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Lipoma is a fatty formation located below the upper skin layers. A similar problem faced by many people, and in most cases Wens become the object of concern and, of course, the cause of psychological complexes. So many people are interested in the question of whether the treatment of lipomas and how it is exercised.

Dangerous lipoma?

cure lipoma

Lipoma is a benign tumor consisting of fat cells. In addition, Wen has a very strong connective tissue sheath. Fortunately, most often this tumor represents a serious threat to human life and is perceived as merely a cosmetic defect.

Nevertheless, experts say that the lip treatment is a must. The fact that such education tends to be constant and sometimes quite rapid growth. Increasing the size of the lump leads to a stretching of the skin or walls of the organs (often a lipoma is formed in the intestines, lungs, etc.), and pressure on neighboring structures. For example, often, such a tumor compresses blood vessels, which prevents the normal circulation, or nerve endings — in such cases, patients suffer from intermittent pain.

In addition, people with similar subcutaneous formations necessary for a complete examination before you begin treatment lip. After all, without a biopsy and cytological research it is impossible to be sure that a lump under the skin is really a fatty lipoma and not a malignant tumor.


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Surgical treatment for lipomas

In fact, conservative methods rarely lead to improvement. Therefore, to date, the only effective treatment is the removal of fatty lipoma. If the lipoma is small in size, remove it under local anesthesia. However, frequently the saphenous Wens grow strongly - in some cases, their diameter can exceed 12 inches. In such cases, surgery is performed under General anesthesia. The disadvantages of this technique include a long rehabilitation period, the risk of infection of the wound, and the presence of the scar. Therefore, to date, actively developed new methods of removing Wens.

Treatment of lipoma laser

treatment of lipoma laser

Laser therapy is in high demand and is often used in modern medicine. Unfortunately, with the help of the laser equipment it is possible to remove only a small Wens. However, the advantages of this technique are many. For a start it is worth noting that the treatment is non-contact laser immediately cauterizes the damaged blood vessels and destroys pathogenic organisms, which reduces the risk of infection, inflammation and bleeding to almost zero. In addition, the skin left only subtle traces, the wound heals quickly, and need long rehabilitation period are almost there.

Lipoma Treatment at home

treatment of lipomas at home

Traditional medicine offers many tools that help in the treatment. However, to start some independent procedure, only after a medical examination - first, make sure that you have on the body is really a lipoma. Useful poultice of fresh crushed leaves mother and stepmother, which must be done three times a day up until the lump disappears. You can also mix equal amounts of vodka and honey and process the affected area of the skin.

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