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Swiss food for dogs Biomill – this is the new generation product created with the revolutionary exclusive technology. Food “BiOMill” by using the latest technology preserves the natural quality of the ingredients from which it is made. Quality biodegradable and eco-friendly dog food almost does not cause allergic reactions, because their composition does not contain any pesticides, chemical additives, residues of antibiotics and herbicides. Today it is the one product that needs to feed your four-legged friend.

A Few words about the company

Biomill Swiss brand produces dry food for dogs and cats the super-premium category. The developers of such original formula assure their customers that their food assimilated by animals by more than 80 %, and it significantly reduces the consumption of food. Food “BiOMill” normalizes the chair of the pet, reduces the loss of body fluids.

The Motto of the brand – “We are what we eat». So Biomill pays great attention to created by the company food completely meets the needs of the Pets.

The Attitude of the brand to their products so timid that the meat used in the production of animal feed, may there are people. The feed of the label meet the highest standards. And because of that Biomill has won many awards, as well as a certificate stating that the Corporation has been clinically control the quality of products. dog food BiOMill composition

Range of dry food Biomill

All food “BiOMill” is divided into the following types:

  • Swiss Professional – it is a complete food for puppies of different breeds. In this category there are suggestions for dogs with excess weight and problems with the digestive system.
  • Classic & ndash; part of the premium, which can be purchased at an affordable price.
  • Dogs over the age of three weeks, you can start to eat Biomill Breeders. This flavor is suitable for dogs of any breed.
  • Top Quality – the line feed that must be used in accordance with the daily activity of the pet. So, there is an offer for active Pets and food for Pets medium level of activity.

All types of feed are manufactured only in Switzerland, but because pet owners can be fully confident that the contents will be absolute to meet demanding national standards. And each batch of food has its own certificate of BiOMill


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The Composition of the feed Biomill

Proper nutrition improves the immune system of an animal, stimulates the work of all organs and processes, prolongs life, helps to overcome complications that appear in dogs with age. Given all this, food for dogs “BiOMill” the composition has the following:

  • Proteins. They provide the body with biciclete that he could be capable of.
  • By-products. The food is enriched with organic liver and heart.
  • Omega fatty acids. Help keep skin and hair healthy pet.
  • Soy beans. It is the richest storehouse of proteins of vegetable origin.
  • Taurine is an amino acid in the fats of animal nature. The lack of this substance causes heart disease and the eye, and also affects the reproductive system.
  • Lean dry meat. Feeds are based on the thoroughly tested varieties of beef, chicken and lamb.
  • Cereals. The added power mostly wheat, corn and BiOMill reviews

Advantages of Biomill feed

Many owners have already appreciated the positive qualities of this food, but because food is “BiOMill» reviews received the most beautiful. First and foremost I want to mention the natural composition of products. The meat is used for food does not contain residues of drugs that have been taken by animals. The manufacturer grows plants, which then become part of the poop ‘BiOMill”. All vegetable ingredients do not contain pesticides.

Before the food gets into the box, he takes control of acidity. Due to the fact that the food provided a neutral environment, the animals reduced the chances of diseases of the genitourinary system.

All kinds of food have a balanced composition of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. The division of types of feed, respectively to the needs of dog breeds gives an opportunity to choose a full daily food BiOMill reviews

Owners who feed their dogs ‘Biemiller”

When a person gets a dog, especially a purebred, he wants it was not only healthy, but also had a perfect view. So often owners opt for such pet food for dogs “BiOMill”. Reviews then he only gets positive.

For Example, the owners who bred dogs of breed Shar-Pei, it is said that this breed is very picky with food. So the dogs are very difficult to find adequate nutrition. They will not eat all that they give, and can even starve. But as soon as the owners move to Biomill, the problem immediately disappears. Pets eating dry food with great pleasure.

Other breeders of animals tell us that this feed has a positive effect on the health of dogs. Especially praise him, those people whose dogs have problems with the digestive tract: because of the stern ‘Bomil” they have adjusted the chair, improved digestion, and even improves coat condition.


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