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When choosing upholstered furniture, a reasonable question arises: what is the product and what are its benefits? The material is produced by applying a lint for different foundations. With the best combination of quality and price range is considered to be 65% polyester, 35% cotton and fleece made of nylon.

what the flock

A different flock

More than two thousand years ago, China produced material, like a modern flock. For this purpose, the fabric is glued, forming a specific pattern, cut yarn. When an issue of what the flock should refer to the English language, translated it means “pieces”.

From the appearance of the fabric and its name comes from, since the creation were used as basis and flakes (scraps) other material. Flock velour reminiscent of the features and tactile sensations. Modern flock has a different substrate and the top layer. Their composition depends on the properties of fabric and its scope.

upholstery fabric

Based on often take:

  • Polyester and polyamide;
  • Cotton.
  • Hair;
  • Cotton.

Most prevalent acquired a flock of mixed materials, in which a greater percentage is synthetic fabric. Natural cotton or rayon don't have the strength, therefore are used only for decoration.


Often in furniture stores customers interested in what the flock is, and what its advantages as upholstery fabric. On the external characteristics of the material similar to velour, so soft, but strength is much higher.

A Flock of furniture has the following consumer properties:

  1. Not inclined to the formation of the leads, so the furniture made of it is recommended in homes where animals live.
  2. Strong and durable, do not stretch.
  3. Resistant to water. Upholstery flock universal for families with small children. Any spills can be easily removed from the surface.
  4. Has a wide variety of color shades and texture solutions.
  5. Upholstery Color does not fade, unless there is direct sunlight.
  6. Care is not onerous, and the price of the furniture available to the ordinary consumer.

flock for furniture


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In the manufacture of flock entirely from synthetic materials, it allowed for the production of floor coverings. This fact indicates that sufficient wear resistance and durability.


The Flock is of several types: decorative, used for sewing soft toys, packaging and upholstery. The fabric from which is made the Foundation and type of pile indicated the scope of the material.

For upholstery use Polyamide flock. It is easy to dye, it has attractive appearance and pleasant enough to the touch.

When you click on the villi they take the shape of a human body, but after restore its structure. Its main drawback is that this flock is inclined to fade in direct sunlight.

flock price

Therefore, the material of polyamide is mainly used as upholstery. The fabric is durable and withstands the load placed to deliver durable, high-quality furniture.

Species flock

In Addition to upholstery, flock is also used in other purposes. Its scope depends on the composition of the foundations and quality of villi,

  1. Viscose. It is very easy to dye, the fabric takes on a bright, juicy shades. But the main drawback in its excessive softness. When pressing this flock for a long time deals, so it is mainly used for sewing soft toys. It is also used when applying seals on Wallpaper or clothing. Viscose flock is essential when decorating and the production of original packaging.
  2. Polypropylene. This material, due to a weak Foundation, is not strength. He therefore occupied a niche in the production budget of the mats.
  3. Cotton. The fabric has weaknesses wears out quickly absorbs any liquid. But its external properties allow to use the fabric for decorative purposes and manufacturing original packing.
  4. Acetate. Based on the material of acetate, which creases easily and has no strength. The fabric is velvety to the touch, has a nice appearance. Her softness and the ability to purchase fancy color allow you to use when decorating apparel and the manufacture of artificial fur.
  5. Polyester. Flock for furniture should have water-resistant and be durable. Polyester version has all these properties, but not amenable to staining. It always remains dark tones, so it is used in the manufacture of some types of furniture that require a deep, noble shades.

flock furniture

To achieve the effect of transfusion of color and more of a textured surface the technology of laying flock on flock. In this case, it appears two layers of the top thread that gives the material a special tenderness and texture. The fabric is easy to dye, the result is a variety of color options.

The use of such tissue expanding rapidly, and has found its application in production of car seat covers, design papers framed chairs in beauty salons and manufacturing.

The Positive characteristics of the flock

A Flock is obtained by applying various cloth, non-woven textiles. It differs from traditional canvases to the lack of weaving. Its properties depend on the characteristics of the basics, but for the production of furniture take only artificial materials. Their main characteristics are:

  1. The Substrate is not spreading, it is therefore possible to apply any decorative elements in the manufacture of furniture.
  2. Furniture flock of delicate, silky, feels like velvet coating. But, unlike fellow, practical, durable and has a lower price.
  3. Due to the texture and capabilities the application allows you to choose any color and raised pattern.
  4. Easy to clean and resistant to spilled liquids makes it the optimal flock fabric for upholstery.
  5. Breathability allows you to comfortably sit on the furniture upholstery flock at any time of the year.
  6. Long lifetime coupled with its affordable price made the material popular among many upholstery fabrics.

Some negative aspects

To understand what the flock must know the basics of production. Used in the manufacture of adhesive, so removing stains and alcohol products is undesirable. This may disrupt the structure of the material and cause the loss of its qualitative characteristics.

For this reason, it is contraindicated the use of termoacustica and hot tools. Flock has the ability to electrify, therefore, is the source of gravity dust. But regular vacuuming gets rid of the problem.

nonwoven textiles

Do Not use the sofas upholstered with flock as a sleeping place. Fabric absorbs odors and may eventually be used up.

Points of departure

To preserve consumer properties and attractive appearance of the furniture from the flock necessary to properly care for. The main point is regular vacuuming. Upon detection spots is recommended to wipe them with a brush dipped in cold water with a mild detergent for upholstery. Moreover, the friction is to the middle, motion from the edges.

flock velours

It is Strictly forbidden to use hair dryers and an iron, in order to avoid peeling of the villi and damage to the overall structure of the material. When resistant adhesive layer, as evidenced by the marking of the possible use of chemical cleaning agents. Particularly expensive and durable fabric obtained by coating with Teflon. Such padding is not susceptible to contamination and cleaning is not needed.

Issue Price

Choosing as upholstery for furniture flock, the price will depend on its foundations and characteristics of the fibers. The strength of the material combined with the secular chic and rich palette of colors.

For sale is a diverse flock for upholstery. Price starts from 800 rubles per meter.

Matching his characteristics and appearance characteristics, we can conclude that the flock - enough quality material for the upholstery and is in demand from consumers.


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