The original scene on the anniversary of the woman the best surprise for the guest of honor


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A Wonderful gift for the birthday lady can be a scene. On the anniversary of women you can prepare two or three just an amazing performance. It will be fun, really funny and even a little touching. But it is allowed to develop the script, and the scene on the anniversary will be played on the spur of the moment, under the reading of the author's words, – it will be “nail” celebration! Main – to approach problems creatively.

a scene on the anniversaryA Scene on the anniversary a woman – distribution of roles to actors

Leading (he reads the words of the author) offers to go on stage the artistic guests. Their number will depend on the number of roles provided by the writer. In our case, less than five people. Role pre-written on pieces of paper and laid out on the table in the form of examination papers marked down. Role selection needs to be unpredictable. Although, to the scene on the anniversary was even more funny, you can separately put the doom with female and male roles. And the choice specifically to bring men to the female roles, and women, respectively, to the male. Role: Night, Wind, Pine, hero of the day in my childhood, the wicked witch. A good idea to prepare costumes and attributes: a Night - black cloak, the Wind - child's whistle, the Pine - a hat with a pine branch instead of a pen, an evil witch mask Baba Yaga.

Scene-congratulations on the anniversary. Exposure


- it Happened not so long ago, just a couple of years (called the celebrant a number of past years). But our birthday girl, of course, remember this can not – she is still too young for such long memories. In a certain Kingdom, in our Russian state was a quiet and gentle Night… (Forward it turns out the actor depicting the Night). This time of day – the mysterious and unpredictable, you never know what to expect from him. But then the Night was gentle and charming. Suddenly the Wind picked up. (Rises actress, depicting the wind). Strong Winds… (She is trying to portray power and strength). Very strong… Just mighty!!! He tried to root out of the ground a little young Pine… (In the development of the plot takes an actor depicting a Pine. They fight with the Wind). And had the Night to calm them both tenderly embracing one another, kissing passionately raging Wind in his tired lips… But, gentlemen of my audience, this is not a fairy tale, but just saying-the whole tale is yet to come!


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a scene congratulations on the anniversaryComplication impromptu performance

 - And exactly the kind of blustery night was born our sun, Tatiana-Svet-V. (name inserted, of course, which belongs to the hero of the day)!

The master pulls from the box a doll-baby, rock him, quietly, someone includes a recording of crying baby. Leading cradles “baby”

- Long or short, but became a baby to grow up… 

It is appropriate to play a few scenes, the plot of which is taken from real life birthday girl – the most fun and funny episodes. In the role of the child is also an Amateur artist. You can pre-prepare a speech by grandchildren or children that depict their mom or grandma in childhood. But you can make it so that the scene-congratulations on the anniversary of the woman will be fabulous…

Conclusion (denouement)

- apologize to viewers: I missed one major and important fact that the story is about the life of our precious hero of the day… Because at her christening were invited to the home of all the fairies living nearby. And each of them leaned over the crib beautiful baby, was presented a gift and wished she was something very, very good… it Was approximately so. (Lead hero of the day wearing a bib, and mouth inserts pacifier. “Fairy” guests at a time suitable to her, present gifts and read their wishes.) And only the evil witch did not call for the occasion. So she was very angry, came to the table and suddenly wished the tithe a lot of trouble… (the Witch approaches the hero of the day, bares his teeth and dumped on a large flat plate of gelatinous worms – candy.) Only our Princess was so sweet and good that easily coped with them. Something like this (the hero and the witch, and we remember that it's a man, tie his hands behind his back and offered his mouth to grab worms from the dish and set aside. Who is more “pererastaet" worms – and he won. In case of victory of the witch must beat this point in this review: “a wicked witch tried to stop our Tatiana-Svet-V. that at myself all the trouble and carried. And don't bad things to others, so it is!”)a scene congratulations on the anniversary of the woman

Prince Kiss

But one evil witch's prediction has come true – the light-Tatiana on your (called the current anniversary) birthday, pricked her finger with a fork and fell asleep… (the hero of the day is forced to pretend to be sleeping). Guests cried, cried family: "To whom do you leave us, honey?” - (all in unison cry and scream this sentence). But suddenly the hall became a handsome Prince who loved his precious friend with all my heart, walked up to her and kissed her on the lips sugar! And woke up our hero, and hugged her beloved hot! There's a feast this began –no tale to tell, nor on the computer to print!

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