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The Doctor in our time is one of the most important and honorable professions. This professional respect, trust him, thank him.

The doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics can take a person who has higher education in the field of medicine, as well as elapsed after University training or specialization in the respective specialty.

The job description of a doctor KLD identifies the major job duties and responsibilities, which the specialist takes, as well as his of clinical laboratory diagnostics

What you need to know this person?

The Doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics (jobs in St. Petersburg, many people are interested in) you need to know:

  • The Main provisions of the RF legislation concerning health.
  • Regulatory and legal documents that regulate the activities of medical institutions.
  • Main rules for the organization of medical and preventive care provided in hospitals and outpatient clinics, emergency and ambulance services, disaster medicine, providing the population with medicines.
  • Principles, theoretical basis and methods of clinical examination.
  • The Basics of organization of health care and its economy.
  • The foundations of social hygiene.
  • Basic principles of organizational and economic activities of medical institutions.
  • The principles of deontology and medical ethics.
  • Legal regulations concerning medicine.

doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics jobs

  • Basic methods and principles of laboratory, instrumental and clinical diagnosis of the functionality of human body systems, individual organs.
  • Pathogenesis, symptomatic manifestations, peculiarities of development and course, the etymology and the main principles of complex therapy of common pathologies and diseases.
  • The Basics of sanitation.
  • Fundamentals of MSE (mediko-social examination), and examination of the status of temporary disability.
  • The Main rule, which is a medical emergency.
  • Rules of internal order established in the medical institution.
  • The Rules of labor protection, safety techniques and rules.

Extra knowledge

Because of their specialty of the doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics should have knowledge of:


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  • On the General issues of organization of laboratory activities in the country.

doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics jobs in Moscow

  • Modern laboratory methods of diagnosis.
  • Content and sections of KLD as an independent discipline.
  • About tasks, organization, structure, staff, equipment service KLD.
  • On the current regulatory, instructional and methodological documents in the specialty.
  • About the rules of registration of medical documents.
  • On the reporting principles laboratory and principles of planning.
  • On the methods and procedure for monitoring its work.

Who is appointed?

The Doctor KLD could be assigned to the post and released from it at a later date in accordance with the order of the head physician of a healthcare facility and also on the basis of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Subordinate to the doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics directly to the head of KLD. If this is absent, then – head or Deputy of health facilities.

the work of the doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics

Main responsibilities of the post

The Doctor KLD shall conduct laboratory tests in strict accordance with the responsibilities that have been entrusted to it. The specialist should:

  • Ensure the use of methods that are diagnostically and analytically reliable.
  • To Participate in the study and implementation of new equipment and methods.
  • To Consult with other doctors on issues relating to laboratory diagnosis.
  • To Make recommendations to employees of health facilities according to the principles and rules of capture and the subsequent delivery of biological specimens in QLD.
  • Participate in the interpretation of results obtained during laboratory tests.
  • Carry out activities aimed at implementation of external and internal laboratory quality control of conducted researches.
  • Analyse own work and the work of specialists with secondary education who obey him. Vacancy "the doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics" in Saint-Petersburg is very popular.
  • To Prepare every month reports on the work done, to participate in the preparation of the lab report at the end of the year.
  • To Conduct classes in the relevant specialty, with specialists having secondary education, in order to enhance their qualifications.
  • Monitor compliance with safety and sanitary and hygienic regime of younger and average medical personnel.
  • Supervise the work of subordinate and nursing staff, if available.
  • Oversee the proper conduct of research in the laboratory, maintenance of instruments, equipment and apparatus.
  • Monitor the rational use of reagents and the implementation of safety regulations and labor protection.
  • Plan and analyze the quantitative and qualitative indicators of their own work. Doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics – the position is responsible.
  • To Ensure quality and timely provision of all necessary medical documentation, observing the rules.
  • To Carry out sanitary-educational doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics SPb
  • To Respect the principles and rules of deontology and medical ethics.
  • Timely and efficiently execute the orders, instructions and directives of the governing agencies.
  • To Comply with internal regulations, fire safety, equipment safety, sanitary-epidemiological mode.
  • Quickly take action, including informing the leadership regarding elimination of violations of the established rules for safety, sanitary and other regulations that threaten the activities of LPU, its employees, visitors and patients.
  • Systematically improve your own skills.

Additional features professional

Next find out what rights does a doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics. Jobs can be found in the media and on the Internet.

The Right of a doctor KLD

The job description of a doctor KLD, in addition to his duties are the rights to which he is endowed. Thus, the doctor KLD can:

  • To Engage in independent laboratory studies and interpretation of their results.
  • To control the work of employees who are subject to his authority, to give them tasks and instructions within their competence and duties, to demand their implementation.

the position is a doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics of Saint Petersburg

  • Participate in meetings, scientific and practical conferences, if they are related to his work.
  • Request and use information, regulatory documents, required for the performance of official duties.
  • To Make the management proposals that relate to administrative, paraclinical services, and directly by his activities.

Thus, the doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics (Moscow, vacancies in large number) may enjoy all the rights enshrined in the labour code.

The doctor's Responsibility KLD

Job description also contains information about the responsibilities of the doctor KLD. Doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics shall be liable for late, poor performance of duties, failure to comply with safety regulations and established internal regulations, failure to submit statistical and other information reflecting his activities, non-operative measures, the violation of duties by his subordinates.

job description of a doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics


If the doctor KLD does not comply with labor discipline, the legislation does not perform or performs improperly his duties, depending on the severity of the offense may be subject to disciplinary, administrative, material or criminal liability.

We examined the job description of the doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics.


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