How to decorate champagne with your own hands?


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Today it is customary to decorate the gifts. No surprise decorated with champagne on the wedding. But bottles can be decorated for any holiday. For example, New year or birthday. We can even arrange the bottle in a manner appropriate to the person's profession. Ideas how to decorate champagne, search below.


how to decorate champagne with your own hands

Decorate champagne is the easiest way to wipes. Them becoming a good hostess for any holiday. On napkins is not worth saving, you should purchase a thick, three-layer. For decoupage you will need the glue. You can buy a special, and you can use ordinary PVA glue.

Grease glue bottle, divide the napkin into layers and glued the first of them on the glass. You can use a whole box, or break it into pieces. Small parts to give the background of the bottle is much more convenient. When the first layer is ready, grease it liberally with glue and allowed to dry. The second layer of the napkin-covered bottle in the same way. But from the third layer, it is usually decorated with a picture, cut out the desired fragment. It can be bells, snowflakes or Santa Claus. When the second coat has dried, glue the picture in the center of the bottle. Paint you can finish fine details or make a point. As a topcoat use a varnish for decoupage.


how to decorate champagne with your own hands

Decorate champagne on New year's own hands is very simple. Need a beautiful ribbon, tinsel and a hot gun. A bottle of champagne, wipe with alcohol or Cologne to degrease it. Now a hot gun you have to draw on the bottle a long spiral. If you do infrequently, it is not necessary to decorate the whole bottle at once, decorate it for parts. Hot silicone hardens quickly, so no need skill to decorate the whole bottle at once will not work.


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To steal pasted tinsel. Ribbon can be attached to the bottle in two ways. The first will be similar to the adhesion of tinsel. Draw a spiral and attached to her belt. The second method requires working with a sewing machine. The tape should be cut into 5 parts. In each of them to vacate gum. And then put the resulting “skirts” on the bottle.

Bottle, decorated with candy

how to decorate champagne with your own hands

Decorate champagne this way is not difficult, even a child. Only need pounds of candy and a glue gun. Sweets need to choose a round shape - so the bottle will look more interesting. Heat the gun and draw them at the base of the circle. To it carefully glue the candy for the “tail” of the wrapper. Thus completing the whole series. Go higher and higher, until you reach the neck. Here you will need to tie a beautiful bow and to be sure fix it with silicone.

Wedding champagne

how to decorate champagne with your own hands

Want to decorate the bottle to the solemn day, but you don't like the idea trivial outfits in black and white style? You can make costumes out tapes. And the dress will be pink, and the jacket of the groom - executed pink and grey variant. How to decorate champagne with their hands in this way? Let's start with the bridesmaid dresses. For its production will need slim strips. Take one, bend it into a ring around the bottle a bit and pull the tails down. In this position fix. Similar do loops to the bottom. When the edges remain of 7 cm, stop working. Take a wide ribbon and use glue gun to fix it. Moreover, it is desirable to wring so that the free edge formed beautiful waves. Left to decorate the dress with beads.

The groom's Suit is similar. Glue loops of ribbon across the bottle, and the bottom 8-10 cm just paste tape in a circle. You can lay in the Foundation the form of a spiral. The costume should also be decorated with beads.

Christmas decor bottles

decorate champagne on new year's own hands

To decorate champagne so he will need to remove the label. This can be done by placing the bottle in warm water, and then wipe the place where it was glued on paper with alcohol. Decorate a bottle of champagne on New year just. You will need a special acrylic glass. In the event such the farm is not available, suitable and conventional gouache. Her prior work will need to mix with glue.

How to decorate a bottle? Choose any pattern, for example the face of a snowman, and begin to create. Paint over the top of the bottle in red and the bottom white. At the junction of the two colors portray a knitted elastic band. It remains to complement the bottle funny face. You can draw anything, for example the Christmas scenery, deer, etc.

Champagne "Santa Claus"

how to decorate champagne on new year

This method can be used not only to decorate the bottle with an adult alcoholic beverage, but baby soda. How to decorate champagne for the New year? You can draw on it funny face Santa Claus. First, white paint intended place, where it will be edge caps, beard and mustache. The face is painted skin color. And the entire bottle give a red tint. It remains to work out the details of the face. Draw the nose, eyes and outline mouth and ears. Light blue waves add liveliness beard and mustache.

Champagne anniversary

how to decorate champagne on new

If you don't know what to give to friends for the holiday, give them a bottle of something alcoholic, and better than one. How to decorate champagne on their wedding anniversary? You need to take two bottles and primed them white. Leave only the foil, and that it is better to change gold to silver. Now of the ribbons to fold roses. If you can't do flowers, they can be purchased in any store for needlework. For every bottle do half of a horseshoe of flowers. It will be enough to glue the three large roses at the bottom and two on top Bud. For splendor you should add green. It can be made of tape or make from felt. Glue everything with hot gun. Now we just need to tie the two bottles together by the neck and stick on the bow of beads or rhinestones.

Decorate a bottle for the holiday

decorate a champagne bottle for new year

Don't know what to give a girl on her birthday? Give her flowers and champagne. But you need to present the gift nicely. And if the bouquet will be designed in a store, then engaged in the decoration of alcoholic beverage independently. How to decorate a bottle of champagne? This will require tape. In this embodiment, the bottle is decorated with monochrome, and you can make the decor more vibrant and catchy. Ribbon wrap the bottle and fix her glue gun. The front of the champagne decorate with flowers. They can be both purchased and homemade. The main thing is to follow the composition. The bottom color should be a lot of up their number gradually decreases. The tube is also in need of decoration. It can be decorated in small flowers and make a ribbon skirt.

Santa Claus

how to decorate a bottle of champagne

How to decorate champagne for the New year? You should dress up bottles in the costumes of father Frost and snow Maiden. Let's start with making new year's magician outfit. Belt loops decorate the bottle. Fasten them to the glass using glue gun. To the base of the bottle is pasted a white piece of fleece with a width of 5-7 cm From another white piece, cut a rectangle. They decorate the front part of the future Santa Claus. On the edge of the rectangle, glue a silver braid. And the center fix plastic snowflakes. The third rectangle will serve as a collar. Using glue gun glue it to the neck of the bottle. The perimeter of the collar machined silver braid. As belt use red tape. Of a small piece of fleece you can make Santa Claus hat.

Now we need to create a suit of snow maiden. Cardboard make a cone. Glue it to the bottle. And decorate with belt loops, a cardboard blank. The bottom coat glue a piece of blue cloth. It is advisable to silver pattern. Now you need to complete the formation of the coat. Thick silver tape glued on the junction of the coats and skirt. The same braid partial outerwear snow Maiden in two. On each of them glue on the snowflake. Left the bottle to make the headdress. From cardboard cut out a semicircular piece. Two sides of the paste off with a cloth. Of the white threads weave the two braids and fix them with blue ribbons. Glue the braids to the headdress and put up a hat on the bottle.

Champagne chef

decorate champagne

If your friend loves to cook or working in a restaurant, he'll love such a gift. Decorate the bottle we will be ribbons. Close white the top half of champagne without taking into account the neck. Have tape or hinges or pulls them horizontally. Go to the decoration of the lower part. Here tape black need to stick vertically. You can create a clear boundary between white and black, and you can make it smooth. Decorate a shirt...

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