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In Europe, sports pigeons appeared in the 15th century, after it was brought from the Eastern countries. They gained popularity in the pigeon, which carried out the selection of offspring in accordance with defined features.

blue sports

Selection process

Birds with high speed homecoming, considered one of the most valuable, and to get more number of Chicks they aren't sent to the missions. Here play a special role characteristics of fertility of the selected pairs. On it to a greater extent influenced by genetic factors and environmental conditions. Good for growing Chicks require a spacious room, the normal level of moisture, mineral nutrition with the addition of specific vitamins, selection of young breeding pairs. It is believed that the best breeding birds are displayed after you complete a competition sport pigeons distinguished from flyers.

Among the main criteria of selection observed the growing up of the Chicks and their development. The selection begins from the moment of laying. Left only the eggs are of medium size, regular shape, no damage to the shell, stains and rough edges. Inspection light allows you to identify the eggs with an air chamber located in the wrong place and having two yolks or dark spots - they also have to be rejected. Training of sport pigeons should include any nuances, just like any sports, because in many situations, every second counts.

sporting pigeons

Winter care

According to novice breeders of pigeons, winter is a rest period in nursery. But actually it is not, the best position in the competition is easier to take in careful preparation long before the beginning of the season. Birds maintain their physical shape when training since the beginning of autumn. In the spring they start faster to fly long distances and return home.


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In addition, do not forget about the prevention of diseases such as trichomoniasis and ornithosis. Special importance has the nutrition in the cold season. The best option is a mix of sunflower, linseed, barley, oats, corn and wheat.

It is Undesirable to feed the birds in the late evening, as it then is necessary several times to drink water. Also in the autumn-winter period it is possible to teach young pigeons to call and give them a grain mix from his hands. The amount of winter forage should be increased a little.

The Room must be dry, clean and suitable in size for birds living there, as overcrowding leads to fighting over nests and feeders. Because of this, reduced immunity and General characteristics of the flier.


Birds can have a breeding value, having also certain disadvantages, therefore they should not be discarded when the sibling pairing. For breeding also used Chicks with a tendency to degeneration and visible physical defects.

The Offspring in most cases has positive characteristics such as flight speed, provided that pairing the best flyers. There are several methods to increase the likelihood of inheriting the necessary properties. Among the intra-line and interline crossing, outbreeding.

sports training pigeons


It is believed that the eyes of sport pigeons Have important functions, many of which have not yet been studied and are of particular importance in breeding work. According to some breeders, this reflects on the emotional and energy capacities.

The strong and Healthy individual should have an expressive, rather large eyes are located with a small displacement in the direction of the beak, as can be seen in the photo sporting pigeons. Sexual identity is also revealed by the expression of eyes. Soulful expression - the dove and the dove has a more soft look. The eye is considered “closed” in that case, if the eyeball is completely covered with a grayish age. Flaps are a thickening located on the eyelid. Some sports pigeons which breed may be different, have specific tabs, located above the eyes.

The eye Examination is done from the periphery, with enough electric or natural light. Birds are divided into dark-eyed and light-eyed, their iris with a granular structure can have different shades, starting from black and ending with white porcelain.

Some of the flyers you notice jagged or circular outline of the pupil light shade. Also, special attention is paid to the pupillary zone, it needs to be dark purple, green or blue in color, round or scalloped shape. The pupil must have a pure black color and placed with a small offset to the beak.

The Retina of the pigeon has a large number of light-sensitive cells that affect visual acuity. To ensure better perception of the image during the flight she has a more developed top. Therefore, it can be noted that pigeons sporty tilt your head when you see something in the sky.

Birds with dark and light eyes respond differently to identical light source. Dark pupils are characterized by a large contraction. Also vary the amount of light passing through them. Despite the high property of retro-reflection in pigeons with light eyes, through a large pupil is the greater the number of rays, so that the behavior of the birds becoming more active, and the nervous system works harder. It is believed that blue-eyed pigeons of the Belgian breed and English karriere feel better with a noticeable cloud cover.

Due to large pupils and light shade of the eyes of Chicks bioenergetic processes occur more actively because of the greater degree of light transmission. On average eighteen months of age, completed the formation of the eyes, with the overall health of the birds has an impact on the speed of the process.

sports eye pigeons

Eyes and health

The depth of the colour and its intensity are dependent on the physical form and age of the pigeon. The features are reduced when reaching the age of 10 (in particular females), during illness and long stay in a cage. The opposite situation can be noticed in better physical shape.

Health Problems primarily affect the hue of the beak and feet, bright plumage and eyes. Only healthy birds can take part in tribal activities and operations.

The Type of the eye and its characteristics are inherited from their ancestors, and reflect the affiliation to a certain line or family. Accordingly, the number of valuable individuals can be increased with careful selection of breeding pairs, among which can also be pigeon - sports Champions.

Color and eye shape are of great importance in breeding. It is desirable that the Chicks had uniform round or jagged outline, and the color of the iris of the parents are not identical. The time of greatest brightness to the eye is also taken into account when selecting the pairing period. According to pigeon, individuals at this time have more vitality. The result of this paroski becomes offspring performance.

sports postal pigeons

Particular care

The Pigeons in the stuffy nursery is characterized by poor appetite and low mobility also the contents in a crowded room increases the risk of disease development. Attachment to the host is increased by accustom to take food from the hands.

National championship of sport pigeons will be completed in July. In birds there is the possibility of finding food, even if full feeders they can fly over them several times a day. At the end of the summer molt begins, some individuals require additional forage due to the lower quality of the flight.

The Old couple in September bring offspring. Juveniles upon reaching four months of first release to overcome the 10-15 km in good weather conditions, then have the option of flights to 150-200 km.

After the frosts monitor the craws of the pigeons, in particular for their content. If, after palpation, it appears that little of food, feeding of birds should happen once a day, while the remaining grain is removed from the feeders.

Sport pigeons should have constant access to water and mineral additives, which include salt, crushed brick, gravel and sand. The composition of the feeding varies depending on the time of year, because at different times, birds need a variety of substances.

the national championship of sport pigeons

Return the distance

Biological rhythms birds adapt to the natural light in the place of their permanent location. Accordingly, when calculating the distance area with the same lighting you can get better results.

During the return of the dove with a long journey, a lot depends on the breeder. The most important is the timely training rapid entry into the nursery. Honing this skill takes place in the course of the year with the greatest intensity in winter. This will save precious seconds in competition. Often used method of training birds to call. After the return of the dove with the competition...

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