How to sculpt figurines from clay with his own hands. How to make animal figurines from clay


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Figures from clay many remember from childhood, when under the guidance of the parents or the kindergarten teachers tried naughty fingers to create a bun, a bowl for an imaginary dog or a caterpillar. Time is running very fast, kids grow up, the love for the work of the majority gives way to other passions. But not all. Among the very valid and very serious people, there are those who are at leisure, still loves to create figures from clay with his own hands, helping kids or just for fun. This lesson is designed to soothe the nerves and gives you the opportunity to show their creative side.

Types of clay

In Soviet times, neither the kids nor the adults there was little choice. And clay, and many other art materials bought what they had in stock. Now, with the huge selection of different shades, forms and types of this mass is simply dazzled, and sometimes it is not clear what is worth buying and what is not.

The Answer to this question depends on the purpose of purchase. If you need clay for children's creativity at home, in kindergarten or school, it is better to take not too bright (it can be toxic dyes) and not very hard, so it was easy to stretch.

To execute murals and mosaics (they are sometimes also created from this material) will fit the soft option, from which you can make a thin flat elements. Those who create models from clay or doing sculpture, useful for solidifying (this also happens). When working it is soft and pliable, the color scheme is very rich. The finished figures are frozen in the air for hours.


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What you need to stock up for modeling

During the work, especially creative, it is imperative that all needed was at hand. Therefore, in addition to the clay, be sure to stock up on wet wipes to remove residue from hands, special lining Board (something like a work surface). It is possible to roll balls and other figures, cut off pieces. Still need a special knife. It can be both metallic and plastic. Those who are planning to create a small but complex figures from clay (flowers, animals), you may need a toothpick or wire to prorisovany small elements.

figurines from clayWhere better to start the work

Those who decided to start modelling, don't try to create masterpieces. Exercise should be something simple. And it concerns not only children but also adult artists. Before you can sculpt figurines from clay is more difficult, you need to understand how soft, how to work better. So to start, you can sculpt something very simple, such as snake. What could be easier? A piece of green, marsh, or brown clay kneaded, and then rolled him “sausage” on the Board so that one end (the head) turned out thicker, and the second (tail) is thinner. Then form the muzzle (using a knife carefully make a mouth), the eyes — with toothpicks or small black dots. Red clay sculpt language (you can do without it). Further all the body of the reptile with the help of a needle or toothpick is applied to the image, turning it into a snake. If desired, you can roll the tail, then it will be sleeping.

how to sculpt figures out of plasticineThe Gingerbread man

Another easy character to create which will even a small child. It would seem that what is difficult is to roll a ball and stick eyes at him? But if the show imagination, and the hero of a popular children's story can get very unusual. Roll clay ball really is not so difficult (though, ideally he will after long manipulations with both palms). But he still needs eyes (from simple beads to complex designs with eyelashes and other details), smile (red clay) and legs with handles. The latter typically use a solid base in the form of wire. And have it attached to the clay, shaping the hands and feet with shoes. The result is not ‘ball of eyes”, it is a separate spectacular fairy-tale character.

How to sculpt animal figures from clay

figurines from clay with his own handsTrained on bunnies and snakes, you can proceed to more difficult heroes. For example, it is quite suitable to the fabulous (and not) animals. For starters, you can make a hedgehog (it's the same ball, but with a long muzzle). A piece of black plasticine knead well and form from it the likeness of a bun. From another fragment (the smaller one) is doing the face, and then gently connect them, carefully concealing the fingertips to the surface to be seen. Remains to make eyes, nose and needles. They can be made from toothpicks, wire, and even sunflower seeds. When creating figurines from clay, the main thing — it's diligence and ability to fantasize. Because the details of the composition sometimes doing literally improvised. And it turns out quite effectively.

More complex sculptures

Learning to handle easy tasks, you can begin to create serious songs. For example, to sculpt from clay the whole farm. There will be sheep, and a cow and a horse. And all this — figurines of clay. The scheme of their creation is about the same. Apart form the body, legs, head and weld them together. At this stage it is important to make points of contact with minimal visual impact. This is achieved by hard smearing with a small amount of material. And finally leave the small details: the ears, horns (if any), tail.

animal figures from plasticineSo that the horse went more fun, the mane is made from clay of a different color. Mixing several shades to achieve as close as possible to natural. We proceed similarly with a cow, cleave to her sides a few spots or forming on my forehead “star”.

Wild animals

figurines from clay schema

They usually work a little worse than the home. Perhaps this is due to the fact that not every person is clearly looks like a deer, squirrel, Fox, wolf or boar. Because the eye they get, not every day. So, before how to sculpt from clay the figure of a Fox, wolf or bear does not hurt to at least look at these animals in the picture.

As for the method of their creation, she is no different from that described above. Similarly, the separately molded body, head, tail, and legs, connect them and make the silhouette very smooth. So the animals held tight on the legs, they can be strengthened using matches, toothpicks or wire. And even better to use a curing clay. Then, after a couple of hours, they will not differ from clay sculptures. Except that they do not need to decorate.

how to sculpt from clay figurinesMade from clay

In Addition to sculptures of animals, people and various objects made of this material can be made and other Souvenirs. For example, frames for photos (only of the solidifying material), or different panels. In the latter case, the material should be used only very soft. Panels or mosaics you can create on the same principle as figures from clay, but doing them by forming on the plane. As a basis use cardboard or sheet plastic (PVC). That the design does not bend under the weight of the dough, it is rolled out thinly, formed separately each element (leaf, petal, stem, stamen) and attached to the background. The thus obtained panels make the frame and covered by glass.


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