Beach mats. Which one to choose?


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From going to the beach most of us will find a pleasant experience. A vacationer wants to relax, swim and bask under the gentle rays of the sun. The struggle for a place under the sun not included in the plans of even the most energetic tourists, although the number of sunbeds on the beach are often not adequate. So as not to turn the vacation into an extreme adventure and as not to create unpleasant memories, it is better to take care of a selection of beach litter. Fortunately,  choose now.
beach matsFor a successful solution, it is desirable to know the status of the beach on the vacation spot. Soil properties, possible area of personal space, time for rest – all of these factors can help to splurge.

Beach mats are divided into several types and are suited to different conditions.&Each of them has a different structure. Look at the most popular models.

Foam beach Mat with textile cover, often made in the form of bags, readily transformed into a stylish beach Mat. Despite the simplicity and multifunctionality, such a product is unlikely to be helpful on a pebble beach. On the sand also other smooth soft surface the selection of this model is justified.

Beach mats made of straw no worse than the foam counterpart. In addition, this type is perfect for pebble beach. The advantages of the product include more of his strength, durability, using only natural materials.
beach MatBeach Mat with headrest is a Mat with an inflatable pillow or cushion type of clamshell. This is a wonderful ideal for people who love to read on the beach, thus combining the pleasant with very pleasant. Although we should not forget that this type of Mat is quite bulky,  you need to take care of its transportation.


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There are beach mats, visor. While they are not very popular because of the extraordinary originality and, again, of considerable size. When open such a creature resembles a half-open box, but it is impossible to overestimate its ability to protect the rest from sand, sun and wind.

beach Mat

Naturally, each model has its advantages and disadvantages. Some disadvantages to brighten up, for example, having spread a soft towel on a hard surface, or ignoring the smiles of others in the original design a beach accessory. All beach mats look better than inflatable mattresses that prevent skin to breathe and greatly heated by the sun.

For the needle there are even more interesting option: the pad can be easily linked to advance for any sample, or, what is even more interesting, pick up any original drawing of your own. It is better to use for making homemade litter a synthetic or semi-synthetic yarn, tight binding, and inspiration. The length of the pad count is not less than 180 centimeters, a width also better to become generous.

whichever type of accessory has not selected a vacationer, do not forget that you came to relax and enjoy it, because the mandatory requirements for the pad are comfort, ease of use, and of course, style.

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