Beret paratrooper: pattern, photo. Military beret paratrooper with his hands


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One of the distinguishing features of different types of troops is a form. It consists of many parts, but there is one that is the subject of the greatest pride. Of course, we are talking about the headdress. For example, beret paratrooper (photo below) not only covers the head from wind and sun, but is his constant companion.beret paratrooper pattern

The sale takes in our time is not considered to be any significant problem, but a particular style is recognized the independent tailoring of this headgear. Pattern beret paratrooper is not something particularly complicated. So if you've ever held a needle, and the sewing of this product will not cause difficulties.

How to sew a beret

Beret paratrooper, a photo of which you will find in this article, is a product with a soft shape. To craft it you will need a special sewing machine or any special pads.

Because the pattern beret paratrooper is nothing complicated, then build it very quickly. The most important in the entire process — taking measurements. Then you need to be extremely careful, because if you make a mistake at this stage, all further work will be wasted.

To check the quality of the built patterns, once again make sure in own forces and not to ruin the expensive fabric, it's best to run “test” sample of cheap fabric. So you will be able to eliminate all the possible flaws and to consider their mistakes when sewing “main” models.pattern beret paratrooper

Choose a fabric

Quality beret paratrooper, a pattern which we will discuss a bit below, would greatly depend on what fabric it will be sewn.

For a summer option to stay on the felt or heavy cotton. If you want to get the model warm, quite suitable overcoat fabric, thick cashmere, or thick fleece.

Well, if you want to sew takes not for this war, and, for example, for children's matinee, the fabric can be any. Importantly, the product is like the original in style and color.

Take measurements

To pattern military beret paratrooper was correct and beautiful, you need to correctly make measurements, but rather, just one. You need to determine the size of the head. For this the measuring tape should be placed in widest point of the skull. She must pass through the protruding point of the head and grab the frontal tubercles. The number obtained in the measurement result, the size of the headdress. For example, if you measured 58 cm, you will need to sew the headpiece 58.beret paratrooper photo


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Attention! At the time of measurement is very important not to pull the measuring tape too much. Otherwise pattern beret paratrooper is wrong, and the finished product – a little. At the same time not necessary and too “laxative” the measuring tape. In this case, the headdress is too big and will sit ugly.

Pattern beret without visor

Pattern beret paratrooper is so simple that to describe it in details no need. Although the pattern presented in this article demonstrate, like, female model, men's military beret from them is no different.

This model is good because that immediately gets “correct” form. Changing the diameter of the bottom and side it's easy to change the level of “blockage” and achieve the desired result.

Classic beret paratrooper has a full-cut bottom. But if you are not essential or there are problems with the cloth, the bottom can be cut out of two or four pieces. Importantly, the result is a circle.pattern military beret paratrooper

The Processed region

Regardless if you take padded or not, to make the product look nice and neat, you need to carefully treat all the seams and edges. Of course, this is best done with serger. But if this unit is you don't have, your regular machine with the function "zigzag". Well, in a pinch, you can neaten the edges by hand.

In addition, for the seams, you can use piping. It can “packaging” all the seams, and takes will be to serve your master for much longer.pattern military beret paratrooper

Sewing Technology

Sew a beret paratrooper with his own hands is not difficult. Make it can even a beginner seamstress. But the nuances here still is:

  • When cutting the material don't forget to leave at least 8 mm of the allowances. If you decide to sew takes synthetic “bulk” of the fabric, place the seam allowance of at least 1.5 cm
  • If you decide to sew a real beret paratrooper, kaspen (dimensional strip adjacent to the forehead) can be made from a dense but flexible fabric. For example, you can take a black leather or thick faux leather. If the fabric still stretches too, for added strength you can glue it with a thin interlining.
  • To work with kasperom easier and takes better lay on the head, to cut dimensional strip best on the bias.
  • Because typically the military takes runs lined the bottom and sides of the headdress you want to duplicate on thin tissue. This can be a common backing material or a thin knit.
  • Try to find details beret “one piece". Remember: many joints can significantly change the size of the finished product.
  • If a side consists of multiple parts, they must be pre-collect in a circle. After that, you must defer all seams beautiful decorative stitching. Do not forget all the time to check the volume of the lower part with dimensional stripes, the upper size of the diameter of the bottom.
  • Side connect with crown face to face and then turn. And do the same thing with the lining. In the weld joints of bottom and lining, you must not leave zastrochennye “window”. Only 10–12 cm.
  • Now the seam connection caspana with a side connecting face to face with lining and prostrachivajut. Using left “window” takes necessary to turn out, and a hole to patch manually or zastrochit.

beret paratrooper with his own handsIn principle, if the sewing beret with lining seems incredibly difficult, then this thought can refuse. Headdress of the commando itself is made of the dense fabric. Most often it is not “pours” and “rough”. So neatly processed seams, picks can also be worn without pads. This is especially true in the hot season. But if you want to learn how to sew a classic version of "in store”, you have to practice a little. In fact, nothing complicated about it. Worth a try and you will succeed!


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