) for cleaning. Each sample provided with instructions and detailed information about the device. She “machine” neatly Packed in a fabric pouch.

electric razor Philips priceThis new electric shaver for men is quite massive, but very comfortably fits in your hand. Gives the impression of something cosmic and unusual. 3D head has three petals, which are independently from each other are moving in different directions. At first, this design is a little alarming and surprising – do these small “circles” with their major challenge?

Pleased that the razor is very easy to remove and change nozzles, which wash well in running water.

Special mention deserves the appearance of the razor-it's perfect. And finally, most importantly. For reviews of specialists and ordinary consumers, this is a great model – it is convenient to use, the quality of the shave is beyond praise. It copes with a three-day stubble effortlessly. Shaver “Phillips”, the price of which ranges from 10 to 17 thousand rubles, will pleasantly surprise you. It is worth the money.

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