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Excellent home decoration can be decorative tableware. How to make a plate out of paper, while having low cost? Learn further.

Materials for papier-mâché

How to make a plate of paper with your own hands? Here's what you need:

  • Newspaper, although will fit a regular sheets of paper.
  • Pure white paper.
  • Dish, which will serve as the basis of all time.
  • Liquid glue - PVA. Or you can make a paste. It requires water and flour (starch).
  • Capacity of water.
  • Oil, vaseline or soap. This is to ensure that the paper is not sticking to the plate. You can do without it. But then it will be harder to release the finished hack.
  • Materials for decorating (paint, foil, markers, stickers, beads, sequins, rhinestones, shells and the like)

how to make a plate out of paper

The Technique of papier-mâché

Now, on to the practical development of how to make a plate out of paper. Materials are ready, you need to:

  1. To Make the paste, if you do not find PVA glue. The proportions for paste: 1 part flour to 8 parts water. To do this, heat the water and gradually start to pour into it the flour, stirring to eliminate lumps. You should get the batter, who must be allowed to cool before use. If you make starch, then pour it into an aluminum or enameled bowl and add water. Stir until you get thick mass. There add boiling water, stirring constantly. The ratio of flour is 1: 8. Later you can add a little boiling water to make the paste thinner. Drain.
  2. To Pick a small newspaper pieces, size about 2 by 5, but they do not have to be the same.
  3. Lubricate the form of oil, vaseline or liquid soap. Apply the first layer, dipping the pieces into the water.
  4. Subsequent layers to stick. They only get about 7. The latter is made of white paper.
  5. Now the plate needs to dry completely.
  6. Carefully remove it from the base with scissors or a knife.
  7. Straighten edges.

On the plate, you can draw anything and complemented with stones, beads, sequins and so on (it is better not to glue very thin glue, in order not to leave marks on paper).


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Woven plate

how to make a plate of paper with your own handsHow to make a plate of paper almost without glue? Materials:

  • Newspaper or paper.
  • Glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Skewer or knitting needle.
  • Form for the plates.

What to do:

  1. Cut newspaper or paper strips with a width of 10 centimeters, can be a bit less.
  2. To Wind strips on the skewer, the end secured with glue. The skewer to get it and do the same thing with all the paper.
  3. To the tube was longer, it is necessary to drip glue down one and insert another.
  4. To Color the blanks on this stage, or when the dish is ready.
  5. Now the process of weaving. You need to take four tubes. To find their center and twist together as shown in the to make a flying saucer out of paper
  6. Add two straws on one side and three on the to make a plate out of paper
  7. Take a tube on the side where five of them, and begin to weave by passing it under the rest, then over. So the to make a flying saucer out of paper
  8. When the tube ends, using glue to extend it the rest of the blanks.
  9. Now we need to create a form. Take a prepared plate, put in the rail and put it on the base of the basket. The diameter of the already woven design must be more than half a centimeter.
  10. To Raise up the tubes, placing them along the shape, and to consolidate the position of the elastic band.
  11. Main tube to continue braiding, each row should fit snugly to each other.
  12. To Complete the netting you need, turning down the ends of exposed tubes inside between to make a plate of paper with your own hands
  13. Now you can decorate the plate, if previously this was not done with tubes.

Flying saucer

how to make a plate out of paperChildren can also learn how to make a flying saucer out of paper. Origami technique:

  1. Made of paper cut out a smooth square.
  2. Fold twice in half to mark the center line.
  3. Once unfold.
  4. One side bend at the middle back.
  5. From the centre fold down the corners. This is done on the same side as in step 4.
  6. On the other side also fold the corners down, but not from the center.
  7. Turn the paper around.
  8. Blank flying saucer is ready, it is now possible to draw three Windows, aliens and the like.

You learned about different methods of how to make a plate out of paper!

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