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Children are our future and we strive to raise them healthy and happy. Modern industry and production, building on the achievements of scientific and technological progress, created a whole Arsenal of appliances and accessories for the most proper and reliable care for younger children. All young parents know that it is vital and necessary to observe the correct diet of the child. The little man is on artificial feeding has to constantly reheat the food to the required temperature. AVENTOften during the night feeding the nervous system of the parents from constant lack of sleep leaves much to be desired. The milk in the bottle often overheat, and to determine its temperature tired adults are not.

Hot milk, the child may get burns of the mucous membrane of the mouth, which is very dangerous because of the possibility of infection. Bottle warmer Avent is a panacea for all possible problems associated with a food baby. This electric bottle warmer that quickly and efficiently warms expressed breast milk, infant formula and other types of baby food. The method of heating is safe and extremely simple. AVENTIs Sufficient to pour water in the bottle warmer and set temperature heating mode recommended by the pediatrician. Bottle warmer Philips "AVENT" is used to heat the special tanks, containers or VIA a "Magic cups". The process takes just four minutes.

Parents often buy bottle warmer AVENT. The instruction to him introduces the rules and techniques of heating, contains recommendations on safety. Everything is written very simple, clear and understandable. Bottle warmer AVENT purchased not only for babies but for children of any age. It perfectly warms up the food and drink, evenly distributing heat across the surface and preventing too hot zones. Under conventional heating in a water bath all the contents on the bottom is much hotter and can burn delicate and sensitive mucous membrane of the child.


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If a child is burned by hot milk, he will subconsciously be afraid of bottles. In addition, when the burn baby hard suck and gloty, and therefore the child receives all the necessary nutrients. AVENT Upon accession of infection of burn may develop stomatitis, which is extremely dangerous for a small child. All young parents is recommended, to avoid burns and complications, carefully monitor the temperature of food given to the child. This is the perfect bottle warmer AVENT, heating food evenly to the correct temperature and turning off automatically. The use of bottle warmer in the infant, is more than appropriate. It provides a normal diet, and thus the development of your child, and also completely eliminates the risk of burns. Included with the heater attached feeding spoon and container to store baby food. This is a very practical and profitable.

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