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Today, Beading has become a very popular hobby. This is because of the colorful beads can make a huge amount of decorations to decorate the room and also different jewelry. Having mastered the basic techniques of creating baubles, try beaded flowers. Surprisingly, your hands will come to life with bright tulips, lilies, exciting and humble daisies. Today we will see how to make delicate rose bead.

beading flowers


To run the hack, you should prepare 30 grams of beads for Bud (pink, red, yellow or white) and the same green. Will also need a wire for the stem and leaves, embroidery floss (green) and PVA glue. Begin beading.


Rose Flowers beaded – this is not such a difficult task as it might seem at first glance. The fact that the Queen of the garden consists of 5 large and 5 small petals and 5 leaves. All the details of the scheme are weaved separately for a very simple technique.

beading schema flowers

Beaded flowers

1. Let's start with making the petals of a flower. For this we use the technique of “parallel netting”. For a wire length of 60 cm is necessary to string the first three beads. Then pass both ends of the rod through the outermost on the opposite side. Thus, you should have two rows: the lower consists of 1 parts the following – of the two.

2. Now all you need to be on different sides of the structure. Strung on each of them the next two beads and again pass them through all the elements. This will be the third row consisting of 4 beads.


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3. Next, create the following series, each time increasing their size by two times. Them thus you should have 10.

4. After making the last row the ends of the wire should come out from two different sides. They strung for 13 gems and fix the item, twisting the rod at the bottom. Just prepare five large petals.

5. In the manufacture of small petals, we need the diagram of the flower. Beading here will differ only by the size of the leaves, the wire should also take a length of 50 centimeters. Stay 7 series, and for the tips only use 10 gems.

6. Now start manufacturing the calyx of the rose. Also use mastered the technique “parallel netting”. Do each leaf separately. Take three beads, strung on wire with a length of 40 centimeters and them, passing through opposite beads. Increasing the number of pearls in half, we reach the fourth row. Then begin to remove the beads, following in reverse order. In the end twisted both ends of the wire to one.

diagram of flower beading

7. Beading flowers on this end, still have to collect the rose. To do this, first take one small petal, it in turn added 4 more details, twisting the edge to the center. Then attach 5 large petals, giving the rose the volume. At the base of the Bud is placed the calyx and twist the wire.

8. Wire wrapped with embroidery floss, before brushing it with PVA glue. Optionally, you can make leaves and place them on the stem. Now the beading colors are completed. Our rose can be a decent decoration for your desktop and cute gift with a wish of good mood.

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