Potholders for the kitchen: a pattern. How to sew a potholder


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The Kitchen – that's a real woman's Kingdom. Each woman wants to make her cozy and comfortable. All things in the kitchen have their functions, but I want to see they are still pleasing to the eye. Potholders – required accessories, they help to protect hands from hot pots.

When there was an oven MITT

Invented Them, when the opportunity to cook hot food in the bowl. Protective oven mitts were made of grass or pieces of animal skins. When the fabric, the manufacturing process became easier, and Housewives all over the world began to make pretty and practical potholders to protect hands. The interior is cozy cuisine is hard to imagine without this useful and decorative accessory.

how to sew a potholder

The Heyday of the techniques of patchwork has led to the creation of these masterpieces is hand stitches and the blocks can be viewed for hours. In the 1920-ies potholders were made of lace, and they were just decorating the kitchen. Then came the fashion for such motives, like cars, animals, fruits and flowers. You can later sew the whole kitchen ensembles in the same style. In 1950-e years came a real boom when magazines began to print interesting patterns and pictures of the pot holders. They became fashionable to collect and give to friends and family.

To Buy or to sew?

Today buy beautiful potholders for the kitchen is not so easy- in the or of questionable quality, or inadequate price. There is a solution: create a DIY potholders for the kitchen. Patterns can be drawn. Here the scope for creativity is limitless.

Potholders for the kitchen come in different types and sizes. The choice of design and materials you can devote a lot of time. Great idea – stitch multiple sets of different oven mitts and periodically change them. So your kitchen will get individuality.


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Single potholder will come in handy for the kettle, lid on pans or small pans. Double - suitable for pot or pan. Pulling hot pans from the oven (saucepan, pot), it will be convenient to use two separate mitts. If they are sufficiently long and almost reach the elbow, it will provide additional protection. If the handles of your cookware virtually no heat, it is possible not to be zealous with the thickness of the protective layer of the potholder. And if not, will have to sew products that will reliably protect your hands from hot pots and pans.

How to sew a potholder for the kitchen to be functional and beautiful? Will help you our advice.how to sew a potholder for kitchen

Getting started

If you are thinking about how to sew a potholder, flip through magazines, view workshops. Slowly, select the appropriate model, evaluating its level of complexity. If you feel insecure, try to make simple potholders for the kitchen. The pattern is simple in this case. You can cut out several sets in different colors. “Surplus” can be a wonderful gift to friends. You can rest assured they will appreciate your creativity and will to ask about how to sew a potholder by yourself. After all, it is a real decoration for the kitchen!


Select the material-based. For external parts will fit thick fabric with beautiful pattern. Natural materials - cotton or linen - and well suited to high temperature. You can combine fabrics of different color, but it is desirable that they were of equal thickness.

The Main role of potholders – to protect your hands from hot dishes. Therefore, the product should be dense insulating layer. With this function perfectly cope with materials such as thick overcoat fabric, batting, a synthetic winterizer. Before start sewing, test the insulation properties of the material. Maybe one layer is not enough.

Suitable For edging purchased bias binding, are available in dozens of shades. If the store does not suit you, you can make and bake yourself. Don't forget that you need to cut it on the bias and width of the strip should be carefully calculated.pot holders for kitchen photo


More practical if your product will have a two-way motive. This will allow not to reflect on which side to hang the potholder that it looked impressive.

You Have the option to choose the individual size of the product. Too small, as well as a large potholder or MITT will bring a lot of inconvenience. Therefore, if you decide to sew potholders for kitchen, patterns must be carefully calibrated in size. Consider allowances for tailoring the density of the material.

Secrets of sewing pot holders

Kitchen – place a fire hazard, so it is important that the tack not snap at an inopportune moment. Make sure the seams are made durable, threads do not stick out.

The clothing we used to turn out the product on the front side after the connection details. In the case of tack this can be unnecessary especially if you work with a drape. Besides, the size will be easier to guess. Rectangular potholder will look great if the seams on the outside, but done neatly. Special glamor attached to the outer seam processing thread floss.

If you are just learning to sew potholders for kitchen, patterns should be simple. Square, rectangle, heart, ideal for the first works. But not cut it out by eye. Cut the templates from ordinary cardboard, and the parts oven gloves will be smooth. Products will look stylish, if you pick up the fabric from the original pattern.

Tack usually consists of three layers: two external and one internal, which is used for insulation from hot surfaces. Stitching the product is quite simple, if it is made from a single piece of fabric. With MITT is a bit more complicated. Each half consists of an outer insulating layers and inner layers. Before you sew the halves, you need to connect the layers of each part cut. It would be better if you have them quilted

pot holders for kitchen patterns

If you sew two pairs of mittens, carefully follow the symmetry of the layers, especially if you combine several fabrics for the front side. This work is more laborious, but MITT is very convenient to use.

The Subtleties of decor

The Selection pattern. If fabric has a large pattern, when cutting out the parts you need to place it nicely. If you have two oven mitts or gloves, follow the symmetric arrangement of the elements of the picture.

how to sew a potholder for kitchen

If you feel confident when sewing oven mitts and I want them as additional decorations, there are many ways and materials for decoration. Braid, lace, beads – complete creative freedom. But ensure that the decorative elements do not interfere with the MITT to accomplish its direct role. And it's important to sew the decorations firmly, because it would be a shame if they fall in the soup. Experiments can touch and shape of pot holders: fruit, vegetables, animals look very cute. If you are strong in the art of patchwork, you can create a masterpiece in miniature.

pot holders for kitchen patterns

It would Be great if all the accessories in your kitchen will look harmonious: tablecloth, apron, pot holders in the same style. If you saw the fabric from which it is impossible to look away, purchase it in sufficient quantity: you may want the whole kitchen to fill with lovely things handmade.

Potholders for the kitchen crochet

These products can not only sew, but also knit. If you take a thick yarn, you additional sealer may not be necessary.

To bind potholders kitchen crochet, take a little time and the remnants of yarn. If you are a beginner knitter, potholders – this is a great way to practice. Models can be simple or complex, but they are all worthy of admiration. In the figure below, for example, shows the product, which is used to create a few simple techniques and types of yarn.

beautiful potholders kitchen

And here is another simple model potholders for the kitchen. Photo shows a delicious “orange”, isn't it?

pot holders kitchen crochet

During the knitting of mitts you can use the same scheme, but to combine different yarn. Here your imagination has no limits. Such a product – perfect gift for any occasion.

Workshop: potholder butterfly

If you start to sew potholders for the kitchen, the master class can afford to do it right, step by step. Especially useful are instructions, if the model is complex.

Butterflies & ndash; a favorite with many design for potholders. This is not surprising: she looks just gorgeous and will delight anyone who sees it in your kitchen.

pot holders for kitchen master class

In addition, “butterfly” is very practical to use. Sophisticated cut allows you to conveniently take cover and handles of the pans.

pot holders for kitchen patterns


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