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The Camera is now not a means of luxury, not a privilege of masters. Moreover, at the moment, photography is strictly divided into pictures, and photos. But there are still people who aspire to the great. Each of these people asks one question: "What camera to buy for the photographer?" One of the famous photographers said a very interesting phrase: "the most Important item is a good shot for the camera." Of course, he was referring to the photographer. Many novice photographers "lower" cameras for $ 80, 100, 200 and so on. 
what DSLR camera best buy

There is a biased opinion that the question of what camera to buy for the photographer, is dominated by money, and it is high-quality and expensive equipment. But it is necessary to remove from the eyes of pink filters. The key to any quality photograph becomes not a machine, and people. In life there are a thousand proofs of this statement. Enough to take any average owner of a professional camera for 2,000 - 4,000 dollars. So, 90 % of people never transferred the shooting mode your camera on automatic and video. And imagine what wonders he could do such a camera in the hands of a master.

It's Expensive does not mean good.

Many buyers in the shops in response to the question about what camera to buy for the photographer, sell pricey pros or polypropy with a 20-megapixel matrix and 12500 ISO. The buyer doesn't know that the larger the physical size of the sensor, the more noise she makes and the more disgusting images are obtained. There was a case when the buyer asked the consultant a question about what camera to buy for the photographer, and consultant suggested he model for $ 2,500. Models and videos, and the matrix 21 megapixels, etc., etc. At the same time, the buyer asked a simple model for $ 800 and began to make a series of pictures with both cameras with a sensitivity of 400 ISO. And in the end it turned out that a cheap camera in 2 times exceeded expensive. And that's a fact. This phenomenon occurs very often.


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How to buy a camera for the photographer

What to look For?

But this does not mean that when deciding what is best to buy a camera, it is necessary to take the backward model. Just stands to all be approached with the mind, to know what to look for. If the buyer has limited budget, you should look at models with good native lens. As many of you know, for many years there is a war Nikon and Canon. And if you ask the question: "What camera to buy for the photographer?" then everyone will call their brand. But through years of experiments it was derived that the highest quality optics, entry-level, in particular the one that comes with the camera, Nikon is a privilege, that is, if you have limited resources or are not planning to buy interchangeable lenses, Nikon to help you. But not in marks case. If you ask an expert, what is SLR camera best buy, it will not give you specific brands on the fly. He will ask what you acquire the apparatus, in what circumstances and on what settings will be removed and, on this basis, give advice.

what is better to buy a camera

To Buy the cheap but high-quality camera it is possible and even necessary, but you should remember some things.

1. You need to pay attention to the minimum ISO value, the best is the value less than 100, the high threshold is 200.

2. It is necessary to pay attention to the optics and to choose the units marked VR, this will reduce the percentage of blurred shots by about half.

3. The pixel density on the sensor. The more real pixel size and the larger the area of the matrix surface, the better picture can be obtained even at 6 megapixels.

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