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The penny as the smallest monetary unit was in Vogue long before the arrival of Peter the Great. Nevertheless, it has become a real symbol of the Petrine era.

Silver “scale” and coins pre-Petrine time

1 kopeck of Peter 1

1 kopeck of Peter 1 have become part of everyday life as a bargaining chip by the middle of the 18th century. His appearance in a monetary system it is obliged to Elena Glinskaya. The widespread practice of circumcision of silver coins has seriously undermined the economy of the state. They are often cut to half of its original weight, which caused difficulties in the calculations and, as a consequence, the discontent of the people.

In 1535, the mother of Ivan the terrible issued a decree by which all the old coins were withdrawn from circulation and replaced with new having a clearly defined weight, denomination and widespread. In fact, it was the first national money system.

The Weight of a silver penny of Elena Glinskaya was equal to 0.68 grams. A coin of smaller denomination was the money (with a weight of 0.34 g). In the course also were the pillows, the weight of which was taken from half of the coin or quarter penny. The smallest unit of currency until the early 18th century was copper pulo.

The Coins in the pre-Petrine era were minted in silver wire scraps. Their appearance resembled a cross between watermelon seeds and fish scales. In numismatics for them and secure the term "scales” or “scale”.

1 kopeck of Peter 1: new money system

To the beginning of the reign of Peter the great in the monetary system of the state has matured a serious crisis. In the course still had the old "scales", but their weight decreased by almost three times. They resemble more the watermelon seed than a full coin, and the king contemptuously called them “cooties”.


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Peter 1 Coin (1 penny) was the usual form of a flat disk. To replace silver coins, copper king approached cautiously, fearing discontent among the people. In 1700 was minted copper penny and money, and only in 1704 appeared the classic 1 kopeck of Peter 1 – copper coin, which was equal to 1/100 of a silver ruble.

As in the pre-reform era, it was a horseman with a spear on the back was placed the inscription. Until 1718 new copper pennies and old silver existed in parallel, while the second finally was replaced.

coin 1 Peter 1 penny

Numismatic value

Today, 1 kopeck of Peter 1 collector's rarity. Particularly appreciated the earliest copper coins of 1704. The cost comes to 25 thousand rubles. Coins 1705, and later evaluated are much more modest. However, they also are of great interest to numismatists and lovers of antiquity.

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