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The Famous Moscow Conservatory named after Tchaikovsky's time was the second after St. Petersburg. Its founder, Nikolai Rubinstein, was expected not only to organize the preparation of professional composers and performers in the city. Change, breaking stereotypes about the serious attitude of music in Moscow can be compared only with the plowing of virgin land. First among virtuoso pianists of Europe managed to cope with that in just a few years.

the Tchaikovsky Conservatory

It All started with…

Organized by N. Rubinstein and Kologrivova in 1860, musical classes on the basis of the pod for a few years has grown so much that it took them an extension. In 1865 a young and persistent celebrity have made daily visits to the representatives of the city authorities. N. G. Rubinstein at the time were under 25 years. In the end, thanks to the intercession of the patroness of the Russian musical society, Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna, before the Emperor of the Moscow higher education music school was opened. This occurred in September of 1866.

From the very beginning of the institution until his death 46 years (1881) Nikolay Rubinstein remained a Director, conductor of the student orchestra and Professor of piano class.

By the early 80-ies thanks to the efforts and leadership of one man the level of musical education of the Moscow society ceased to give both St. Petersburg and many European centres. Foreign talent were sent to study in Moscow, to Russian education!

The Title "to them. Tchaikovsky" Conservatory began to wear later.

Moscow state Conservatory named after Tchaikovsky

New buildings and concert halls

The First room (the house of the Baroness Cherkasova) two years later ceased to meet the needs of the Conservatory. Appropriate building and property Irmo in 1877 became the home of Vorontsov (B. Nikitsky). A large Conservatory. Tchaikovsky is rebuilt housing at this location today.


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By the end of 1895 in the school studied 430 people. For an extensive concert activities musical society was absolutely necessary concert hall. Raising funds for these purposes have been the brother of the founder of the Conservatory. The head of the St. Petersburg higher school of music Anton Rubinstein was organized by the special Fund. Thanks to the collection from concert activities, monetary donations from individuals, government and municipal subsidies, knowledge and powers of the academician of architecture V. P. Zagorsky started the construction of new buildings in the same place.

Tchaikovsky hall of the Moscow Conservatoire

Old and new

From the former building, built in the 18th century, leaving only the facade, decorated with the famous semi-rotunda.

Three years later, classes began in the new premises, opened a Small concert hall. This date coincided with the fifth anniversary of death of Tchaikovsky, who for many years worked at the Conservatory for the glory of Russian musical culture.

Under the new building was located office and an extensive basement. In the service building were the apartments for the officers and employees. In 1901 the construction was finished completely. Subsequent changes were made in the early 40-ies of the 20th century. In accordance with the increasing cultural demands of Moscow under the project of architect I. E. Bondarenko was built on another floor. Education at the higher music school im. Tchaikovsky (Conservatory) opened another concert hall, named Rachmaninoff.

a large Conservatory of Tchaikovsky

About the most famous concert hall in the world

A Distinctive feature of the Great hall of the Moscow Conservatory is the perfect acoustics. The magnificent sound of the orchestra and the piano would be satisfied and Tchaikovsky himself. Conservatory hall initially had a capacity of up to 2.5 thousand listeners. Currently, in accordance with the requirements for comfort number of seats was reduced to 1737 seats.

The Honorary title of them. Tchaikovsky Conservatory received in 1940 And in 1954 the square before the main building was a monument to the great composer.

From November 2006 Great hall of the Moscow state Conservatory bears the name of founder of major Russian higher school of music – N. Rubinstein.

Orchestral organ in the best of halls

The Moscow patrons of art much has been done in the years of perestroika musical Alma mater: from the procurement of carpets and furniture to beautiful organ made by the firm of Cavalier Kohl. During the Paris world exhibition in 1900, it was named the best in the world.

Unique tool is characterized by very unusual features, representing a kind of universal combination of orchestra and piano. No wonder music came to be termed as the organ Symphony. A great tool occupies a space of 70 sq. m, the chair in front of him and the basement room for the bellows. 3136 wood and metal pipes 50 are controlled by registers.

The Moscow music Academy. Tchaikovsky (Conservatory) has a great opportunity to educate professionals that possess the classic and modern arts.

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