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Our world is full of different types of yarn, and sometimes it is that, coming into the store, I don't know what to choose. For example, its popularity is gaining yarn "Softy", which has a very interesting texture and no less interesting for buyers the price.


First, let's a closer look at this yarn. It is based on a common thread that on the one hand has a distinctive fuzz, reminiscent of the lace fringe on the edge.yarn softi

Despite the unusual "structure" of yarn, it almost does not fray, which often happens with other similar materials. Of course, if you put in enough effort to pull the piece sticking down, it will be in your hands, but you need to try very well.

In addition, knitting yarn "Softy" gives one an aesthetic pleasure, as the gaps between loops are practically invisible. The canvas is smooth and tight, without any holes.

Features: yarn "Softy"

Of Course, there are special nuances to consider when working with this boucle yarn. We list them sequentially, considering carefully each situation to make the information understandable and accessible to all:knitting yarn softi

  • Schema and hook. As yarn "Softy" is clearly a dense structure, should opt for the major schemes and their respective hooks. Because work on tiny little details of the work will be simply impossible. In addition, you will not only save your efforts but also save huge amount of time.
  • Markers. In working with this yarn you just can not do without them, because loops work subtle. And if you use bright markers-vspomogatelny, you will be immediately noticeable, where a number starts and where it ends.
  • Provide a bright work space. Sit near a bright light source, a floor lamp or table lamp, directing the light precisely on the canvas you are working on. So loop will be easier to distinguish, and the eyes don't have to strain very much.
  • Don't forget to constantly consider when knitting, whether it loops, series or other elements of the creative process. This will provide you with the accuracy of compliance schemes and work. If you find it difficult to count orally and you are constantly slipping, you should make marks on paper. Then the probability that you will lose will be much less.

Diversity in the markets

If we talk about shades, which has yarn “Softi baby”, their number is really big. The diversity does not end with rainbow colors and several shades. No, the choice is much bigger and includes a variety of cream, red, pink, brown, green, grey, yellow, blue and purple shades.yarn softi baby


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In addition, manufacturers are happy to delight customers with yarn sectional dyeing gradient. Knitted products look much more interesting because of the passing from color to color thread.


Do you Have yarn "Softy" that bind? Really tough question for all the knitters, as always want to the product turned out not only beautiful, but practical and necessary. Therefore, we will offer you some ideas from which you can choose one or several based on your desire, you have free time and the amount of yarn.

In any case, the knitting yarn “Softi alizée” will bring you real pleasure, because it's so soft and pleasant to the touch.

Special characters

Knitting a (child hood) will be the hook, so we need some special notations that facilitate the description of the process. Of course, if you are already a fairly experienced seamstress, which has behind him long years of training and working with symbols, you can skip this Chapter and immediately start knitting.

But if you knit recently, or is this actually your first knitted product, do not be lazy and read the following shortcuts:

  • KA - ring amigurumi. It is considered a cornerstone of any knitting, be it a toy or a hat. Its manufacturing process is simple, if you carefully practice in advance.
  • CLOS - column with nakida. This item ranked second in importance in our product. We chose it here just because of the fact that the loops are large, and therefore, the work fit faster, and thanks to the yarn the fabric is homogeneous and smooth.
  • PB - raise. It is also often used when knitting, but the reduction is sometimes replaced by the whole word, to facilitate the process of information perception. After all, if you look at the normal job description without details rather like a programming language than what is really is.

Practical solutions

Your choice will stop on the child's headdress - cap, which will be combined and ordinary, and a yarn "Softy". All the job description we will divide into several parts to make it easier to understand the process.knitting yarn Alize softy

A Hat made of yarn "Softy" is supposed to be very soft and elastic, so that even the youngest fashionistas will feel comfortable in it.

  1. Start the process with the creation of the rings amigurumi is the main element that starts the product. When it is ready, do three air loops for lifting and are finished in the middle of the 7 columns with nakida (SSN).
  2. Combine the number in the ring again connecting loop.
  3. Next are finished 4-11 number of columns with nakida, and then proceed to the creation of increases.
  4. In the 12th row start to do the increases every 3rd column with nakida (SSN), and 13-th lines are finished unchanged.
  5. In the 14th row are already doing the addition to the number of stitches every 4th column with nakida (SSN), 15-th row remains unchanged.crochet from yarn softi
  6. In the 16th row increase every 5th column with nakida (SSN), as a result we have 14 loops, which are finished in the next 17-th row.
  7. In the 18th row of loops added every 6th column with nakida (SSN), and again are finished the number without all.
  8. Thus the loops are finished to 41 series, in which we already have 45 columns with nakida (SSN).
  9. At this stage the main part of the children's cap is ready, it remains only to tie the edge of several rows of columns without nakida (SC) so he could turn up.

So, crochet hat yarn "Softy" is almost ready.

Funny pussy

It would be some kind of headpiece to look like a fluffy POM-POM? That is why we create it on the special clips that the ball is smooth and tight around the perimeter.yarn softi to link

The size of the pompom doesn't matter much, since in any case it will look great. In our case, stop your choice on a large version, which will be an original contrast with the small size of the cap.

  1. Create the POM-POM on a special "machine", and then attached it to the top with left strands of yarn.
  2. Decorate cap optional: you can sew the ribbon or lace around the edge, decorate cloth with beads or buttons, wear a brooch or leave the hat without accessories.

That finished a wonderful product - the cap, made of yarn "Softy" cute product that is perfect for any photo shoot or autumn walks.

Most importantly, the texture of the yarn meets all the requirements: it is not pricked, holds its shape and retains heat. But most importantly for owners of little heads!

Endless list

Of Course, one knit cap ends a list of all the things that can be linked from the yarn "Softy". Here and wonderful scarves, and cute toy-animals, warm blankets, and fluffy mittens, and bright cardigans with different faces and applications.hat from yarn softi

For Example, blankets of this boucle yarn just knits, but have a very warm and soft. Again, it's just the thing for young children who are particularly sensitive to all materials. And if they decorate the patch pockets in the shape of little bears and foxes, this quilt became a work of art.

This material is also suitable for making mittens and mittens for kids. And to be honest, for yarn "Softy" fit absolutely any tasks that it can easily cope.


After we have done a good job with yarn, bound with a wonderful cap, you can leave your opinion about it.

This is a very nice material to work with which brings a real pleasure. Yarn will not Ravel when knitting and ready-made turns into a cast surface, from which it is definitely not to pull any "fluff". And if you then look at the finished material, you are unlikely to want to change your choice of yarn when knitting.

Surprisingly, despite the unusual texture of the yarn, it is possible to make everything from blankets and bedspreads and ending creative...

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