Universal beauty, or How to make flower ribbon: a detailed master-class


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Needlework - a fascinating female occupation. The human hand can create a huge number of not only beautiful but also useful things. This time we'll talk about ribbons. They are associated with almost all the important moments of human life, starting from birth. Colors of thin ribbon will not fade and will delight the eye for a long time. In addition, they will complement any fashionable look.

master class flowers out of ribbon

Rose - universal beauty

This flower – the classic version of strip jewelry. It is easy to accentuate the femininity and delicacy of nature mistress. Before you begin learning how to make flower ribbon, let's learn about the options for its use. Roses can be used as a brooch, but if a lot of them, then they can be decorated with a scrunchie or headband. Do you have a favorite, but the old jumper? Breathe new life into it – embroidered roses. So, we present to your attention a detailed master class “Flowers ribbon”.

And more!

For the manufacture of brooches with a pleated rose you will need:

  • how to make flower ribbon17 cm white thin satin ribbon;
  • 7 cm pink satin ribbon;
  • 9 cm organza ribbon with a width of 13 mm;
  • Sharp needle and thread to match.


  1. Fold the white ribbon in the middle at right angles. Be sure to press the crease with your finger.
  2. Wrap the lower end of the tape up at an angle of 90 degrees. The fold should be on the edge. Don't forget to press it.
  3. Again, wrap the bottom half up to the crease is exactly on the edge of the tape. Press it again.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 seven times, to the number of inversions of the tape has reached 14.
  5. Holding the ends, release the folds and you will get a “tail” from the ribbon.
  6. Hold one end, pull a second, pulling the folds to itself.
  7. Thus, from the long braid you will receive a rose.
  8. Pre-prepared noose tighten the ends at the base of the rose. Tie another knot invisible.
  9. Cut off the extra long ends of the ribbon and thread, get a rose from thin ribbon. Isn't it beautiful?
  10. How to make flower from ribbons, we found out. Proceed to the production of its Foundation. Take a wide organza ribbon and probarte it with small stitches.
  11. Tighten the thread and connect the ends together, secure them with a few stitches.
  12. colors of thin ribbonPink ribbon, create loops – it will leaves of the flower. Sew them to the center of the base.
  13. Take pre-made rosettes and sew it on top of the leaves.
  14. Secure and cut the thread. If you figured out how to make a flower from ribbon according to the above steps, now you have to hold in your hands a beautiful pleated rosette!

Historical information

The Decoration of the garment ribbons — one of the most ancient and special art forms. How to make flower ribbon known since the XIX century, which became the real peak of development of this type of needlework. Of the ribbons made a huge number of flowers and bows. They were used as fashion accessories and for decorating furniture. Lady loved to embroider flowers handmade their dresses, hats, needle cases, handkerchiefs. Ladies knew how to make a flower ribbon is beautiful and eye-catching. And now you know! In the modern fashion these flowers are attached to a jumper, a jacket, and sometimes embroider their jeans. Try, experiment and you will succeed!

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