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The Modern world is inconceivable without electric appliances. They are in every home and every family. The child from the first days way or another is watching their action. At first the baby watches the light bulb, swinging in electropulse, drinking milk from a bottle, warmed in an electric heater, and so on. Growing up, the child begins to be interested and to master the technique that surrounds it. While parents have gently but convincingly to acquaint the child with the safety and features of the devices. In the form of games this is usually easy and painless. To consolidate the knowledge well suited riddles about electrical appliances.

What is a good riddle

Ways to interact with the child quite a lot. It is very important to teach your child to think, to communicate, to reason and to discuss. Puzzles train observation, imagination, increase vocabulary. Children riddles about the appliances are different-in verse or prose, and each about a specific subject. In it, without mentioning the device itself, describes its functions, features. Riddles about electrical appliances encourage your child to think, to begin to compare, analyze their knowledge and previous experience.

riddles about electrical appliances

What you should pay attention

It is Important that the riddles which are asked of the child, was on familiar devices. Better that the kid have already encountered them in action. For example, I saw my mother dry your hair like a vacuum cleaner sucks dust, like dad work drill, and my grandmother includes a kettle. You can find riddles about appliances for preschoolers in special books or manuals. If desired, they can be by involving the child and other relatives. To ask a riddle about the device that is unfamiliar, or about which he knows only by hearsay, not quite right. The baby will be difficult to guess what it was about, he might be upset and not to love this kind of game.


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kids riddles about electrical appliances

If the child does not like riddles

Not all kids love puzzles. Most often this is the fault of parents or other adults ask too difficult questions. Or ask about the subject before explained and shown. A mystery needs to be about familiar things, which the child saw and touched. For example, a riddle about appliances for kids: “Astrocat like machine gun, skirt new made-to-order” - will not cause them difficulties, if the mother often sews on the sewing machine.

To instill in your child a love of puzzles, you should focus on the level of development and vocabulary. Once the baby starts to happen, you need to actively enjoy his success, praise and focus on that. Thus, to simulate the situation of success, and the child will be able to respond positively to the mysteries both at home and in the circle of peers.

riddles about appliances for preschoolers

About the electricity and household changes

First, the kid in the accessible form necessary to talk about all things home, including about electricity. Understanding the properties and behavior of electrical appliances, the child will be able to avoid injuries. He needs to understand that the current threat and the game with rosettes up to no good arguments. Riddles about electrical appliances can help to consolidate knowledge and to form a complete image of the technical object. If your child finds it difficult to articulate what exactly is the function of the device should tell him short poems or riddles about the appliances. For example: “He is the only one in the world, he is very happy to meet dust! Who is he?" (vacuum Cleaner). Well, if the puzzles are imaginative, child-friendly comparison:

“It is right there in the box?

In every house there is such a

Sam all the news will tell

And a movie for us to show you!” (TV)

In this case, the TV is compared to the box. For a modern flat model, this analogy is not suitable, it is also worth paying attention to. Child needs to explain that before the devices were different, for example, the phone had a cord and the big buttons. Baby, you can show old appliances, which are stored at grandmothers. If these models are not fit photos and pictures.

mystery about appliances for kids

When appropriate puzzles?

In addition they develop memory and creative thinking, riddles are good because they can play anywhere. Boring ride, the queue at the store or a walk in the fresh air, perfectly complemented by mysteries. Thus, it will be interesting and useful to spend time with the child.

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