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The Best gift-a gift made with your own hands. Because it is immediately obvious how important you are to the person who took the time and effort to not just walk to the shop and buy and create yourself. Usually such gifts are exchanged between children, they do not yet have personal spending money, so they do as they can. Sheep bead is a perfect gift, or rather an addition to it. Since its size is not very large. Although, on the Eighth of March, St. Valentine's Day, New year's will be just right! You can give just a figurine, but rather to take the form of a keychain. Then you definitely can be sure that the thing will come in handy. For girls sheep may play a role the necklace. Very interesting and unusual accessory.

sheep bead

What is required?

Want to get the sheep out of beads? The scheme, whatever it was, usually requires the same materials, there are only the slightest additions. So, the basic set to create articles:

  • White beads is the main color, take it a little more. Buy quality material, the kind of work this varies considerably. Cheap will have different sizes and have an irregular shape.
  • Two black beads for eyes.
  • Brown seed beads for the legs.
  • Fishing Line or wire
  • Good mood

Beading requires care, so relax and fully immerse yourself in the work. Inspired by the process, you will not notice that as finished. If something does not work do not need to throw - just calm down and try again. You definitely get the lamb from beads, weave pattern clear and accessible to everyone!


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If you have not engaged in this activity, the first thing you should learn some basics. How to make a cross.

  1. Line String on three beads and position them in the center.
  2. Single end thread after another.
  3. And the second, heading towards the first end, pass through the last bead.
  4. Tighten, got the first cross.
  5. Now, on one end, string one bead, and the second - two.
  6. The First end go to the last bead of the other end, moving to meet him.
  7. Turned the second cross, then proceed according to the same scheme before the end of the series (until you finish a row).

Learning to create a simple TIC will be able to perform more complex work.

Miniature animal head

If you are only a beginner needlewoman, then the following scheme will seem rather easy. Need a bead about an inch in diameter. The more experienced can skip immediately to try braiding more difficult. Take the materials and get to work:

sheep bead master class

  1. Five TIC Weave beige. The beginning of a muzzle.
  2. Start doing the sixth, priciples to the first cross. It is a vicious circle.
  3. String on one end two beads, and on the other one.
  4. Form the cross.
  5. One of the ends pass through two vertices of the first row. Two - in order to gradually narrow product.
  6. Take three beads. Weave a cross.
  7. Complete the following line in the top, do the same.
  8. And now again, passing through the top two beads that form a cross. Look at the photo.
  9. Now, turn the product and braid on the other side of the first row, which is free.
  10. Repeat the same as with the first row, passing through only one bead. But note that two crosses should be beige like head, and four subsequent white muzzle.
  11. Print the line of the side beads of the first cross and proplatit another row.
  12. Two opposite beads next to the white color will be the beginning of the ears.
  13. Thread two beads of brown, one on each end of the line.
  14. One edge of the insert in three new beads, and the second pass through them, heading to the second edge.
  15. String on one end of the two beads and repeat the same.
  16. Finish lugs one bead.
  17. Do not cut the Line, it will then connect the head to the trunk.
  18. Proplatit the second ear.

Lamb of beaded half-finished. The head is already there, proceed to the trunk.

Miniature animal:body

The Trunk is because the same principle:

  1. The First row consists of ten crosses, the eleventh coupling.
  2. The Second row is woven through the top of each cross.
  3. And the third is already on the decrease.
  4. Inside lay a large bead and continue the contraction.
  5. When done with the body, in the same manner as the lugs, weave ponytail.
  6. Stitch the parts together.

sheep bead diagram

That's all! Finished sheep bead, master class is passed, it remains now to decide what to do with the product.

A Complex three-dimensional lamb

weaving sheep bead

For those who are already fluent in beading, will be more genuine sheep bead. The weave pattern shown in the photo. Manufactured as per the principle of the canvas:

  1. First propitaetsya the usual row of three crosses in white.
  2. Fourth turn at a right angle. To do this, creating cross thread the fishing line with two beads, heading towards the other edge.
  3. Make another cross, turning at the same angle.
  4. Braid four cross white.
  5. Start the fifth, but the last bead should be black.
  6. Make a fully-black cross, followed by two white.
  7. Weave the last cross legs first to get the first volume.
  8. Continue stitching sheep bead, until you reach the front legs.
  9. Proplatit and it, and then fold.
  10. Proplatit a vertical row in the direction of the eye is a black bead in the photo.
  11. Continue to weave his head and back to the body.

sheep bead weave pattern

In the same way, weave the second part of the body. Sheep bead is almost ready. Make ears with a simple set of beads on fishing line. Weave together the two halves, gradually filling the figure with cotton wool.


Do your friends a gift that will not leave them indifferent. You can go shopping and choose, but made with your own hands will still be better. Spend time on interesting activities. Cute lamb of beads will make you smile!


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