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crochet connecting the column

The connecting column (otherwise polytopic, or a blind loop) is one of the basic elements of crochet. It is used to perform transitions for mounting and matting, and also in the circular knitting for closing the circle.

Also, the connecting column is used to join parts of products, for example, blankets, bedspreads, tablecloths of the square, triangular, or any other motives. In rare cases, it is used to create live paintings. In this article, we will tell beginners to the needle how to do crochet connective column. For greater clarity, we will also present step-by-step photos of promazyvanija this basic element. We hope our article will help you to learn this technique.

Connecting the column: marking schemes

A Blind loop is the lowest height an element in crochet. That's why she allows you to gently and almost imperceptibly to connect different elements of the product, nicely perform a circular napkins, flowers, as well as to make obuvki loops. The painting was created by polostevichi, has a very dense structure and holds its shape.

how to knit a connecting stake with a hook

In the diagrams wilderness loop is denoted in several ways: a black cross, paladugu or a semioval. Next, we will explain how to crochet a jumper to tie the column simply and quickly, and then we describe how to perform a bright rug in an interesting technique called "Bosnian".

Technology perform basic element - polostevichi

In order to learn how to knit crochet jumper polytypic, offer you to perform a small sample. Prepare any yarn and hook that is appropriate to her size.crochet connective column Next, perform a chain of air loops of length 7 or 8 see Noise first the first air loop. This needs to be done to increase the height of the row. Now, enter the hook into the second loop of the base. how to make a connecting stake with a hookPick up working thread and pull it through the EAP framework. Then pulls it through the loop under the hook. Congratulations! Now you know how to perform the hook of the connecting bar. crochet connective columnFor the second polostevichi input kruck in the third EP, grab the working thread and extend through the loop present on the hook. Similar work to end of row. Overturn our sample. Provide one air loop. Then are finished the second row again connecting columns. Get the canvas from two rows of blind hinges. Similarly, knit several more rows, not forgetting at the end of each to make the necessary rotary lift loops. So in the photo looks crochet. how to knit a connecting stake with a hook


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Bosnian crochet. Connecting a column - basis of an interesting pattern

In Bosnia and other Muslim countries are very popular special kind of crochet - polostevichi back loops of the base. It is called Bosnian. Products made in this technique, obtained is sufficiently elastic, wear resistant and durable. Often with the aid of Bosnian crochet running belt, mittens, hats, socks, mats and many other products.

crochet connective column

Also, using thin colored cotton yarn "snowflake", "Lily" and "iris", craftswomen create the usual connecting bars decorative braid and use it for decoration and garment decoration. Let's look at how Violetta this pattern crochet. The connecting column in the Bosnian knitting promazyvaetsya always for one wall - the back or the front. In this EP of rising early in the series fails. Instead, the first column in the row fit into the first from the hook loop, both of its walls. An important caveat of the implementation of the Bosnian pattern is that work in the front and in the back rows must have only one wall of the loop - back or the front. If they alternate - it turns out the canvas like a rubber band. Through the use of colorful thread and different combinations of the walls of loops and rows (reverse and front) are unusually beautiful patterns.

how to make a connecting stake with a hook

Make a beautiful rug with fringe

We Advise you to choose for making the product more dense yarn or folding the thread in half. Start the work with a chain of air loops, the length of which should equal the desired width of the future of pad (e.g., 50 cm). Finish the row, pinning and cutting a working thread. Now make the hook the starting loop, leaving a small tail (7 cm). You already know how to do the connecting stake with a hook. Enter a working tool in the first loop of the base, grab the thread and run the "blank" loop. Continue to follow polostevichi to the end of the row. Remember that the hook should enter the back wall of the loop. Finish the row, cut the working thread leavinga small cut (about 7 cm), and then secure the last loop by dragging through it a thread. Subsequently, the tails at the beginning and at the end of the line will be fringed on the sides of the product. Learn how to knit a connecting stake with a hook, try to create this striped rug. It is very simple - in the Bosnian technique with blind hinges. You will need 250 grams of acrylic yarn in two contrasting colors (e.g., pink and purple or white and red) and a hook № 4.

Continue to knit the Mat polostevichi

crochet connecting the column

The Second row, again start with the initial loop on the hook and provarite it on the front side in the same direction as the first, polostevichi.

Color change yarns every two rows. To the canvas was not a sidelong look to the right side every fourth row start to knit the second loop, and at the end do one more loop, thereby slightly shifting the knitting to the left. Knit until until your rug reaches the desired length. In the end, trim fringe with scissors. So bright and soft the product will become a fine decor item for your bathroom or bedroom.

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