General characteristics of reactive meningitis


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Meningitis is an acute inflammation of the meninges, which develops as an independent disease or as a secondary lesion due to transmission of any pathological focus in the body. This disease is most often diagnosed in children, although it can develop at any age.

reactive meningitis

Reactive meningitis: a General overview

Inflammation of the meninges klassificeret depending on the pathogen. Thus, there are viral, bacterial, syphilitic, fungal, tubercular or other forms of this disease.

What kind of disease - reactive meningitis? This defeat of the meninges, characterized by spontaneity and the rapid development and high mortality level. The lesion usually develops as a response of the organism to the action of bacterial and viral agents. This pathology is also called neurotoxicity. It is manifested by edema of the brain, which clinically resembles a true meningitis.

Among the main causes of reactive meningitis should be called poor circulation in the brain tissues, and also metabolic disorders that cause acidosis and increase the permeability of the vessel walls. In the development of neurotoxicity importance and the direct influence of toxins on the Central nervous system.

Triggers can be pregnancy pathology (gestosis, heavy labor, or placental insufficiency), convulsive readiness, which is characterized by convulsions, even with a slight fever and atopy and high nervous excitability.


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 disease reactive meningitis

Clinic reactive meningitis

The disease can occur due to various infectious pathologies and otitis media and sinusitis, furunculosis of the face or neck, as well as abscesses in the lungs.

The Main symptoms of reactive meningitis are sudden fever  to 40 °C and a severe fever. Patients complain of nausea and vomiting. Observed stiff neck, can be pain in the throat. It should be noted that such a clinic can easily be confused with symptoms of SARS. At untimely treatment jet meningitis death occurs.

At the beginning of the disease, the patients are excited. Logged shortness of breath and fast heartbeat may develop convulsions. Characteristic vasospasm is manifested by cold extremities and oliguria. If you do not hold the appropriate treatment, develop signs of CNS depression due to cerebral edema. There is a loss of consciousness, meningeal symptoms, and continuous seizures.

When developing reactive meningitis photos of patients in the final stages has specific features - noteworthy strabismus. In addition, there is dilation of the pupils, rare, heartbeat and temperature decrease, which indicates a lesion of the medulla oblongata. The terminal phase of neurotoxicity - deep coma with cardiac arrest and respiration.

reactive meningitis photo

Diagnosis and treatment

The Timely detection of reactive meningitis is problematic due to the rapid clinical development and late treatment of patients in medical institutions.

To identify the agent can be carried out by microscopy of the cerebrospinal fluid. As a rule, if you detect meningitis coccal flora. In addition, characterized by the breakdown of red blood cells, large white blood cell count and high ESR in the blood test. Urine - dark color, contains protein and blood.

Treatment of patients in the intensive care unit. Since the development of the disease the lightning, immediately prescribe antibiotics from the macrolides, cephalosporins or penicillins, which are characterized by a wide spectrum of antimicrobial action. To reduce swelling of the brain can be administered diuretics, and to relieve cramps and spasm of the muscles antispasmodic drugs and muscle relaxants. In the complex treatment include glucocorticoids. If the disease has a viral etiology, prescribe drugs ‘Niver” or “interferon”.

The sooner you start therapy, the greater the chances of recovery.

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