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Watching the disney cartoon about the little Mermaid, every girl would like to make friends with this charming inhabitant of the underwater world, to swim with her at the incredibly beautiful underwater Kingdom and to play with its pretty fun with friends.

doll Ariel

The Fact that the youngest daughter fair and rigorous underwater king Triton is so fond of the girls, did not remain without attention of the company on manufacture of toys Mattel. To the delight of fans of the sea Princess, they have developed and produced a series of kits dedicated to the exciting adventures this brave girl and her faithful friend – a small fish of the Flounder.

Guest from the tales

Doll Ariel quite accurately conveys the image of fun and beautiful underwater Princess. Now every girl age 3 and older can hold during bathing in the bathtub the wonderful atmosphere of the fabulous Atlantic. The head, hands and legs of the doll move thanks to a hinge fixing. If you shoot with her amazing mermaid satin tail, you will see that the doll Ariel has real legs. All as in a fairy tale. No wonder your toy sea Princess will also be able to go ashore to meet Prince charming.

The Novelty and thrills will make the game baby mermaid Ariel. Doll (Disney) has beautiful expressive eyes and detailed facial features. Its exceptionally silky long hair have a red tint, amazing Shine and match the created image of the animated prototype.

doll the little mermaid Ariel

Doll Ariel reviews:

The Happy owners of underwater fairy Princess is very happy with his new fabulous girlfriend. They say that the fin of the mermaid tail could easily at will of the mistress be transformed into a dress and back. And decorated with flowers tail sea beauty glows. And this effect persists even when immersed in water. So doll Ariel swimming in the tub, maybe a lovely sparkle with his magic tail. And in order to enable or disable the lights, you press on a stone pendant on a necklace Ariel.


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The Little mystery of the lady of the waves

Doll Ariel will open you one little secret: breast Princess is a decoration in the form of shells. Is the switch built into the doll sound module that when you click on this the shell will reproduce for you some nice melodies. And girls love to tell about what luxury mermaid's hair a pleasure to comb, braid in braids and give her a variety of hairstyles and fashion styling. And parents should not fear that their child spends a lot of time with Ariel. The disney doll is made of non-toxic and safe high quality materials and therefore, is not threatening children's health.

Ariel doll disney

Negative feedback or little wish

It is Unlikely that this opinion can be called a negative review, but once expressed it, it is worth to mention. The owners of the sea Princess Ariel is very want their doll had more clothes. After turning into the person she needs to dress up accordingly. On the other hand, this fact can be used as an opportunity for moms. Think how great it would be – to sew together with her additional dresses and suits for sea Princess. After all, the little mermaid on land you need to go to balls, and not only. In addition, joint sessions with the child work to unite parents and baby.

Not a Princess, and the Princess

Swimsuit doll is easy to remove because they are secured with Velcro fasteners. So if you pitch the little mermaid new gown, you will easily be able to redress her. Barrette in her hair – another small detail that may flaunt doll Ariel ("Disney"). The little mermaid ordered for your daughter will come to her with his brush, comb, as this thing included.

The height of the Queen of the marine Kingdom – 29 cm batteries required for power are already installed inside the toy. Doll the little mermaid Ariel will be a great gift for any girl. Because now the sea Princess can sleep in an underwater cave, roll on the boats, dress up in ball gowns. Regular bathing becomes for the child in an interesting tale in which he, too, can participate.

mermaid Ariel doll

And if your daughter is partial to friends that found themselves in the depths of the sea the little mermaid Ariel, you can choose the doll, the kit which included the extra characters. For example, grumpy Sebastian – the same crab, strictly watching over Ariel, and of course yellow pinstripes flounder.

Fun swimming with benefits

These toys are very useful for children as they develop the imagination, because the girl has to come up with many different scenes, situations and adventures that fall Princess Ariel. It promotes the development of imagination, figurative thinking and improve fine motor skills of hands. New toy-friend for your baby girl – a true fairy sorceress. Should drop the tail of the doll in the water and squeeze it as get a lovely fountain. Some models of the little mermaid dressed in a beautiful corset, which in water changes its color.

doll Ariel's floating

Separately, you can buy a toy castle for Ariel, who will help the girls to play in the game almost the whole cartoon. The lower floor of the Palace – a secret underwater cave girl-the little mermaid, and the top – of her room, and in the earthly residence of the Prince. With this toy definitely will not be bored.


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