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Recently, the decoration of buildings and structures siding is becoming increasingly popular.

Purpose of siding

what is the siding better than vinyl or acrylic

The purpose of this material are not only the decoration of the facade, but also protects exterior wall surfaces from negative external influences. In addition, this material is able to hide surface defects, ensuring removal of condensate on the inner surface of the finish. Deciding to choose for the decoration of the facade of the house siding, you can enjoy a huge range of material that can have different colors and textures. Siding is considered a durable material, which is ready to last for three decades or more. For the reason that this finish presented for sale in large assortment, consumers often ask myself the question of what kind of siding is better-vinyl or acrylic.

Selection Criteria

what kind of siding is better acrylic or vinyl reviewsThe Value of the company acts as a main point in the choice of finishing or building material. However, consumers pay attention to technical characteristics and quality features. This could include parameters, among them – the durability of the finish, its service life and the ability to preserve the original appearance for a long time. Thinking about which siding is better-vinyl or acrylic, consumers pay attention to resistance to temperature extremes, which can be daily and seasonal. Important and resistance to weathering and ease of installation.

Features vinyl siding

what to choose acrylic or vinyl sidingIf you don't know what to choose-acrylic or vinyl siding, you should consider each type of material separately.

For Example, vinyl siding is manufactured using PVC high quality with applied extrusion technology. The panel includes two layers-inner and outer. The first is impact resistance, while the second – a high degree of resistance to sunlight. Among the strengths of vinyl siding, you can highlight the ease of installation and simplicity of operation. Thinking about which siding is better-vinyl or acrylic, it is worth considering that the first kind of material may be mounted on any frame, it is possible to do without assistance, which is possible thanks to the minor weight of individual panels. This attracts house masters for the reason that they have the opportunity to save on costly services of professional masters.


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vinyl siding advantages and disadvantages

When choosing a vinyl material, you won't need periodic touch up panels or in maintaining their appearance. Within 10 years you can count on the excellent appearance of the finish, almost don't have to care. This material almost does not fade with time and is resistant to damage when exposed to extremely low temperatures, the same can be said about the high temperatures reaching around +50 degrees.

If you decide to choose vinyl siding, advantages and disadvantages of this material should be considered. Among the first you can optionally highlight the fact that the material is not subject to infestation by fungus and mold. It is not a malicious attack insects. Material does not rot or rust. The owners of private homes choose vinyl siding for the reason that it does not conduct electricity, which is important for free-standing buildings.

Features acrylic siding

how to choose siding for houses

If you still have not decided what kind of siding is better-vinyl or acrylic, you should consider the latest version of the material, which is based on acrylic polymers. Experts recommend to choose acrylic material for the reason that it has all the benefits of a vinyl material and has some other advantages. Among them are a higher resistance to UV radiation. This material does not reduce their strength characteristics during the entire period of operation. Panels are not loosening in the fixation. To operate the material at a higher temperature, which mark reaches 85 degrees. This veneer is absolutely not afraid of the impact of chemical solvents to clean with detergents. If you pondered the question about which siding is better-acrylic or vinyl, for reviews of these materials you should read before purchasing.

Fire safety

reviews on vinyl siding

Acrylic siding is almost not lit, and if it affects the flame, the lining begins to secrete harmful substances, but the most minimal amounts. There is also a disadvantage, which is expressed in a higher cost trimcompared to vinyl siding. However, it is important to take into account the longer life-span – half a century and more. That is why it is easy to see the ultimate benefit.

Additional comparative characteristics of the two materials

Feedback about "vinyl siding" will help you make the right choice. For example, house owners say that this material looks so much less important than acrylic. In addition, the latest version of the material to deform quite rare, unlike the opponent. Acrylic material is 10 times more resistant to UV. But do not think that this finish does not fade. But the reviews do not recommend to spend money on a finish, if the house is in a shaded area, and the front does not get sunlight. At the same time overpay be impractical.

Quite often, consumers pay attention to maintainability. However, in this case between the materials absolutely no difference. Both varieties of veneer is equally convenient to repair in case of mechanical damage, when there is a need to replace individual panels on a new one.

To take Care of both types of cladding is quite simple. To use can special tools, but they are usually not required. If you decide to use a comparative characterization of the cost, then you should know that the price of vinyl panels is approximately equal to 120 rubles. Whereas acrylic siding will cost 180 rubles apiece. Benefit more if the area of the facade to be more impressive. The cost will vary and purchasing the parts: the corners and rails. If you have the opportunity, the materials on different sites can be combined, which will save on those areas of the facade, which are not subject to the damaging effects of solar rays.


Thinking about what kind of siding to choose for a house, you must weigh all positive and negative aspects of the materials. Despite the fact that acrylic siding is less combustible, in case of fire the whole house would in any case be on fire. You have to decide that at the initial stage is more important to you – one-time costs or a longer life.

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