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Self-loading rifle "Vepr-12 Molot” is a multi-purpose carabiner domestic production. It is popular not only in our country but also abroad. “Hog” - a gun, which is widely used not only by lovers of fishing or of recreational hunting, but also in the galleries to improve practical shooting skill. Often it is these weapons athletes participating in the competition.

Vepr rifle


“Hog” – gun, created on the basis of a light machine gun of the brand «Kalashnikov». It is a relatively new development of the eponymous plant “Hammer”, located in Vyatskiye Polyany. This weapon manufacturers in the establishment positioned as a direct competitor for the very popular in our country, hunting carbines from the "saiga". 

Vepr carbine

The Main purpose of "Boar" is a sport, more precisely, practical shooting, but it became popular and relevant bodies involved in the protection of houses and other security activities.



“Hog” is a gun in which with great attention to the wishes of many experienced shooters, sportsmen. In its design introduced some additional elements that made the handling of this carbine as convenient as possible. This two-way guard with a slide stop, magazine, etc. In recent years the guns from the “Vepr-12” producer issued simultaneously in three versions. Their difference lies in the length of the barrel. In the base case, it is the shortest, whereas in the later models longer.

Shotgun Vepr - 12 Molot

These multi-purpose self-loading smoothbore carbines are designed for hunting, and for sport competitions. “hog” - a gun, a photo of which is often confused with other semi-automatic counterparts such as “Tiger”, produced mainly under the cartridges with a caliber 12х76. It has a fairly high degree of dependability and reliability for a variety of even extreme conditions. However, similar versions of this self-loading carbine is characterized by the presence of the removable plamegasiteli, which is mounted on the muzzle part of the stem, and the presence of the locking mechanism. This innovation completely eliminates the possibility of shooting with a folded stock.



“Hog” is the gun in which the automatic reload happens, as in the "Saiga” or “tiger”, by the use of gunpowder gas energy discharged from the stem channel in a gas chamber, and also due to the return springs. Locking of the channel in the barrel rotates the shutter around its own axis until the two lugs in the longitudinal movement of the frame shutter.

boar gun photo

Mechanism of operation

With the firing mechanism made according to the trigger type, carbines “hog” the production of single shots and their arming of the fuse. This item lever type made bilaterally with two arranged on the right side of the receiver arms, and one – is already on the left. For ease and speed of the accession process cartridge of the store to the carabiner on it is provided to the receiver. To combat corrosion and increase the resistance of the channel with the cartridge chamber of the barrel and the stock bolt with the gas chamber are chrome-plated.


Rifle Vepr reviewsOpen fixtures, which are equipped with “hog”, consists of having a mechanism for lateral adjustments of rear sight, and adjustable in two directions fly, which is installed in the base. The gun "Vepr", reviews of which are key to its popularity is the lower part of the gas chamber made in the form of Weaver strap provided for installation, if necessary, laser pointer or tactical flashlight.


Bolt carrier group and the receiver of this carbine manufacturer redesigned taking into account the use and hunting ammunition. At the same time, the trigger was removed the self-timer, and venting mechanism was self-regulating and allows you to shoot as ammo when the sleeve 70 mm and 76 mm without adjustment. “hog” rifle sights which type of Kalashnikov assault rifle made entirely adjustable and front sight arranged above the gas chamber. Cover on the receiver is not separated, but simply folds up and forward, again by analogy with the AKS. In addition, there is further provided a guide type Picatinny rail for quick and easy installation of a variety of additional aims attached to the respective brackets.


Power of the gun stock is made of plastic row of shops with a capacity of eight warheads. The rifle butt “hog” metal, made by skeletal construction with folding side. His butt outside to improve the comfort of shooting in cold or hot weather, covered with plastic. Forthe base variant with a short barrel and produced mainly for the Russian market, in accordance with the “Law about guns” of the Russian Federation introduced a special safety mechanism that, as already mentioned, blocks the fire with a folded stock.


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