What could be fever in a Child under one Year and how to measure it


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A few days after the baby is born, his body temperature can be increased from 37 to 37.4 degrees. Then gradually the temperature in a child under one year is normalized in the range of 36.2-37 degrees. To determine the normal temperature of your baby and measure it when he is healthy and relaxed, preferably for several days at the same time. You need to do it three times a day and record the results. In this case, when the disease baby, you can probably determine that he had fever.

To Measure temperature in an infant can be in the armpit, groin or rectum. You can use the pacifier thermometer and measure the temperature in the mouth. Note that rectal temperature by half a degree higher than the mouth and one degree higher than in the rectum. If the increase is very small, for example the temperature of the child 37, it may not be a sign of illness, it may well be an individual characteristic. In an infant may increase the temperature, if the kid is excited, moved a lot or just from overheating.

When disease fever in a child under one year should be measured 3 times a day, and if necessary more often. The child's body early in the disease can give a reaction in the form of rising temperatures, but it can grow from a baby, and is influenced by other factors: teething, over-heat, response to the vaccine, etc. However, if the baby has other signs of illness such as a runny nose, you should consult a doctor. When at the kid the temperature rises to 37-38 degrees, it may be a protective reaction of the body. If the baby tolerates it well then to knock it is not recommended.


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Fever in a child under one year above 39 degrees is already dangerous for him, because it can cause spasm. So in this case must be reduced with antipyretics. You need to carefully watch the baby for his overall condition, does he have any other signs of illness, as he reacts to treat a fever? If the baby's temperature has not risen above the mark of 38.5 and the child normally reacts to it, then lowering it is not worth it. With further increase should give your baby antipyretic agent, having in its composition paracetamol. As temperature decreases, the drug should be discontinued at the increase to give the medicine again.

Should give the child to drink more water. If the child does not want to eat, you do not need to feed him forcibly. Well helps to ease the heat, if put on the forehead with a wet cloth. Often try to ventilate the room to fresh air. It is desirable the house to have several types of thermometers. If the temperature in a child under one year is measured in the axilla, it is better to do a mercury thermometer. It should keep for 5-10 minutes, shaking the pre-to the level of 36.0 degrees. However, to measure their temperatures in the anus is not recommended, as the baby can pull, and the broken thermometer injures him.

If you can't hold the thermometer in the axilla of the child, then sticking the thermometer under his arm, take the baby and hold him in my arms until the necessary time. In the case of butt measurement is most suitable electronic thermometer. He quickly gives the result and more safe, at the end of the measurement it will give a warning signal. When measured in the axilla it is often not showing the correct result because it does not provide tight contact with the body. For measurement in the anus, this thermometer is ideal. There are also  temperature strips on the forehead, but they don't show exact figures, but only indicate the temperature rise.

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