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Currently, the above matter is at the peak of fashion, although it appeared relatively long ago. The description of jacquard fabric is well known to any designer. After all, it is a graceful material, with a smooth lint-free surface and complex weaving threads. Many modern designers actively use it to decorate interiors and bring to life interesting solutions.

Jacquard - what's the fabric?

описание ткани жаккардJacquard fabric costs quite a lot of money. And it's not for nothing! After all, it is made by a very complex technology of the above material jacquard. What kind of fabric is that?

Let's turn a little bit to the story. It turns out that this matter got its name on behalf of its inventor. For the first time the fabric of this kind was created by the French weaver Josephe Marie Jaccare. In 1801 he developed a special machine. He allowed each thread to be controlled separately. This provided an opportunity for weavers to create a unique material at that time with a report of a large number of threads.

This machine, which was created in the 19th century, has not undergone significant changes in our time. Modern manufacturers have increased only its speed. As for the very principle of work, it remained unchanged. Scientists call the Jacquare machine one of the most advanced mechanisms on the planet.

Nowadays is a very popular and popular fabric jacquard. Description, composition, properties of it are of interest to many consumers. The above material is characterized as a sound fabric, which has a relief structure and a magnificent pattern. Another description of the above matter defines jacquard fabric as a whole group of matter, distinguished by a special unique pattern created by the special interweaving of threads.


Fabric Jacquard: description, reviews

ткань жаккард описаниеIt should be noted that the above material has its own distinctive features. Description of jacquard fabric:

  • The presence of a graceful pattern;
  • Sufficient relief of the fabric;
  • High-definition pattern;
  • The fabric is almost edistly interrupted;
  • The material has enough rigidity;
  • Light weight of fabric;
  • Luxurious and rich appearance.

There are quite a lot of responses of people, in everyday life which there are products made of jacquard fabric. People are very happy with mattresses from this material. They're pretty strong. The material is hard and does not wear, well wiped stains.

People who have sofas, covered with jacquard cloth, note that the ornament on the material holds up well, does not wash, it is easy to care for.

Also, consumers claim that the above material manufacturers offer with different ornaments. There's a lot to choose from. These are large-sighted or small-sighted drawings, two-layer or single-layered.

The composition of the above material

жаккард что за тканьTypes of jacquard fabric:

  • Cotton;
  • Silk
  • Mixed
  • Synthetic.

These species differ from each other precisely by the composition of the fabric.

The synthetic cloth contains polymer fibers (polyester and polypropylene). The description of the fabric of jacquard from synthetics is this: it is a material with a comparative durability and unpretentiousness in care. In addition, this matter is pleasant to the touch. From the above type of fabric often make products for the home (for example, mattress).

The most expensive material of all kinds is the silk fabric jacquard. Description of it is:

  • It's environmentally friendly.
  • Hypoallergenic.

The mixture material has a significantly lower price than, for example, silk or cotton fabric jacquard. The description of this matter indicates that it contains non-woven fibers. They give it a fairly high density and other pleasant textile characteristics.

Very popular among consumers is the material from the mixture yarn - Strez-jacquard. It's breathable, high-elastic matter.

Production of jacquard fabric

The process of making the above matter is quite complex. Nowadays, the production of jacquard fabric is almost no different from the proposed version of the French weaver. All kinds of this material (silk, cotton and others) are made only in one way: with the help of dense interweaving threads and foundations. But nowadays this process is already carried out with the help of computer technologies.

Fancy and complex patterns are obtained on the fabric thanks to the thread weave.

Interestingly, the weight of the material directly depends on the number of colors used threads during production. For example, two-color fabric is relatively easy compared to a three or four-color jacquard.

To make the shade more persistent, the production process uses already painted threads. Also, modern manufacturers very often use thermal printing on the finished material.

Application and properties of jacquard fabric

ткань жаккард описание отзывыThe above material is used for:

  • Clothing production;
  • Homemade textiles (ups ups and ups).

The description of the fabric of the jacquard concerning its properties isThe following main points:

  • Longevity
  • Unpretentiousness in care;
  • Resistance to washing
  • Strength
  • Perfectly retains the color;
  • It doesn't.

It should be noted that the jacquard, which is used for upholstery furniture, is processed with additional special substances. They make this fabric water- and mud repellent.

Features of care

ткань жаккард описание состав свойстваIt is important to treat jacquard fabric with care. The manufacturer recommends washing this material in water with a temperature of no more than 30 degrees Celsius. Only regular powder is needed for washing, as it can sometimes include fibers of different origins.

The above material is ironed is recommended only from the unders. It is strictly forbidden to dry jacquard fabric products under direct sunlight.

The only exception in this situation is a silk jacquard. It is more resistant to ultraviolet light.

The jacquard fabric is gorgeous and beautiful. It is used to produce a variety of products of amazing beauty. Consumers note that soft furniture in such "clothes" looks truly stylish, refined and expensive.

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