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The Main attribute of a smile charming and successful man in the view of many people – white teeth. Unfortunately, to achieve a similar effect not so easy. Someone can't stop Smoking, though the nicotine from the teeth turns yellow, someone excessively drinking coffee also stain them, and someone who likes chocolate bars and gets again, darkened enamel.


To Remove this unsightly problem quite real, and human, aiming to make a white smile, there are two options: to go to the dental clinic or do it at home. Teeth whitening in the office is fraught with consequences: inexperienced or experienced, but dishonest, can ruin the enamel so using the potent tools that you will find it hard to consume hot or cold foods, as this will cause pain. To make a white smile, do not have to take such a risk, because in front of you this article where we will tell you how to whiten your teeth at home without harm. Here we will talk about two of the most effective and easily accessible tools!

Black coal

At home How to whiten teeth with cheap but effective tools? It seems that this idea is a series of science fiction... If we use chocolate, coffee or strong tea, the enamel is much darker. Scary to think what would happen if you spread teeth… the black activated charcoal! And let now you will be surprised, but if you do, they, contrary to expectations, the process begins 1.5-2 tones, the first time! This method is loved by our grandmothers, but instead of coal they used ash.

So, as house whiten teeth? For this you need to purchased at the pharmacy plate plain black activated charcoal. It should not be any sorbent, or white version of the medication.

Before you brush your teeth, take 1-2 tablets of black coal, wet them slightly under running water so they could easily crumble in the mouth. Then put them on the front teeth, and begin to massage them with a toothbrush. To clean this coal, like regular pasta, 2-3 minutes. Then rinse out the mouth and start another cleaning using a tooth-powder or other similar means. To do that 2 times a day, for unlimited amount of time, it's completely harmless method. After a few treatments the enamel become white 2-3 shades. Here we learned the first way to whiten your teeth. We now proceed to the second, no less effective and accessible techniques to achieve a beautiful smile.


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Home How to whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide

How tired blondes phrase: nothing paints a woman as hydrogen peroxide! It seems too sarcastic to take it for the truth. And yet, this joke only a joke share, because with the help of hydrogen peroxide get not only white hair, but white teeth.

At First it seems crazy, because the hydrogen peroxide – medicine, healing and disinfecting wounds. Scary to think what happens to the teeth if they spread this “chemistry”! The hydrogen peroxide really whiten your enamel, just like everything else. About teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide reviews, mostly positive. Testing yourself this way, it can be concluded that hydrogen peroxide whitens a little less teeth than activated carbon. It must be related to the percent concentration of the drug, which in my case amounted to 3%, and then to achieve a better effect, have to increase it.

Fun fact: this colorless liquid-based bleaching agents in dental practice. Addition of hydrogen peroxide to the mixture, which is applied by the dentists for teeth whitening, adds moisturizing ingredients, and sometimes trace elements that in high concentrations is not completely ruined enamel.

The Technique of bleaching teeth with peroxide

To whiten your teeth using this medication, you can use mouthguard, and if not, then a conventional cotton swab. Silicone dental plate smeared peroxide, and then it's done with enamel. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse your mouth with water. It is very important that you do not swallow the hydrogen peroxide. If Kappa is not, then a cotton swab dipped in "whitening stuff", wipe each tooth, and, after waiting a little time (2-3 minutes), wash off with water. Well, if you have gel to hydrate the enamel, then it should be applied after the procedure.

If the peroxide solution maloprimetny, then the procedure can be done on a daily basis. The course of this practice – 7 days, after which repeat as necessary through the month. Remember that when whitening it is important to keep first and foremost their health.

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